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Abject apologies for having missed the New Year.  It was a busy end-of-year and even busier New Year–all good, basically, just too busy to keep up with.  Still on basic hiatus, I am moved to post a tidbit herein:


Actually, this piece, Ulsterman’s latest interview with our WH Insider, has less to do with athiesm than the ’08 [S]election and the nightmares that have plagued all of us who witnessed it from pre- to post- Denver.  I vowed never to forget what I saw, heard and learned, and never to stop speaking my truth about it, regardless of what consequences I might face at the hands of those who cannot or will not believe the truth of the matter, horrific though it is.  I–and all of those who were with me at that time–was changed forever as a result of that campaign and what we learned; everything we had ever been taught or believed was proven false.  And still, the puppet of the perpetrators remains, ensconced illegally in our White House, gearing up for yet another term.

There are truly no words adequate to describe this perfidy.  Life goes on for all of us but we continue to speak out, to remember and share the horrors we witnessed, in the hope that, someday, somehow, the truth will be revealed and become an accurate part of history.  Hah!  Fat chance of that, things being what they are these days.  But neither I nor the thousands of others who saw it all with me will forget.  Nor will they keep silent.  You all know who you are…and bless you for being there, for remembering and for refusing to remain silent.

No matter what happens in the years to come, WE KNOW WHAT WE SAW…WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED…AND WE KNOW WHO DID IT.

Bless you all for your intelligence, your courage, and your character.



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To compare the current squatters residents of our White House to Marie Antionette & co. is to do bit of a disservice to the latter.  For one thing, Marie took a lot of heat for the acts of her predecessors; for another, she dressed rather well, as opposed to the Moo, who usually looks more like a crazed, infantile Halloween costume run amok than the wife of a head of state…oh, wait…;  and  for yet another, Marie was  very young [a teenager] and lacked the benefit of much formal education, whereas Moo…well, perhaps that is going too far as Moochelle, while having taken up space in some ivied halls, gives little indication of having actually absorbed much of the knowledge there; and, whereas Marie has since been somewhat vindicated as more a victim of that era than a perpetrator, the Moo remains a prime villain, major perpetrator and highly visible symbol for much of the dissatisfaction, disgust and unrest that most Americans are feeling now…but I digress…

What these two women [and, not to leave anyone out, Nancy Pelosi as well]  do share in common is that they are the personification of the words “greedy excess,” which is distasteful enough in and of itself, but when perpetrated upon the broken backs of a beggared society is not only despicable, it is cretinous, inflammatory and unforgivable.  As Marie Antoinette could have told them, there are few things more dangerous and less willing to listen to reason than an outraged populace whose money has been stolen.

An October 4, 2011 edition of  World Net Daily reports that the Obama daughters were designated for their big trip to Africa as “Senior Staff.”  EXCUSE ME????  Since when do two attendees of Sidwell Friends–whose averred classmates, according to their father,  include the Ayers children [who a in their 30s] classify as SENIOR STAFF???  HAVE these people no SHAME?

And again, not to leave Nancy out here, how on earth does anyone eat a $130 pile of junk the like of which was purchased on her behalf from a Detroit convenience store??  That shopping list alone is enough to gag a maggot.

Among the receipts: $130 from a Detroit store for popcorn, cheese puffs, Hershey’s milk chocolate kisses, peanuts, Snickers minis, Nilla wafers, ginger snaps, mixed nuts, dry roasted peanuts, M&M peanuts, Kraft caramels and crackers.

That order apparently was connected to a congressional delegation trip to Detroit that cost some $24,000 in air travel expenses plus another $10,000 in miscellaneous expenses.

The records, which are linked Judicial Watch’s website, include flight manifests, expense summaries, copies of receipts and congressional correspondence for Pelosi’s trips in 2010.

There’s not a grand total for the expenditures because of the nature of the reporting: Sometimes there were reimbursements listed for members of Pelosi’s family traveling with her, and it was unclear whether those reimbursements were paid.

And that, my friends, is but a few of the many stories about the greed of those who currently root at the Washington trough at our expense.

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When the going gets tough, the Loser plays Victim.  Never has this been more relevant than now, as Obambisoetoro, grasping at straws for another four years of party time at our expense, seizes the Victim role with gusto.   Given his position–being both illegal and illegitimate, coupled with the rancid state of affairs in our once great country, it is the only strategy that makes sense–and that could be the ONLY landmark decision that comes of this administration of misery, catastrophe and clustermuck.  For, more than anything, Americans love an underdog.  They will root for the little guy every time:  David over Goliath, Overstock dot com over David Boies and Wall Street, Joe the Plumber over that big moneyed, small brained candidate.  And so, the only strategy left for this guy in our White House is that of the Victim.  Lord knows, that Hopey Changey thing fell flatter than yesterday’s flopped souffle, so this is it folks: The Underdog story.  They’re already bouncing it out there, trying it on for size, trying to get a little Underdog Recognition going out there, a la Truman.*

But that was then and this is now…not to mention the fact that that was Truman and this is…well, we’re STILL not really sure just WHO the individual residing in our White House is.

The fact is that Americans don’t trust Soetorobambisoebarkh or whoever he is and Townhall columnist John Ransom explains why:

The outlines of the Obama reelection strategy are becoming clearer.

The campaign will try to mirror Truman’s fighting tour against a “do nothing” Congress that is preventing the president from taking steps to rescue the US economy.

All that’s missing for Obama is a platform on the back of a high speed train from which he can harangue crowds.

For a guy battered and bruised by Congress and demoralized by his base, Truman’s strategy offers a glimmer of hope.

But don’t count on Americans to be gulled by Obama’s strategic argument with or without an assist by a magic bullet train. Obama’s no Harry Truman.

People wanted to believe that Truman was the straight-talking, guy-next door. And he was.

But no one would mistake Obama as a straight talker.

Fast talker? Yes.

In point of fact, the biggest single obstacle that Obama faces in getting reelected is that Americans don’t trust him anymore. Nor should they, based on results, history and the false premise under which he was elected.

Wanna know what Obama’s going to do in the future? Look at what he’s done in the past.

He might be the only president in the history of the country to vote “present.”

People wanted to believe in the hope-and-change hype; they gave Obama every opportunity to live up to the promise of a post-racial America.

They gave him the Congress, they gave him the money. They gave him the time. They even gave him a Nobel Prize in anticipation of his great, healing accomplishments. But he fell far short of the braggadocios, walk-on-water, presidential campaign that practically amounted to a confidence swindle out of a Mark Twain story.

That’s why the harder Obama campaigns, the less likely people will rally to his support.

Faux outrage by Obama will only serve to highlight how Obama fumbled his opportunities to cut some Gordian knots, politically.

Here are ten other reasons Americans don’t trust Obama to save the economy:

10) People have seen the president as disengaged from his job as president. Now according to Ron Suskind’s book, we have proof that Obama really is disengaged.

“His body language during these scenes is passive. He looks on and sits back as Summers, a master debater, hashes things out,” reports Bloomberg. “During one particularly acrimonious debate in March 2009, Obama leaves to get a haircut and have dinner with his family.”

9) Obama has no fixed principles on which the mass of Americans agree.

I can’t think of one policy the Obama administration has put forward which breaches the partisan divide.

8) The president comes across cocky, not confident on issues.

I think many voters have come to believe that they know more about economic issues than Obama does. And they would be right about that.

For a self-professed policy wonk, he sure seems to rely on advisors rather than his instincts. I think Americans suspect that the policy wonk talk is hyperbole designed to cover for his insecurity about his lack of knowledge.

7) He seems to always be hostage to some special interest. Whether it’s healthcare, bank reform or stimulus spending, Obama comes across either as a dupe or a known associate of a partner in crime.

He either doesn’t understand the implications of his policies or he fully understands them.

Americans will pick which is worse as they sit in a voting booth.

6) Obama tends to “double down” on problems rather than recognize something isn’t working. For example, rather than taking care to act outraged over Solyndra, Obama rushed to approve even more loans to companies as the loan deadline expired.

This is not an administration that the public thinks is a very good steward of money. And once again, they’re right about that.

5) The economic plan he’s tried hasn’t worked. The only things he’s changed are the excuse he uses.

Remember when he stopped talking about creating jobs and started talking about saving jobs instead? Remember how he told us all the economy was recovering in the first half of the year?

The American people will put up with sleight of mouth tricks like that for a bit, but will crucify you later for it. Read my lips, no new excuses.

4) Americans admire business success. That’s why we put guys like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates on such a pedestal and listen to them to the point of practically drooling over what they say.

Obama’s not promising the opportunity for unlimited success; instead he’s promising to everyone a limited type of security in lieu of success, which is alien to the American strive-and-succeed story.

3) The president’s base is hostile to the economic ideas that foster growth and reward merit, which are really the same thing.

The progressives believe in a top-down, centrally-planned economy with rewards doled out to favored groups based on a social outcome, rather than rewards based on economic merit.

Americans are sophisticated enough to understand that while a utility infielder may be overpaid at $1 million per year, that’s what the market will bear. They don’t necessarily begrudge the infielder his money. At the same time, they support a baseball owner’s right to make whatever profit he can.

This is the American way. Americans just want the right to be that infielder or major league owner based on merit.

Another example would be the administration’s attempt to create an electric car market in the US. Policies supporting the electric car market with government-created artificial incentives end up as constraints on the economy rather than incentives in the economy.

Americans want that car, like a utility infielder, to succeed on merit.

2) Obama won’t take responsibility for his failures.

It’s not just that he won’t take responsibility verbally. It’s that he won’t take responsibility policy-wise.

After enacting the stimulus plan that has contributed to the worst post-recession economic performance since the 1930s, Obama has back peddled.  But he’s also contributed nothing new to the debate besides trying to enact a smaller stimulus package.

Why would something that didn’t work previously work now because you are using a smaller version of it?

And lastly:

1) Obama lied about________________________________________ {fill in the blank and then report it to AttackWatch.com}.

And so it goes…as the old proverb says, “The dogs bark but the caravan moves on…”

*Truman’s famed Whistlestop tour included campaigning from the back of a train as it stopped at stations along the way, proclaiming his down home, honest image, and it worked. Against all odds and an already printed newpaper story proclaiming Thomas E. Dewey the winnter, Truman was the winner, leaving the Chicago Tribune with egg on its face and a morning paper with an incorrect headline.

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I am the whisper on the wend.The fire in your soul,

I, the will that cannot bend.

Unquenchable coal,

I’m the blaze of freedom’s mend.


Notes from Bones:

‘Wend’ is a term used by weavers, particularly on handlooms. They ‘wend’ the woof and warp of the weave… (I love alliteration.)  Part of the original meaning of the word ‘wend’ is to ‘twist.’ Thread is also ‘twisted’ – or woven – into cloth, creating patterns.
Metaphorically, those patterns – the ‘wend’ – are woven to become our society and culture. In a land of freedom, we don’t need the machines or industry of politics or of traditional institutions to weave the cloth of freedom for us. Free men and women can and do weave the cloth of our lives for ourselves. Free men and women create – weave – their own society and world. This independence and self-reliance is the blaze of freedom’s mend. The fire in your soul. That unquenchable coal.  That ‘blaze’ and ‘fire’ and ‘coal’ are the ‘thread’ that is used to weave the ‘cloth’ of freedom.
Thus, “…the whisper on the wend.”
The “I” in this little bit of doggerel is, of course, Freedom, itself – which is ‘weaving the cloth’ of freedom throughout the nation. This ‘cloth’ is now being mended anew…by the fire in our souls….that unquenchable coal.

Weaving Our Liberty

A huge and grateful WELCOME BACK to our very own Bones, Patriot Extroaordinaire and one heckuva dude!!!!!!!!!!!

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This from one of my favorite Wise Men, Brown Water Navy:

Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can
understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic .
Someone over there has it figured out. We have a lot of work to do.:

“The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of
entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to
limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the
necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing
to have such a man for their president.”

“The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a
mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools
should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him
their prince.
The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a
fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who
made him their president.”

And that, in a nutshell, says it all.  Or…as another well known entity has said…”We have met the enemy and he is us.”*

Have a nice day, folks. The Dow is trundling downward, we are advised to bail, sell all and convert to metal, as American paper, formerly known as the Dollar, is nearing the end of its rule.

Bean, Bandaids and bullets…

* Walt Kelly’s Pogo

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Mondays 8:00 PM EST

(347) 202-0569

“The Dame Truth”
Empire of Illusion Continued
Sgt. Tim Harrington
Sgt. Larry Hutchins, exonerated,
Obama has made secret deals with the Iranian mullahcracy to facilitate the weakening of both the USA and Israel

Where do we go from here?

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Today, a cue from The Who’s ‘Won’t Get Screwed Fooled Again’ …Well, it looks like The Goog is still at it…World Net Daily reports that despite the HIGHLY irregular news [WHAT news about this guy IS EVER *regular*??!] that the Social Security Number currently in use for Mr. BarryDunhamSoetorObamawhateverhisnamereallyis comes from–get this folks–a CONNECTICUT origin, meaning that the prefix in SSNs denotes the state of birth for each person to whom an SSN is given.  Now, call me crazy, but…since when did this guy ever even reside in Connecticut, let alone get born there??? Believe me, sir, [to paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen] I’ve LIVED in Connecticut, and YOU’RE NO CONNECTICUT-er.]

For those who care, it is rumored that the cypher in the White House, a/k/a the current pResident [wonder if he gets all those junk mails that say “or current resident…”] has had no less than 16 Social Security Numbers.  It appears, however, that those in charge of Team Manipulating the Credentials have been more than just a bit lax…giving this guy a CONNECTICUT SSN when that is about the LEAST credible number this guy could get…and then there was that pesky little  passport thingy, that was a big clumsy boo boo, poor Quarles Harris, who agreed to testify ended up dead, apparently shot execution style,  in front of a church from a bullet in the head on that one…

But I digress.  Google, those ubiquitous folks who jumped on the Gonzo Bozo Barry SoetorObama bandwagon early on, continues to champion his cause in their monstrously huge effort to propound, propagate and protect this entity without a name, or rather, with so MANY names [AND SSNs] that it’s hard to keep it straight..but apparently, THAT is the goal here…so many names/numbers/places…so little time…

Google, in addiction addition to violently and virulently censoring and removing any offending points of view from Youtube, gmail, facebook and god knows what else they have their pixilated little fingers into, obdurately continues to shuck and jive and shuffle search terms in order to bury information they consider factual uncomplimentary to their chosen regime, namely, World Net Daily’s most salient piece about the Connecticut SSN.

WND Exclusive


Google hides Obama’s Social Security Number story

Searches for WND report diverted to Kagan, oil, Tampa stories

Posted: May 12, 2010
8:50 pm Eastern

© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Internet giant Google today was hushing up the new dispute over President Obama’s strange Social Security number by diverting searches for news reports on the issue to unrelated stories about Elena Kagan, oil, Tampa and the Federal Reserve.

The actual story, posted on WND.com, explained how two private investigators – working independently – are asking why Obama is using a Social Security number set aside for applicants in Connecticut while there is no record he ever had a mailing address in the state.

Under a Google news search for “President Obama Social Security number,” the top four results all quoted, “By Jerome R. Corsi Two private investigators working independently are asking why President Obama is using a Social Security number set aside for applicants…”

Is Google ‘evil’? Read the arguments in Joseph Farah’s “Stop the Presses!”

However, the first link is to Politico’s story about “Gay rights central to Elena Kagan fight,” the second links to Politico’s “Senate clears measure to audit Federal Reserve” story, the third links to a Politico story about the GOP plans for a convention in Tampa in 2012, and the last links to a Politico story about “Oil executives play pass the buck.”

Google spokesman Jake Hubert told WND that it appeared to be a “bug in the snippets.”

He said the company was looking into it.

The report on Obama’s number revealed records indicate it was issued between 1977 and 1979, yet Obama’s earliest employment reportedly was in 1975 at a Baskin-Robbins ice-cream shop in Oahu, Hawaii. [WAIT a MINUTE here…are they trying to tell us this man actually held gainful employment at some point??? No, wait, that’s impossible…everyone knows he is an *Organizer*]

// // // //

WND obtained copies of affidavits filed separately in a presidential eligibility lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia by Ohio licensed private investigator Susan Daniels and Colorado private investigator John N. Sampson.

The investigators believe Obama needs to explain why he is using a Social Security number reserved for Connecticut applicants that was issued at a date later than he is known to have held employment.

The Social Security website confirms the first three numbers in his ID are reserved for applicants with Connecticut addresses, 040-049.

“Since 1973, Social Security numbers have been issued by our central office,” the Social Security website explains. “The first three (3) digits of a person’s social security number are determined by the ZIP code of the mailing address shown on the application for a social security number.”

The question is being raised amid speculation about the president’s history fueled by an extraordinary lack of public documentation. Along with his original birth certificate, Obama also has not released educational records, scholarly articles, passport documents, medical records, papers from his service in the Illinois state Senate, Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records and adoption papers.

Robert Siciliano, president and CEO of IDTheftSecurity.com and a nationally recognized expert on identity theft, agrees the Social Security number should be questioned.

“I know Social Security numbers have been issued to people in states where they don’t live, but there’s usually a good reason the person applied for a Social Security number in a different state,” Siciliano told WND.

WND asked Siciliano whether he thought the question was one the White House should answer.

“Yes,” he replied. “In the case of President Obama, I really don’t know what the good reason would be that he has a Social Security number issued in Connecticut when we know he was a resident of Hawaii.”

Siciliano is a frequent expert guest on identify theft on cable television networks, including CNN, CNBC and the Fox News Channel.

Daniels and Sampson each used a different database showing Obama is using a Social Security number beginning with 042.

WND has further confirmed that the Social Security number in question links to Obama in the online records maintained by the Selective Service System. Inserting the Social Security number, his birth date and his last name produces a valid Selective Service number.

“There is obviously a case of fraud going on here,” Daniels maintained. “In 15 years of having a private investigator’s license in Ohio, I’ve never seen the Social Security Administration make a mistake of issuing a Connecticut Social Security number to a person who lived in Hawaii. There is no family connection that would appear to explain the anomaly.”

Daniels has been a licensed private investigator in Ohio since 1995. Sampson formed his private investigations firm, CSI Consulting and Investigations, in 2008. He previously worked as a deportations law enforcement officer with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The Daniels and Sampson affidavits were originally recorded by attorney Orly Taitz in an eligibility case against Obama last year.

And there you have it.  Another day in the life of a poseur impostor cypher enigma lawbreaker manchurian candidate aw heck, they’re STILL trying to find a word to describe this disaster…

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