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Tuesdays 9 PM EST

Join us for A Night of Constitutional Radio
 The Dame
 as they welcome
“jbjd”  & “d2i” for the entire
hour and a half, explaining how
witnessing the fraud perpetrated
throughout the 2008 election
inspired her to devise creative yet simple
solutions that all citizen activists
can adopt, now.

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Tuesdays 9 PM EST

Join us for 
A Call In Night
(347) 202-0443
The Dame
Constitutional Radio
Patriotic Potpourri
“The Long Hot Summer Ahead”


As we probe our Nation of Laws

Under the Constitution,

Ask relevant questions & ponder

The world in which we live

Through the wise words of our Founders


Although the Northeast remains covered with clouds and rain, the summer ahead looms large as concerns over our nation’s integrity continue to grow.  It seems the “Perfect Storm” has begun to converge over our great nation with severe economic issues, suspect motive and integrity in government, a plethora of Constitutional abrogations flying around unchecked, foreign policy at a dangerous crossroads and our troops spread ever thinner across the gaping hole of Asia and the Middle East.  [The Middle East actually IS part of Asia but as that is a little known fact, I note it herein]. While the list is all too complicated and too painfully long to complete in a mere blog post, suffice to say that most of us are aware of Trouble Ahead, and Trouble Behind,  as the song, “Casey Jones*” says.

Join Drkate and me as we spend another 90 minutes trying to thrash out the issues, put out the news and remind everyone that we ARE a Nation of Laws, based upon the U.S. Constitution, and that THAT–NOT special interests, extremists or comfortable congresspeople– is the Law of the Land.

*© Robt. Hunter




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The Dame Truth About ACORN


Tuesday 9 PM EST

Join The Dame & Drkate

“Finding the Worm in ACORN”

Part I


MsPlacedDemocrat, top line researcher

Part II

Saturday June 6  11 PM EST on

“Kicking Back”

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NOW 9 PM EST Tuesdays!
Constitutional Radio

The Dame & Drkate


Joan Swirsky

Award winning Author, Journalist & Activist

The President Who Hates His Country

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distressbetsy_ross-first-american-flagWell, people, there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth.  The reports are out and, as we knew already, it isn’t pretty.  As if to herald the sheer thrill of managing to stay IN the Oval Office this long, The One went wild this week, terrorizing innocent New Yorkers with a “flyover” guaranteed to render everyone in the Tri State area a permanent episode of post traumatic stress and flooding the public with Fear of Flu.  Well…don’t say I didn’t warn you but…  I told you so…oh wait, YOU’RE the ones that already knew it.

The New York Post, rarely intimidated by the GE Corporate Media Cabal, was forthcoming as usual, with their assessment of the last 100 days of hell, and trust me when I say that THAT is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  Our intrepid patriot at Hillbuzz did raise an interesting question this week about the connection between cocaine abuse and early onset Parkinsons Disease.  That would certainly explain, among other things, the need for a constant script rendered on a teleprompter,  to keep “One”  focused, prevent  confusion, losing train of thought, and allowing  medication to overcome him with giddiness, paranoia, or hallucinations — all symptoms of Parkinson’s.  Just sayin’…

And, as if that weren’t enough…

So much to do, so little time…and so, we continue to not only rage against the empire, but also to take measured, concrete and effective action!  Drkate and I welcomed Free Enterpriser’s Tom Borelli of GE annual meeting infiltrator fame [take your pick from Scroogle–Tom’s story broke in the Hollywood Reporter, Drudge, Glenn Beck and O’Reilly among others]  last night on Constitutional Radio for an exhilarating session of brainstorming live.  Among the things we came up with:

  • BOYCOTT:  Each and every GE product you can think of.
  • BOYCOTT: ALL Proctor & Gamble products; their CEO sits on GE BOD
  • GET ACTIVE WITH ACCDF, the fast growing coalition of American Constitution & Capitalism Defense Front at http://accdf.com
  • SUPPORT OTHER Coalitions, Initiatives, Rallies, Marches & Protests, including but not limited to the Tea Party Movement, Glenn Beck’s the912Project, and of course, ACCDF
  • READ AND CARRY a copy of the Constitution.  Yes I KNOW you’ll be forever branded as a deranged, patriotic domestic terrorist, but who cares. Do it anyway.  You”ll be in fine company.
  • EDUCATE, INFORM, LISTEN AND SPEAK! READ Logistics Monster, Atlas Shrugs, drkate, The Dame Truth, Pat Dollard, TELL others and TALK about it all the time and LISTEN to Blogtalk Radio, our blessed alternative to mainstream media’s crack house drivel, and KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT!
  • SHARE: experience, strength and hope, mailing lists, ideas, our American history and anything and everything else that demonstrates support for the Movement and one another. [well…not everything…]

And above all, treasure youself–we’re all we’ve got!  Stay tuned for our Rolling Thunder Rollout of Rally for the Republic–coming soon to a computer near you, sponsored by our Constitutional Radio, The Dame Truth, and all you Patriots, without whom we can do nothing,  for we have just begun to fight!

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constitution-puma-small1Yesterday, a listener posed a question at the Facebook Event wall for our Constitutional Radio show: he asked what made us different from ‘all the other’ radio talk show hosts. I replied thusly. I’d like to thank you for raising that question! Firstly, I think it is a mistake to disparage talk show hosts, as we are now the only respite from the propaganda machine that has supplanted the news source that was once main stream media. We are the last bastion that stands between fact and complete lack of information, total disinformation, news suppression and out and out propaganda. Secondly, it is always a mistake to make generalizations because of the vast difference and array of talk show hosts, topics and objectives. Thirdly, what distinguishes drkate and me [a/k/a Dame Central] in our “Constitutional Radio”  initiative [and “The Dame Truth” and “Kicking Back“]  is that we strive to EDUCATE ourselves and our listeners so that we are AWARE of both the LAW and our OPTIONS in working to restore our Constitutional Republic. We take great care with respect to whom we invite as guests, always keeping in mind that our goal is to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE AND ACTIVATE concerted response to the issues our country faces today. We continue to be at the forefront of NETWORKING, MOBILIZING and ORGANIZING Americans to EXERCISE THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE, and right to bear arms, these being the First and Second Amendments to our Constitution, and the first two amendments of the 10 that comprise our Bill of Rights. Why do we do this? Because we see a great need for Americans to have places to gather and learn, to support one another and our Constitution, and exercise their role as citizens in the greatest Constitutional Republic in the history of the world. Again, many thanks for asking the question, and for giving us the opportunity to answer! For that’s what America is all about! Stay tuned for things to come, and ever more news about what we are all doing to preserve and protect our Constitution, our Country and our Freedoms.

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