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Everyone remembers the enchanting, idealistic Frank Capra film about Mr. Smith [James Stewart] going to Washington, witnessing dirt and corruption, and refusing to go along with it.  On Tuesday, Scott Brown, running as a Republican,  trounced an opponent to win a Senate seat held by the Democrats for 40 years.

Today, he met in Washington with John Kerry, the other Democratic senator from Massachusetts and held a press conference in which he appeared calm, confident and at ease, while Mr. Kerry seemed stiff, choleric beneath his attempt to maintain a calm countenance, and nervous.

For Mr. Kerry has spent enough time inside the Beltway to know how slimy the ropes there can be, and since Mr. Brown did not arrive in his senate–correction, the Peoples’ seat, as he oft reminds us–he does know how Mr. Brown will respond to the traditional partisan arm pulling that goes on around there.

Because there is already a hue and cry to seat Mr. Brown immediately, it does not appear that it will take long to swear him in and allow him to get on with the business of being a senator.  It has been said that, “as soon as the paperwork is forthcoming, he will be seated.”

The question, as always, is when indeed WILL the paperwork arrive, and how much will his opponents–in this case, the Democrat majority in the senate–do to stall it.  It would appear that efforts to thwart seating would not only be in vain, but, now that so many are on to their tactics, reflect poorly upon those who would try it.

In the meantime–it appears that America has turned a new corner, and, despite frantic efforts to derail, discredit and subvert the will of the American people and anyone who disagrees with the socialistic party line being handed down out of the White House, the will of the American people has been made known, and is gathering steam.  It is hard to conceal the presence of 2.1 Million people anywhere, let alone in our nation’s capitol and it is harder yet to steal their minds.  It has been tried, unsuccessfully, and Americans have shown, time and again, that they love their country, their Constitution, and their freedoms.  They will not relinquish these for anything or anyone.

So, welcome to Washington, Mr. Brown.  May you succeed in bringing a breath of fresh air to that stultified, thug ridden city, and help to facilitate  rise, once again, of the American Spirit!

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Well, it’s official folks:  Scott Brown has broken a 40 year reign of DNC political machine tyranny in the Massachusetts Senate race tonight, beating his opponent, Martha Coakley by a swift and healthy margin.  Third Wave Dave put it spot on when he said last night on Andrea Shea King,  “Obama Is Now In The Back Seat of Ted Kennedy’s Oldsmobile now!  Like Virginia and New Jersey before it, Massachusetts has now joined the growing number of states refusing to be railroaded by an ineligible, America hating administration, virtually insuring that he will be a one time occupant of our beloved White House.

What’s next?  When miracles happen, they remind us that anything is possible–even a return to our Constitution and its values!

*a big H/T to Third Wave Dave!

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The Vote Heard Round The World: January 19, 2010

Today the world watches Massachusetts as its people go to the polls to vote in the special election for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat.  If Scott Brown succeeds in his bid against the Democratic favorite, it will be the first time in 40 years that the Democratic machine is not running things in Massachusetts; it will also be yet another nail in the DNC coffin, the first two being the Democratic upsets last November in Virginia and New Jersey.   Despite campaign swings by the pResident in both states, they lost, and so it may very well go in Massachusetts as well.

Rallies with Obama and Coakley were poorly attended and marked by heckling; conversely, support for Brown seems almost unanimous with a majority of Brown signs and positive response from phone banking callers and house to house canvassers.  The sentiments echo over and over:  “WE MUST PUT A STOP TO THIS MAN! [Obama]; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!; and it appears that Brown is the vehicle for triumph.  Even decidedly Democrat CNN was forced to report that Brown seems to be gaining heavily while Coakley’s numbers are shaky and running far behind at best.

However, the concern about voter fraud in the form of voter intimidation at the polls,  machine tampering and “ballot enhancement through absentee vote” runs rampant.  To that end, Atlas Shrugs has posted information for anyone willing to go to Massachusetts, all expenses paid,  to help keep things legal.

One thing is certain, however:  the outpouring of Patriots traveling to Massachusetts in the name of Patriotism is astounding, heartwarming and a power of example to us all.  It reminds us that we CAN work together to take back our beloved country, one Senate seat at a time.

My show last night was dedicated to Scott Brown’s campaign and to those Patriots helping him to succeed.  Bless them all.

Mondays at 8 PM EST


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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today is Martin Luther King day, a day set aside to commemorate the work and the beliefs of Martin Luther King, who perished by an assassin’s bullet in the spring of 1968.  His work is, of course legendary, from his beginnings in Atlanta to his “I have a dream” speech at the Mall in Washington, D.C.  When I think of him, I think of his admonition to judge people “not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Indeed, he would be sickened, saddened and probably outraged to witness the co-option of his views by the modern day racists that have seized our government, desecrated his name and trampled our Constitution, perverting his words and using them to achieve their own selfish ends, for Martin Luther King, Jr., too, received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.  The sad, sad difference between then and now is that HE actually did a lot of work which had a positive influence on the world in order to get HIS prize. The shoddy, the cynical, the cheap have always hovered around fame in this world; the problem is that, these days, they do not hover in the background, but spit in the face of all that is good, stealing the prizes and hogging the spotlight by doing nothing worthwhile or worthy of recognition.  So, folks, to listen to a REAL Nobel prize winner, one that earned that recognition, click on the hotlink above.  I guarantee you, it’s the Genuine Article, and today, of all days, we should hear the speech of a Genuine prize winner.

Tomorrow in Massachusetts, the special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s vacant Senate seat will take place.  It appears to be an upset for the DNC controlled, 40 year run.  Reports coming in from Boston, Worcester and indeed, all of Massachusetts indicate a huge win for Republican contender, Scott Brown, with people from many states going there to work phone banks, hold signs, attend rallies and canvass door to door.  I received a report this morning from someone who attended one of the rallies in Worcester, and tonight’s Dame Truth Radio will be dedicated to Scott Brown’s campaign and the tireless workers who have come to help him win.

NYers Work for Brown in Mass!

Join us tonight at 8 PM EST for The Dame Truth About The Massachusetts Election!


(347) 202-0569

Monday Nights at 8 EST

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The race in Massachusetts continues with Scott Brown gaining steadily.  In 2009, less than a year after the regime change in Washington became official, the states of New Jersey and Virginia fought back, electing Republican governors–a real blow to those who thought their domination was complete.  Now the fight has gone to Massachusetts to fill the seat vacated by the demise of Ted Kennedy with rubber stamp Democrat Martha Coakley.  What looked to be a slam dunk at the outset has turned into a tough battle for those who seek to continue knee jerk DNC party rule.

Scott Brown has drawn national attention, last week raising a million dollars a day with help from sites like Hillbuzz, who last year stepped up to the plate to expose DNC fraud and continue to lead the way in nonpartisan political reform, and our very own, esteemed Logistics Monster, who, by the way, needs some support of her own for all she does to keep us informed.  She is worth more than all main stream media put together and we MUST help offset expenses for keeping Logistics Monster up and running.  With over 5 Million hits last year, she’s an important factor in educating the public with the Truth, and as we all know, an informed electorate is vital for a Republic to survive. So get over there NOW and hit that DONATE button or better yet, become a subscriber!

Thousands of campaigners from neighboring states are either on their way or have already arrived in Massachusetts to help ring doorbells, put up signs, and phone bank.  Last night’s Andrea Shea King show was devoted to this crucial race, taking calls from tireless and dedicated New York City blogger and campaigner AnnieNYC, with whom I worked throughout the 2008 presidential race, and Andrea’s sister, who resides in Massachusetts.


Anyone across the country who is interested in making calls from home to citizens
of Massachusetts on Scott Brown’s behalf, please contact Field Director Brad Hansen at:

brad@brownforussenate.com or call 509-595-4683
See ya’ll tonight at 11 EST on Kicking Back, with The Dame and David and Chris Gaubatz, tireless and dedicated researchers, authors of Muslim Mafia  with Paul Sperry and CAIR undercover ops!


(347) 215-6929

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…The Tough Get Going.

These days it’s tough to keep up:  each day brings a new threat, a new disaster, a new outrage perpetrated by the government we once trusted to honor and protect our Constitution.    Devastation in Haiti, Perfidy in our Capitol, Corruption, Collusion, and Media lies inundate us constantly.  And yet…each day too, we find reasons to continue with hope and action.  In Massachusetts, Scott Brown is showing clear signs of being able to beat the DNC rubber stamp candidate Martha Coakley, going from a 9 point lead to dead heat to near underdog by 4 points in a number of days, and raising a million dollars a day,  fueled by the efforts of thousands of committed volunteers from neighboring states.  Governors’ races in New Jersey and Virginia overturned Democrats’ stranglehold on them recently, and the latest news is that pResident SoetorObama’s trip to Massachusetts has been cancelled for fear his history making low poll numbers will hurt his minions’ chances.  While this may not be enough for most of us, it is a clear indication that the delusional mandate he once claimed to enjoy has faded, if indeed it ever really existed, and droves of Obama voters have turned their backs in disgust at his pathetic performance.  A step at a time, things are beginning to turn around.  Yes, we have a great deal of work to do; we must maintain constant vigilance, keep learning and sharing the truth, networking and supporting one anothers’ work.  The 912 Project, Constitutional Emergency, FreedomForce.us, and Continental Congress 2009 are but a few of these dedicated, hard working entities who are helping to organize, share information and find ways to take our country back.  Visit the blogrolls– especially that of Logistics Monster, and PLEASE consider a donation and/or subscription to help her continue to keep us informed with the highest quality substantiated research on the web– on these and other pages to stay informed; listen to radio shows and do whatever you can to further the cause and stay the course for America.

Increasing numbers of Americans becoming active in the political system; having learned that they cannot trust the pablum pushed on them by corporate and government run media, they are coming to the realization that they need to question the Party Line, the Newspeak and the out and out Lies with which they are assaulted on a daily basis.  They are attending town meetings, talking to friends and neighbors, going to Tea Parties and getting motivated toward legal activism.

Today on C-Span I saw a Town Meeting from Oklahoma with Senator Tom Coburn.   Irrespective of what one thinks of him, he observed that currently, our Government bureaucracy, contrary to abiding by the “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” concept of American law, treats American citizens as guilty until proven innocent, and by so doing, has garnered mistrust to the extent that all credibility is lost in the perception of the American public.  while there may be no easy fix for this, the first step is indeed recognition of the problem.

That is not to say we should ever give up.  Just read Hinckley v. PSE&G, better known as Erin Brockvich’s first case, to remember that sometimes, the right side DOES win, and justice prevails.  She convinced Ed Masry, the attorney who introduced her to the case, which started out as a simple pro bono real estate case, to look further and ended up with a landmark case against the corrupt energy company.

When times get tough–and they continue to get tougher every day–only two things can happen:

1)  The tide will turn with the resolve of the righteous to forge ahead; or

2)  The Purveyors of Evil will silence the Just with threats.

It is up to us what we do next.  My guess is that Americans, as always, will continue to weather the gathering storm and prevail over the darkness that now faces them.

Godspeed, all who believe in America.  And God help those who do not.

And, most importantly, remember and honor the sacrifices of those who are no longer with us.  Rest In Peace, O Honored Ones.

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