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Join The Dame to Kick Back and welcome David Gaubetz and his son Chris, to whom we owe a tremendous debt for their tireless work in exposing Islam extremism and Jihadists in America.

David Gaubetz, long time  intelligence analyst , Jihadi expert and author of “Muslim Mafia” http://www.amazon.com/Muslim-Mafia-Underwold-Conspiring-Islamize/dp/1935071106/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1255583236&sr=8-1

David is currently the director of the Mapping Sharia Project and owner of DG Counter Terrorism Publishing. http://dgaubatz.blogspot.com/
He has appeared with The Dame previously in 2009, for the first time just after he had begun his cross country investigation tour of mosques suspected of harboring and fomenting Jihidism.  http://truthisgold.blogspot.com/2009/05/importing-jihad.html

Since then, he and his son, Chris, who went undercover at CAIR [Council on American- Islamic Relations] to expose some of the most stunning and outrageous facts ever to hit the American public:
  • CAIR planted spies inside key law enforcement agencies;
  • CAIR has ties to al Qaeda and Hamas and worked closely with al Qaeda in the U.S.
  • CAIR is running influence ops on key DHS committees & planting islamist spies in congressional offices;
  • CAIR executives travel often to the Middle East to raise cash and wire transfers from Saudi princes show that hundreds of thousands of dollars from them are going into CAIR despite claims that they have no foreign support.
  • a CAIR official working out of Washington was the ringleader of a terrorist cell that chauffered the imam plotting to kill Americans;
  • CAIR has sent over $80,000 to Hamas;
  • CAIR’s founder hosted the Blind Sheik when he was plotting to blow up the World Trade Center;
  • CAIR board members have privately advocated “Uzi Jihads” against American cities and attacks on planes transporting American soldiers from Fort Bragg;
  • CAIR launched campaigns to blacklist media personalities Bill O’Reilly, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage, and successfully pressured “24” and “National Review” to meet their demands.
CAIR is no doubt involved in a significant number of anti American intimidation initiatiaves and unless they are exposed and stopped, will continue to wreak havoc on our nation of laws.
David Horowith, who has lectured at over 400 collegs and universities, was cancelled by St. Louis University for an engagement that was to take place this month, because of the title of his speech: “Islamo-Fascism Awareness and Civil Rights.” http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=33973
David Gaubatz and his son Chris are American heroes and everyone must do all they can to get the facts out about entities like CAIR who have managed to insinuate themselves deeply into American governmnet, culture and society.
Join us Saturday at 11 to Kick Back, learn about the threats we face from Jihad and what to do about them!

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The race in Massachusetts continues with Scott Brown gaining steadily.  In 2009, less than a year after the regime change in Washington became official, the states of New Jersey and Virginia fought back, electing Republican governors–a real blow to those who thought their domination was complete.  Now the fight has gone to Massachusetts to fill the seat vacated by the demise of Ted Kennedy with rubber stamp Democrat Martha Coakley.  What looked to be a slam dunk at the outset has turned into a tough battle for those who seek to continue knee jerk DNC party rule.

Scott Brown has drawn national attention, last week raising a million dollars a day with help from sites like Hillbuzz, who last year stepped up to the plate to expose DNC fraud and continue to lead the way in nonpartisan political reform, and our very own, esteemed Logistics Monster, who, by the way, needs some support of her own for all she does to keep us informed.  She is worth more than all main stream media put together and we MUST help offset expenses for keeping Logistics Monster up and running.  With over 5 Million hits last year, she’s an important factor in educating the public with the Truth, and as we all know, an informed electorate is vital for a Republic to survive. So get over there NOW and hit that DONATE button or better yet, become a subscriber!

Thousands of campaigners from neighboring states are either on their way or have already arrived in Massachusetts to help ring doorbells, put up signs, and phone bank.  Last night’s Andrea Shea King show was devoted to this crucial race, taking calls from tireless and dedicated New York City blogger and campaigner AnnieNYC, with whom I worked throughout the 2008 presidential race, and Andrea’s sister, who resides in Massachusetts.


Anyone across the country who is interested in making calls from home to citizens
of Massachusetts on Scott Brown’s behalf, please contact Field Director Brad Hansen at:

brad@brownforussenate.com or call 509-595-4683
See ya’ll tonight at 11 EST on Kicking Back, with The Dame and David and Chris Gaubatz, tireless and dedicated researchers, authors of Muslim Mafia  with Paul Sperry and CAIR undercover ops!


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