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As the last show for 2009, tonight’s Constitutional Radio will feature a wrap up for CC09.  While the website is still being loaded with results and resolutions, and the end of this Congress signifies the beginning of our Next Steps to take back our country and our Constitution, Constitutional Radio will report on this historical event as the Year 2009 draws to a close.

It has been a terrific experience doing Constitutional Radio and we have all learned a lot, met a lot of great people, and formulated our plans for moving ahead.  It is possible that Constitutional Radio will take another incarnation next year but until then, stay tuned to The Dame Truth and keep your flags raised high, folks, for THIS is America, the land and its people will NOT succumb to tyranny!

Best blessings to all for a time of Thanksgiving filled with gratitude for what we have, and the vision to perceive that which we have not yet attained.  Best in Patriotism to all in 2010 and all the years to come in our America.

The Dame Truth



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Officer_EGANovember 10th , 1772 – November 10, 2009 = 234 years!

Join us tonight on Constitutional Radio to celebrate the 234th birthday of the United States Marine Corps with special Marine Corps vets to be announced!

In the face of the War on Terror and the Ft. Hood Jihad Americans need to celebrate and support our Military, now more than ever.  Join us for this special tribute to our Marine Corps and its illustrious history since 1775.

usmc emblemconstitution puma small


Tuesdays 9 PM EST

(347) 826-9588


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ballotboxSince last year, the mantra has been, “Wait til 2010…or 09!”  Well, folks, it’s just not that simple.  As we saw last year, “up close and personal,” it is no longer a mere matter of having an election.  The era of Win By Any Means has given new meaning to the word “Election,” replacing it with “Selection,” courtesy of corruption machines ACORN, SEIU and the DNC. And so, 2009, stepchild of the Great Hope of 2010, has approached fairly quietly, save for the NY 23 District race from which Dede Scozzafava recently withdrew to endorse a Democratic candidate, thus almost guaranteeing a victory for Don Hoffman, a conservative Republican, and the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races.  As expected, however, ACORN and SEIU are already busy in New Jersey and it has been reported that Democrat incumbent Jon Corzine will win via fraudulent absentee ballots.  It remains to be seen, but as we already know all too well, the Demagogues Democrats seem to stop at nothing these days, from ignoring the Constitution to using strongarm tactics against anyone who crosses them or speaks out against their agenda.

So, stay tuned…vote early and often…[j/k there] and keep speaking out–together we can get the Truth out, and remember: we are not mere shills for the Powerful!  We ARE The People and we WILL prevail!


Oh yeah, and join us tonight at 9 EST for another edition of Constitutional Radio–your pathway to our Constitution as our Framers intended it!constitutionpumamedl

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Constitutional Radio Presents

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Tuesday 9 PM EST (347) 826-9588

Join The Dame Truth


Another Edition of Constitutional Radio

Tonight: “Resisting Tyranny”

 With Continental Congress 2009

What It Is

Why It Is

How It Will Be Done

Featuring Todd McGreevy

 National Committee 2009 Continental Congress






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 The Dame  Drkate



(347) 202-0443

Tuesdays 9 PM EST

Join us for A Night of Constitutional Radio
 The Dame
 as they welcome
“jbjd”  & “d2i” for the entire
hour and a half, explaining how
witnessing the fraud perpetrated
throughout the 2008 election
inspired her to devise creative yet simple
solutions that all citizen activists
can adopt, now.

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Tuesdays 9 PM EST

Join us for 
A Call In Night
(347) 202-0443
The Dame
Constitutional Radio
Patriotic Potpourri
“The Long Hot Summer Ahead”


As we probe our Nation of Laws

Under the Constitution,

Ask relevant questions & ponder

The world in which we live

Through the wise words of our Founders


Although the Northeast remains covered with clouds and rain, the summer ahead looms large as concerns over our nation’s integrity continue to grow.  It seems the “Perfect Storm” has begun to converge over our great nation with severe economic issues, suspect motive and integrity in government, a plethora of Constitutional abrogations flying around unchecked, foreign policy at a dangerous crossroads and our troops spread ever thinner across the gaping hole of Asia and the Middle East.  [The Middle East actually IS part of Asia but as that is a little known fact, I note it herein]. While the list is all too complicated and too painfully long to complete in a mere blog post, suffice to say that most of us are aware of Trouble Ahead, and Trouble Behind,  as the song, “Casey Jones*” says.

Join Drkate and me as we spend another 90 minutes trying to thrash out the issues, put out the news and remind everyone that we ARE a Nation of Laws, based upon the U.S. Constitution, and that THAT–NOT special interests, extremists or comfortable congresspeople– is the Law of the Land.

*© Robt. Hunter




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The Dame Truth About ACORN


Tuesday 9 PM EST

Join The Dame & Drkate

“Finding the Worm in ACORN”

Part I


MsPlacedDemocrat, top line researcher

Part II

Saturday June 6  11 PM EST on

“Kicking Back”

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