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Second day of good news for our servicemen!

UPDATE JUST IN: 2d Navy SEAL, Jonathan Keefe, acquitted in Baghdad trial!!!!!  Let us hope and pray that Matthew McCabe, whose trial is scheduled to begin on May 3, is also exonerated.

God Bless Justice–it’s been a long road but it finally happened for Sgt. Larry Hutchins yesterday in military appeals court.

A most gratifiying result: CONVICTION OVERTURNED!

From North Carolina Times:

A military appeals court on Thursday overturned the murder conviction of a Camp Pendleton Marine who had been found guilty of leading his squad in the 2006 kidnapping and slaying of an Iraqi man in the village of Hamdania.

The U.S. Navy-Marine Corps Court of Appeals said Thursday that it made the ruling because an attorney for Sgt. Larry Hutchins’ was improperly dismissed prior to the man’s 2007 trial.

That act alone is sufficient to set aside Hutchins’ conviction for the April 2006 incident and erase his 11-year prison sentence, the nine-member court found.


Advocates Call Iraq Marine’s Court Martial and Conviction Into Question

Former Marines investigating the case say there is far more than meets the eye; the court martial is currently under appeal and review.

Photo of Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins with his lawyer
Photo of Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins with his lawyer
Courtesy: DoD

(SALEM, Ore.) – A Marine convicted for murder in Iraq is receiving increasing public support by those who believe he is not guilty. Marine Sergeant Lawrence Hutchins has been sentenced to 15-years for the killings in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq.

Friends say Hutchins is innocent

Advocates say a number of the government’s dirty secrets bear their load on this Marine, considered by many as a scapegoat.

The particular case in Iraq involves the questionable death of one Iraqi civilian male. Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins III’s parents are not taking it in stride; meeting recently with the head of Marine Corps forces in the Middle East in the wake of their son’s conviction for killing an Iraqi civilian. Marine Lt. Gen James Mattis has been asked to look into inconsistencies that emerged during the recent court martial and consider evidence that was not included in the trial.

Tim Harrington is a personal friend of the Hutchins family who has worked tirelessly on the case.

Advocates of Hutchins like Harrington say the Marine is not the only American combat vet dealing with the “scapegoat” issue; the case of an Army Ranger, SSgt. Ray Girouard, bears unusual similarities to Hutchins’.

Girouard was convicted in March of three counts of negligent homicide for the deaths of three detainees after an Army raid in Iraq in May 2006. Girouard maintains that he was only following orders, as does Hutchins.

Lawrence Hutchins has been in solitary confinement in the Camp Pendleton brig since his conviction and sentencing by a military panel last month. He is now out of solitary confinement. It is reported that he will remain in a multi-man cell until the government decides where he will serve his 15-year sentence.

But a lawyer for Hutchins is preparing papers seeking clemency. It seems there were many questionable aspects to his General Court martial. The case was also automatically forwarded to the Navy-Marine Court of Criminal Appeal for review.

The Deloitte connection

Americans are well aware of the billions of dollars of income that the Iraq War has meant for defense contractors. They might be surprised to learn however, that this relatively quiet “accounting” firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu has been active in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq for many years. Their psychologists were used to examine Marine Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins.

Marine Sergeant Lawrence Hutchins during his court martial

A group of former marines have been studying the history of the Al Anbar province during 2003-2006. They believe they have put together a fairly clear view of a somewhat larger picture that takes the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu firm and military court martial practices into account.

For the most part, Deloitte claims to be an accounting firm.

Former Marine Warren Bonesteel alleges that they were involved in the outcome of Hutchin’s court martial.

“What we do know for certain is that Deloitte was – and is – directly and indirectly involved in Al Anbar province, and, for our present purposes, specifically in Haditha. We also know that NCIS uses contracted Deloitte psychologists. The same psychologists may have been used by both defense and prosecution legal teams in order to examine the Marines in question. We know that NCIS operatives, ‘managers’, and even the NCIS director himself, have gone to work for Deloitte in the two and some odd years since the incident in question.

Bonesteel says NCIS was in control of intelligence operations in Al Anbar during 2004, including the publishing of propaganda. Problems associated with that effort were later blamed on the platoon/company of combat Marines in question. Bonesteel points out that combat Marines don’t do twenty million dollars worth of publishing. “We also know that Deloitte or its subsidiaries and alliances handle the ‘auditing’ and business ‘consulting’ for a great many of the contractors and sub-contractors in Al Anbar province as well as in other areas of Iraq.

These include construction, healthcare, Internet Technology, transportation, private security firms, food and facilities management, oil industry manufacturing and experts, hydroelectric, banking, labor, education, etc., and so on. NCIS also has several other contracts with Deloitte and its subsidiaries. He says his research also shows that men like William Delahunt, John Murtha and others, including most of those who sit on various appropriations committees, receive more than half of their campaign contributions from Deloitte and from its subsidiaries or “alliances.”

Others on that list include Walter B. Jones, Trent Lott and Nancy Pelosi.

“We know that Deloitte directly or indirectly handles a great many, if not most, of the contracts going into the Pentagon, including retirement, life insurance and healthcare. We know that Deloitte also handles the money and business consulting for most of the companies and conglomerates who contract with the Pentagon. We know that Deloitte and it’s subsidiaries and ‘alliances’ have lobbyists all over D.C. and in every state capitol in America.”

He says they have offices and lobbyists in nearly every national capitol and, seemingly, in almost every provincial and state capitol in the world.

“We know that men like Delahunt also have direct and indirect connections to known terrorist supporters and to lobbyists with both direct and indirect ties to Deloitte. Among these groups and lobbyists are individuals, banks, and groups directly and indirectly associated with CAIR, the ISNA, MAS, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim individuals, groups and organizations on a national and international basis. Deloitte is also involved directly and indirectly handling financing for those same groups and organizations.”

Bonesteel says most of these individuals, and almost all of the organizations, are known to actively support Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Queda, among other terrorist and jihadist groups. “And we have Delahunt’s staff lawyer currently sitting in the courtrooms of these court martials, and allowed to wander about them quite freely, including ‘advising’ the prosecution’s legal teams.” He says that Deloitte has had – and continues to have – business dealings with Iran, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, and others committed to the open or subversive destruction of America.

“We know that several of those nations are actively involved in supporting terrorist operations in Iraq and around the world.” He says that what the don’t know at the moment, is what specific event or series of events, or series of ‘business deal’ began what he calls the slide towards having our fighting men and women prosecuted for ‘murdering’ the enemies of America in known combat zones.

“Killing the enemy is what they get paid for. In a combat zone, on an active battlefield, killing the other guy first has always been considered to be a measure of success by military strategists and tacticians throughout history.”

The Marine’s friend says that even with the above mentioned issues aside, there are glaring problems with the military justice system.

“For example, there is no outside accountability, and the military’s Senior SNCO and staff level officer ranks are relatively small, almost inbred, communities. NCIS has little or no accountability to anyone, anywhere. NCIS has also begun ‘civilian’ operations within the United States, most notably within the state of Washington. JAG isn’t much better.”

He says the public needs to be on the lookout over “questionable” principles employed during these Iraq War court martials. That includes future NCIS and JAG officers’ promotions, future options regarding choices of military assignments and deployments, and future civilian employment/careers and other forms of “remuneration.”

Bonesteel suspects that within two to four years, they and/or their proteges will make surprising leaps in their careers and financial well-being.

“In any case, we well understand why Delahunt, Walter B Jones and a dozen others on both sides of the aisle have completely ignored our efforts to bring to light evidence that will exonerate the Haditha Marines…and prove their innocence. General Mattis is also quite aware of what we have presented.” As for the case of Army SSgt Ray Girouard, the town of Sweetwater, Tennessee is maintaining a vigilant show of support. A sign hanging in the middle of town states: “SSgt. Ray Girouard Fought For Us, Now We Fight For Him.”

“This is such a small, close community. He grew up in this community and they just felt responsible for Ray,” one of his neighbors said.

In this small Tennessee town fundraisers and cash donations have flowed in, allowing them to hire a private attorney for Girouard and help his family pay expenses. Despite his conviction, the community continues to believe in Girouard’s innocence and say they support his ongoing bid for clemency.

In the meanwhile, citizens of Sweetwater are paying for Girouard to get a college education while serving a 10 year prison term.

Larry Orr is the pastor of the First Assembly of God church in Sweetwater. He says the town is conservative and pro-establishment for the most part, but they quickly sensed something was wrong, based on what they knew of Girouard.

“We all felt pretty early on there we were left with plenty of reason to believe that our guy did not out and out murder anybody,” Orr stated.

The local VFW in Hutchin’s hometown quietly assisted the family with travel expenses. Friends have provided support through the sale of “Free Larry” T-shirts. Harrington hopes to expand the effort in the weeks to come. Friends of the family hope to generate support for Hutchins with a town meeting that will take a closer look at the case and the inconsistencies that developed during last week’s court martial.

According to the Marine’s advocates, “The fight has just begun.”

Tim King Salem-News.com

May the Truth continue to shine its way on all of America and our servicemen upon whom the vagaries of political correctness and political expediency have fallen and may all those thusly incarcerated soon be free.

And, VERY special thanks to all those who have worked so hard to free Sgt. Hutchins and all wrongly incarcerated troops…YOU know who you are…TIM…and that coffee drinking, cigarette smoking guy we all know and love…a VERY special H/T to you!

Oh, and please see Sgt. Tim Harrington, USMC, ret. http://citizentsunami.wordpress.com …he’s got the goods, the moxie and the honor the USMC demands!

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Today is gray here in the Northeast, and it matches the mood of most Americans these days.  Withstanding the daily frontal assault on our Republic and its People, Americans have grown not only weary, but angry and the 2 Million at the 912 March spoke for what looks like a growing majority. 

From Lord Monckton’s speech on One World Government via the December Climate Change treaty which Obama will sign in Denmark, ceding another chunk of our sovereignty and many billions to Third World countries, ostensibly to compensate them for OUR energy use, but actually to “redistribute” more wealth.  As if America has any left to give, being bankrupt and all…to New Neutrality, Afghanistan to Iran and Israel, from the growing fester of Jihadist infiltration through CAIR to creeping Sharia throughout our Land, each assault festers renewed outrage and resolve to take our country back.

I offer today a letter from a concerned American who fought for his country and has tried every means available to be heard by those he has hired to represent him in Congress.  Like most of us, he now knows that they don’t care one whit about what We The People want for our nation and ourselves.  He is at the end of his patience with the herd at the trough in Washington and he says that this is his last letter to them:

  Dear Congressman,You don’t listen to polls. You don’t listen to us at town hall meetings. You don’t listen to our written voices. You don’t seem to get it. You are in our house, not the other way around. We pay your salaries. We grant you the perks and your outrageous retirement benefits package. We the people elect you to do our bidding and represent us. And yet you choose to ignore us. You choose to call us trailer trash or rednecks or racists or any one of a dozen other names and yet we the people make this country work, not you.

Barak Hussein Obama is poised to cede our national sovereignty in December at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. This is the most outrageous sellout yet of the millions of citizens who live in this still sovereign nation. When were you going to inform us about this? Or were you?
Will you stop this maniacal usurpation of our sovereignty or join with the rest of the moochers and looters to sell us out?
In the name of God do you not see what you are doing to this Republic??
You have given this man Obama authority and your support to undermine our liberty, to ignore the Constitution and our very way of life that many thousands have given their precious lives to protect over the years.
You seem to have forgotten who you work for.
You have a responsibility to the American people and you had best not forget it. Millions of us have hit the streets in protest to your tyrannical ways. We are prepared to do what is necessary to preserve our way of life.
If you continue to support this socialist agenda being forced on the good people of this country, WE will have no other choice but to throw you and all the rest out of Congress. This is not an idle threat. It is a statement of fact and you had damn well better be paying attention.
Forget merely voting you out of office. What you have perpetrated on the American people is nothing short of criminal and completely against the United States Constitution. We will not sit idly by while you and the looters in Congress simply ignore us and sell our precious country to the highest bidder.
To date you have: 
  • …violated your oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States by expanding the powers of the Government in exchange for our God-given Liberties.
  • …ignored the pleas of the majority of Americans by forcing a takeover of our private health care industry and exchanging it for a bureaucratic nightmare.
  • …attempted to control our economy by appointing “Pay Czars” to regulate the income of workers.
  • …proposed increasing taxes on small business owners, the life blood of our free economy, while bailing out the banking industry.
  • …overtsepped your Constitutional limits by agreeing with this present Administration to seize control of private industries, such as banking, automobile manufacturing, and health care.
  • …jeopardized the international value of our currency with deficit spending.
  • …failed to secure our national defense by refusing to tap the vast natural resources within our own borders and off our own shores.
  • …punished citizens and private business establishments with further regulation with hysteria and false claims of “climate change”.
  • …borrowed against our children’s future for political gain today.
    If you don’t shut down congress the way Newt Gingrich did in the 1990’s when he DID listen to congress (and I’m no Gingrich fan). I shall remember you. We all will. Many millions of us will remember each and every one of you that does not stand up and do the right thing for this Republic.
    One way or another there’s a revolution brewing, congressman. You can be one of the good guys or one of the bad guys. Your time is up:

    We the people will be watching you.
    And finally I leave you with a quote;
    “Governments derive… their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, (absolute power or influence of any kind) it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”
    US Declaration of Independence
    May Almighty God have mercy on your souls.


    I’m outraged that you would even consider voting on Obama health care when the vast majority of Americans, as every poll shows, angrily oppose it.

    The People are angry.  They have seen through the smoke and mirrors and they are coming. 
    But no matter how dark the clouds may look, take heart, fellow Patriots Americans. [Apologies for using that much maligned “P” Word, which, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, is a dirty word, synonomous with all manner of heinous crime, and ascribed to such courageous patriots as Stewart Rhodes’ Oathkeepers and any other American who has concerns for their Constitution and its Republic]
    For we have seen the dark before and emerged, as the sun at the dawn of a new day, triumphant in our effort to preserve and protect our Constitution.
    And so it is:  I am on my way today to meet a four tour combat vet, home safe at last from Iraq and Afghanistan.  I am honored to welcome him home on behalf of all Americans, who thank him for his courage and his service to our country. Like the writer of the letter above, they share the same name and allegiance to the Corps. Semper Fi guys.  You’re the best we’ve got.

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    In Memoriam

    WRCGreetings to all today as we begin our “Official” Memorial Day weekend in memory of our fallen heroes. Today is also the birthday of W.R. Connor, USMC, 1/12, Whiskey Company, who served in and around Chu Lai and DaNang ’65-’66. He passed from this world as a result of his service there, from agent orange complications, many years after returning home. RIP Connor, and all our brave heroes who gave their lives for our country. You performed your duty as a radioman proudly and well.

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    bunnyI offer a compendium of topics, related only by their surreal qualities. Either that, or that 3 hours of gardening today pumped out so much serotonin that I cannot be held responsible for what The Mind On Serotonin does.

    In New York it’s 4:37 PM, a soft and sunny 75; it’s 1:57 AM in Kandahar, Afghanistan, 70 F, and I just finished reading the newswire about Marjah, where American forces have seized 16 tons of opiates, 45 tons of explosive making material and a large supply of heroin refining product. Not far from there, in the Desert of Death, so named by locals for its less than hospitable conditions, the USMC is building a 443 acre Camp Leatherneck, started in January, which will house the largest combat zone parking field [that’s for air craft, not cars] in the world, so it looks like we’re there to stay awhile.

    Sadly, John Brown, Jr., one of the original 29 Navajo Code Talkers who developed a communication code the Japanese were unable to break passed from this world yesterday at the age of 88. Their contribution to our success in WWII was monumental and was not declassified until 1968. The 29 received the Congressional Gold Medal in 2001. As we near Memorial Day, it is ever more important to remember that although the “official” day of remembrance was changed so that it could always be on a Monday, thereby affording Americans another annual three day weekend, the actual Memorial Day falls on May 30.

    On other fronts, California is still broke, Nancy Pelosi is still a liar, and Joe Biden is still as senseless as a goat, having revealed the location of the Vice Presidential safe house to the public.  Since it was fitted out in 2001 at great expense, it was fairly new and will probably now have to be recreated elsewhere at the taxpayers’ expense.  As usual.

    In New York four people were arrested today on charges of plotting to shoot military aircraft at Stewart Airfield with Stingers, blow up two Synagoges in the Bronx, and generally create havoc and terrorism wherever they could find it. It is said that three of them converted to Islam while serving time in American jails…and the BOzo in the White House wants to bring Gitmo guys here??

    A friend who spent time in a locked mental ward recently told me he had been watching a Lakers game on the TV there when the cameras showed some footage of Jack Nicholson, an avid fan, in the stands. He couldn’t help being reminded of watching Nicholson years ago in a theater in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” wherein Jack unwittingly becomes trapped in a locked mental ward. Yes indeed, welcome to the Rabbit Hole, where life imitates art, the insane seems sane and the surreal unfolds, all day, every day.


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