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iwo-jima1Written and directed by Jan Hrebejk, Divided We Fall is the brilliant 2000 film about a war-torn, Nazi occupied Czech village in which one couple makes the ultimate sacrifice to save another by hiding a Jewish friend  at great personal risk of discovery and execution. Ironies and plot twists abound, much life life itself, and the message is clear: Divided We Fall.

Present day America, and indeed, the world, should  see this film, heed this message, and take it to heart. Today’s Logistics Monster, apparently resonating my thoughts, posts a short, powerful statement, replete with David Johnson video–another ‘Must See’ for all.

Today’s current climate, both in America and throughout the world, is tenuous, fraught with fear and teetering at a tipping point few of us ever dreamed of seeing.  We face issues that we, as Americans, had grown up believing long since resolved, only to wake up, like so many stunned attendees at the Tea Party down the rabbit hole, to find that little, if anything has been resolved.  We stand at the edge of an abyss in a combined Perfect Storm culture medium of Constitutional abuse, unresponsive government, and economic downfall at the hands of entities such as Henry Paulson’s Goldman Sachs etal.

Like the men who fought to win the Island of Iwo Jima so our planes could land for refueling, we, too must ALL hang together, despite any perceived differences.  We must remember that we are ALL Americans, and as such, must refrain from dissension and disunity in order to fight the Beast at our door who encourages and foments factional fights.  Look at Ernie Pyle’s famed picture of the Marines as they hove our flag atop Mt. Suribachi, which epitomizes loyalty and teamwork, and remember it well.  All of us need to heed its image and its message and stop criticizing one another as we unite to once again raise our flag atop the newest mountain of challenge, that of our Constitution, our Liberty and our Country,  and remember, the Marine Corps adage, “First the Mission.”  There is little to be accomplished and a great deal to be lost by indulging in disagreements of any kind now, be they between parties, genders or attorneys filing suit to ensure our Constitution’s safety.

constitution-puma-smallJoin drkate and me on Constitutional Radio tonight at 10 PM EDT as we welcome Mario Apuzzo and Charles Kerchner, updating their case, followed by Philip Berg at 11 PM EDT.

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WHAT has happened to the world???  There was a popular song during WWII called, “The World Turned Upside Down.”  They had no idea how upside down it would become some 60 years later, as Barbary Coast pirates rule the seas once again after Two Hundred years, taking vessel after vessel and endangering crews, unimpaired by what once was the strongest country in the world.  If I’m not mistaken, we did fight the War of 1812 which proved American vessels superior to the British, and launched the American tradition of naval supremacy.  So, exactly WHY is it, now, that the world watches, horrified, as the Usurper in the White House does nothing to stop this plunder, bungling beyond the all imagination, as he lets Barbary Coast pirates once again rule the seas, rob and kill with impunity.

The U.S. writhes with shame at the hands of a bungler so supremely, hugely horrific that it begs the question of whether it is bungling at all, but rather, an ulterior motive, fueled by his own admission that should things ever come to a place where he must choose, he would side with Islamics rather than Americans.  One has to thank common sense blogs like Muccings for having the good sense to state the obvious.   Truly, losing our naval superiority while our ships fall victim to Somali pirates [or any other kind!] is change I can neither believe nor believe IN.  As the saying goes, WTF????  Has the entire U.S. Government completely lost its mind?? Or have we merely just lost our Government?

Numerous attorneys, among them Philip Berg, Mario Apuzzo, Orly Taitz and Stephen Pidgeon, remain committed to bringing what appears to be a slam dunk case against Soetoro into court, even as main stream media eschews its very mention.  Dr. Taitz attended a Tea Party in Studio City today and will appear on “The Dame Truth” Monday at 8 PM EST to give an update on her cases, her travels in service of those cases, and the latest from Kentucky, where at least one public official is taking it seriously.  Stay tuned, get ACTIVE and keep the faith–as our very own Logistics Monster says, in our chats about what’s ahead for our nation and its Constitution,  “they forgot about one variable US!”  We’re all working to support our troops, our Constitution, our nation of laws and our right to free expression and to that end, I host three shows a week to get the word out.  I remind people to read Logistics Monster, Atlas Shrugs, Muccings, MsPlaced Democrat, Texas Darlin‘ and Birthers to educate themselves, and get ACTIVE with ACCDF, Gathering of Eagles, and America’s Mighty Warriors to support our military.  In the meantime–Happy Redemption Season!  Keep the Faith, Walk the Walk and NEVER give up!

See you all Monday at 8 The-Dame-Truth with Dr. Orly and The Dame, and join rkate and me

Tuesday at 10 PM EST on “Constitutional Radio” as we welcome Mario Apuzzo and his client, Charles Kerchner for the first hour and Philip Berg for the second!

Update:  One Day Later, April 12, Easter Sunday,  U.S. Navy SEALS rescued  the kidnapped Captain, killing 3 of the pirates and catching the 4th.  Irrespective of Secretary Napolitano etals’ pejorative characterization of our Military, God Bless them and send our deepest thanks.  And that’s The Dame Truth.


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