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Those of us who saw it coming are loathe to say, “We TOLD you so,” but indeed, those chickens ARE coming home to roost.  All the lies, posturing, double talking drivel, calculated deceit and hubris are finally catching up with SoetorObama and even those who once supported him are, if they have not already done so, considering *Unfriending* him.  The debacles of Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts [a cleansing nor’easter sweeping up the East Coast?] have punched holes in the great, big, bloated balloon float that the DNC tried to pawn off on millions of good, unsuspecting Americans who trusted their tv and print media to give them the facts they needed in order to vote responsibly; and, miracle of miracles, New York Times Op-ed writer Bob Herbert recently resurrected the phrase, “Credibility Gap” in connection with the ever failing flailing question mark that masquerades as BarryackSoetorObama.   And, best of all, The Daily Beast‘s Christopher Buckley’s hilariously salient parody, “The Audacity of Oops” says it all.

And so, pundits notwithstanding, I don’t expect to hear anything of truth or even of substance in tonight’s State of the Union speech.  I’ve been waiting for years now and have yet to observe even a shred of either in the speeches parroted by this clown.  You know–the one who needs two teleprompters to address a class of 6th graders…

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Special 2 Hour Show Tonight
Welcoming the Families
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“The Dame Truth”
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Pfc. Corey Clagett, Sgt. Evan Vela & Lt. Michael Behenna are just three of a growing number of our military wrongly accused and incarcerated for doing their duty in combat zones, victims of political correctness, expediency and politics as usual.  Join us to meet their families and learn about their fight to survive and clear the names of their loved ones and that of so many others.  They, like so many others, are being held in Ft. Leavenworth.

Please Write to Corey, Michael & Evan

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As our esteemed Logistics Monster always says, AYFKM????!, while I am more prone to utter the simpler, three word invective, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.  David Horowitz’s NewsReal’s  Jeff Hespeth, writing of the New York Times piece by the same name, rightfully asks, Is the Obama Administration courting the Taliban?


Gates: Our newest allies?

Has this man ever heard of Taqiya?  Is he at all aware that Islam MANDATES that ALL agreements and contracts made with *The Infidel* be broken within SEVEN YEARS??  Doesn’t he know that criticizing Islam is dangerous to your health?? Just ask Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, Salmon Rushdie, Geert Wilders or Kurt Westergaard, whose capitol crime was drawing a cartoon in a Danish newspaper.  In fact, it is clear to everyone who breathes that these individuals do NOT play well with others. In fact, they do not play at all, and their primary activity of choice is  killing everyone other than themselves by inflicting as much pain and suffering as possible upon their victims before their final dispatch.  And–dare I wax rhetorical, cynical and sarcastic–does Mr. Gates have ANY idea with whom we are dealing here?  For I daresay the current Resident in the White House, his minions and yes, his Imams certainly do.

In the NY Times article by Elizabeth Bumiller, Gates is quoted as saying–and I am NOT kidding–

The United States recognizes that the Taliban are now part of the political fabric of Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said here on Friday, but the group” must be prepared to play a legitimate role before it can reconcile with the Afghan government.”

That means, Mr. Gates said, that the Taliban must participate in elections, not oppose education and not assassinate local officials.

On Friday, he listed conditions that the Taliban must meet for Afghan political acceptance. OMGROTFLMFAO.  Apparently Mr. Gates does not subscribe to the cardinal rule of War:  KNOW THINE OPPONENT; apparently, he has forgotten that these are the people who thrive in blowing people into bits with IEDs,  cutting off the heads of those with whom they disagree and maiming, beating and killing women.   He apparently has conveniently forgotten the HUGE and seemingly endless sacrifices of our military, given freely and honorably in the fight against terrorists and their agenda.  Those who died in the sand and those whose lives are forever changed by their memories deserve a great deal more than a Secretary of Defense who thinks we should play nicely with the Taliban, an entity who does not play nicely with ANYONE and never will.

But don’t take my word for it.  Ask Sgt. Sanchez, Lance Cpls. Hall, Burrows, Posey,  Schimmel, Stroud, & Damas, Lt. Behenna, Lt. Col. Chessani, Pfc. Corey Clagett, Cpl. Vila, Sgts. Hatley, Leahy, Hutchins,  Navy SEALS SO-2s Matthew McCabe & Jonathan Keefe, SO-1 Julio Huertas, and the thousands of others whose lives were shortened or altered irretrievably.

To top it off, and add insult to injury not to mention underline the insanity of Mr. Gates’s proposal, indeed,

The Taliban Doesn’t Seem Ready to Talk (January 24, 2010)

BOMBED BANK After an attack on Monday in Kabul, Taliban leaders warned that their foot soldiers weren’t reconciling with anyone.

“Nobody from the Taliban side is ready to make any kind of deal,” Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, said in an interview. “The world community and the international forces are trying to buy the Taliban, and that is why we are showing that we are not for sale.”

HELLO?  MR. GATES?  EARTH TO SPACE, COME IN, MR. GATES…Whiskey Tango Foxtrot…AYFKM…Tango Mike Mike.

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Join The Dame tonight with producer CJinTX for their own State of the Union show!
We’ll be sending off the current State of Affairs in America and around the world with
our own take on things and running commentary with input from a few special callers!

Call in at

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The turmoil in Haiti continues, as does that in the rest of the world; although they claim to have no solid facts, suddenly England, prompted by information purportedly from India, has raised their threat level to second highest, meaning that, while they have no definitive data, they believe there is imminent threat of terrorist attack.

Meanwhile, here at home, the game of charades in the White House grows every longer and more sordid as the Resident and his minions work feverishly to prepare a State of the Union speech that contains at least an illusion of control and a  semblance of of order and common sense, none of which, we all know all too well, is feasible from that crew.

This is the saddest anniversary our nation has ever endured:  it is one year since Barry SoetorObama & Co. were installed illegally and unconstitutionally, seizing control of the White House, Corporate Media and our government.  Hopefully, their reign will be short lived and end with jail sentences for most of them.

However, there are reasons to be guardedly optimistic about our fate as more and more Americans rise up from their media induced slumber and demand accountability from the greedy sloths at the public trough.  Scott Brown’s campaign pledges to spend tax money to defeat terrorists rather than defend them, and his admonishment that the Senate seat is not HIS but belongs to the PEOPLE of Massachusetts touched the hearts and minds of voters so profoundly that he came from far behind to trounce the favorite handily.

In the two years since I have devoted my time to political activism, encouraging, informing and, hopefully, motivating people to learn the facts and get active in the endeavor to force our government to be accountable, respect and abide by the Constitution and act with integrity as representatives of their constituencies, I have seen more progress than I ever thought possible.  We’re a LONG way from having completed our task, but we ARE seeing progress as increasing numbers of Americans stand up for what they believe is right, and refuse to be swindled, lied to or enslaved.

I post below some thoughts I received from my friend, Normita, about these issues, and something she wrote after the November, 2008 selection.  Regardless of one’s beliefs, political preferences or point of view, she resonates the basic sentiments of many Americans.  The time has come to put differences aside and fight alongside one another to preserve our nation and its Constitution by rooting out those who have betrayed the public trust.  From tiniest municipality to the White House, Americans must work together to eliminate the rot that has continued, unabated and unnoticed for far too long.  Now that it is out in the open for all the world to see, the light shines on it and in exposing it, will help us rid ourselves of it.

As I read, listen and watch the ongoing discussions on the miracle in the Massachusetts election and the images of people’s suffering in Haiti, I am reminded of the leadership in our country today, post 2008 election.  In my deep reverie, I went through the archives and pulled one of the expressions of sadness I put on paper after that election, on how our country has lost an opportunity of a lifetime to have a strong leader and why I continue to support her – a villager named ‘Hillary’.  Here’s how I wrote it:

I am a hillaryvillager

Posted at 02:58 AM on November 06, 2008

As I walked the village of Hillary

Posted on Thursday, November 6, 2008

When I woke up the day after the election, I once again reflected on what I saw at the precinct on election day, the many faces in our country that were very difficult to put into words.  I wondered on the uncertainties that await our country from many different angles.  From the perspective of a person who grew up to respect what this country represents, I have every right to get upset, to get weary, to get worried, to be challenged; as Bob and I sat down for breakfast like we do every morning, I vowed to collect my positive thoughts with renewed vigor, the kind of thoughts that I can share with my neighbors, with my fellow villagers, and with my fellow Americans.

As I walked through the village with Lanz this morning, I felt the need for a reflective moment to feel the cold autumn air, to see the different colors of nature, to look at the bright sky with gratitude to Almighty God for bringing me to a place with the energy to keep going.  With a shattered heart, I closed my eyes wishing for a time when the person we called our village chief would ascend to the presidency of the United States, bringing the right kind of hope and change the country deserves.  As I opened my eyes, I know that it was not to be at this moment in time.  Suddenly the birds flew by signaling to me that I have to reach the place of acceptance, to wave goodbye to the many obstacles of the past months that disrupted the lives of many but awakened the senses of many more.

I am rising from the side of country first with a better comprehension of: how the Pledge of Allegiance are mere words unless we live it; how God bless America is hallow unless we respect it; and how the lyrics of America the Beautiful is empty unless we sing it with a loving heart and soul.  I will rise to honor my country for enriching my life that I share with my family, my circle of friends, fellow villagers and colleagues.  I will rise from the depth of my existence as a proud immigrant, a naturalized U.S. citizen, who will forever love and respect this country for giving me that vast opportunity to seek and to find the true meaning of courage, compassion, humility and generosity toward everyone I touch.  These are my thoughts.  I feel blessed.  I am a hillaryvillager.

Inspired by the person named ‘Hillary’.  Rise Hillary Rise.  God bless America.

a proud

Thank you for reading this.  God bless you all and the country we love. Normita

The following response to Normita’s thoughts warrants a reading as well, for this is the stuff from which Patriots are made:

Hi Normita,

Thank you for sharing your experience. It brought back some memories for me.
I hope you’re catching your second wind now. I sense that this journey is far from over and that, soon enough, more PUMAs will have a greater understanding of why we went through what we experienced during this past year or two. To me, it seems that it’s very important right now for more of us awaken to a broader and deeper knowledge of the REAL forces that are running the world behind the scenes. Or else we can change nothing.
To be effective in our future actions, some of our attitudes, expectations, and habits will have to be released. We can’t do the same familiar things and expect to get a different result. It’s time to get creative. If we could pull something different up from within ourselves that, perhaps, we didn’t know we had (or else sensed we have but feared expressing it), we would act with greater power and direction. I believe we’re stronger than we know.
I’ve learned a lot BECAUSE of the trauma of getting my illusions killed about the way things work in the world. The process has been scary at times, angering, frustrating, exhausting…
…but now I feel a REAL hope, despite the dark clouds looming in the world. Our sadness can turn into healing. A kind of promise awaits our attention, it seems, and I can see its soft outlines. It’s hard to put words to this. But have you not SENSED something different? A kind of shift in awareness within and without? I feel it in the air.
For the “non-reflective” types among us, perhaps this seems a little too esoteric…Oh well… We all have different ways to get to the same thing.
Thank you for your presence during this journey, Normita. Bless you. Bless us all.

Rise, America, Rise.  As the sun rises each morning, so shall you.  You will survive in all your glory, with the work and the will of the American people.

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Everyone remembers the enchanting, idealistic Frank Capra film about Mr. Smith [James Stewart] going to Washington, witnessing dirt and corruption, and refusing to go along with it.  On Tuesday, Scott Brown, running as a Republican,  trounced an opponent to win a Senate seat held by the Democrats for 40 years.

Today, he met in Washington with John Kerry, the other Democratic senator from Massachusetts and held a press conference in which he appeared calm, confident and at ease, while Mr. Kerry seemed stiff, choleric beneath his attempt to maintain a calm countenance, and nervous.

For Mr. Kerry has spent enough time inside the Beltway to know how slimy the ropes there can be, and since Mr. Brown did not arrive in his senate–correction, the Peoples’ seat, as he oft reminds us–he does know how Mr. Brown will respond to the traditional partisan arm pulling that goes on around there.

Because there is already a hue and cry to seat Mr. Brown immediately, it does not appear that it will take long to swear him in and allow him to get on with the business of being a senator.  It has been said that, “as soon as the paperwork is forthcoming, he will be seated.”

The question, as always, is when indeed WILL the paperwork arrive, and how much will his opponents–in this case, the Democrat majority in the senate–do to stall it.  It would appear that efforts to thwart seating would not only be in vain, but, now that so many are on to their tactics, reflect poorly upon those who would try it.

In the meantime–it appears that America has turned a new corner, and, despite frantic efforts to derail, discredit and subvert the will of the American people and anyone who disagrees with the socialistic party line being handed down out of the White House, the will of the American people has been made known, and is gathering steam.  It is hard to conceal the presence of 2.1 Million people anywhere, let alone in our nation’s capitol and it is harder yet to steal their minds.  It has been tried, unsuccessfully, and Americans have shown, time and again, that they love their country, their Constitution, and their freedoms.  They will not relinquish these for anything or anyone.

So, welcome to Washington, Mr. Brown.  May you succeed in bringing a breath of fresh air to that stultified, thug ridden city, and help to facilitate  rise, once again, of the American Spirit!

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Well, it’s official folks:  Scott Brown has broken a 40 year reign of DNC political machine tyranny in the Massachusetts Senate race tonight, beating his opponent, Martha Coakley by a swift and healthy margin.  Third Wave Dave put it spot on when he said last night on Andrea Shea King,  “Obama Is Now In The Back Seat of Ted Kennedy’s Oldsmobile now!  Like Virginia and New Jersey before it, Massachusetts has now joined the growing number of states refusing to be railroaded by an ineligible, America hating administration, virtually insuring that he will be a one time occupant of our beloved White House.

What’s next?  When miracles happen, they remind us that anything is possible–even a return to our Constitution and its values!

*a big H/T to Third Wave Dave!

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