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Interestingly, CNN is covering the Nashville Tea Party convention!  How do I know this when I never WATCH CNN?  Because I am with people who do, and I hear the reports wafting in from the other room.  Despite some initial differences of opinion and the withdrawal of some, the conference has gone forward wonderfully well with speakers including Judge Roy Moore, World Net Daily’s Joseph Farah, Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin–and fringe media’s CNN is covering it!  Something must be up–for they have never been known to report anything that doesn’t benefit their handlers’ best interests.

Indeed, Around the 1950s and 60s, The Tempest attracted much attention from post-colonial critics for its portrayal of Ariel’s and Caliban’s reactions to foreign control of their island; the irony is not lost here, as Americans’ alarm grows with the knowledge that attempts by Globalists, pushing for a New World Order,  continue to compromise and create increasing vulnerability of the U.S. to outside entities, jihadists and corporate interests.  In earlier times, Americans’ sense of safety and trust in their system of government and representation made them sufficiently complacent to believe that things like this “could never happen HERE.*  Now they know better.  The unthinkable has happened and these issues have awakened Americans to the fact that, unless we muster our forces, indeed they can, do and will.  In complicity with their own government’s perfidy and unwillingness to be responsive to constituents they are in danger of losing the Republic for which so many have fought, risked and died.

And so, Americans in the know have now been coming together.  After nearly two years, the Movement shows no sign of abating and in fact, is alive and well, its numbers growing daily.

Amidst a multitude of standing ovations at the Gaylord Grand Old Opry Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee this weekend, speakers spoke clearly about the issues which disturb the vast majority of the American people; the time has come to rally around our principles and support one another in the momentous task of restoring honor and accountability to our Republic.  Despite almost two years of mainstream media’s fervent, frequent and failed attempts to marginalize, discredit and ridicule Americans who care about their country, their families and their futures, the wheels of justice have indeed begun to turn and gain momentum.  C-Span, CNN, FOX News, Al-Jazeera and a veritable host of media were issued press credentials for this momentous event and online stream, blog and forums rounded out the pressbox.

Despite attempts to align the Tea Party movement with the right wing of the RNC, it is clear that nothing could be farther from the truth.  Is there an attempt to harness and utilize the passion, commitment and energy that fuels this movement?  Of course.  That is Basic Political Strategy 101.  Will Americans succumb to the attempt?  Not likely, not at all.  Not now, not ever.  For they are sick and sickened to death with what has become American government’s Business As Usual; riding roughshod over the working poor, forcing taxpayers to fund porkbarrel politics, *entitlements* for illegal aliens who do not even respect our laws enough to enter the country legally, paying Pelosi’s special jet fare of $60,000 per trip [about $18,000 per hour] and its food and bar bill  of over $100,000 a year, insensitive bail outs going to people who should be in jail for criminal activity intead of getting hefty bonuses. the People have had ENOUGH.

It’s just beginning, folks.  Stay tuned.

The Storm of  ’10 closed schools, offices and transit in the DC area north to South Jersey.  We hope its effects on the safety of Americans are minimal despite the inconvenience.

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Word has been circulating about how Obambi, on a visit to Mexico, was greeted by a man who [VERY–as in almost imediately thereafter] subsequently died from the new swine/avian/people/whatever flu. As Michael Yon said yesterday in his account of British IED tracking training in Borneo recently, “Something’s a bit dodgy here.” Now I’m no epidemiologist, public health official or biochemist, but doesn’t it seem just a BIT…dodgy…to, by some miracle, have Obozo greeted by someone purportedly so infected with this big bad flu that he DIED within a day or so after that meeting??

Let us shift gears for a moment and beam ourselves back to New York, where the official unveiling of the horrifically blasphemous, bilious travesty entitled, “The Truth” will take place at Union Square’s South Plaza tomorrow, April 29th. Michael D’Antuono, the creator of this cretin colossus of crappe, has been known to send emails asking, “What is your truth?”

I bow to the inquiring mind of the renowned Lame Cherry for a frightening analysis of this horror, wherein she sagely notes the placement of the words and letters covered by the image therein, and urge anyone with a scintilla of intelligence to click on the link to read it in full.

Look at the words the artwork is displaying. Literally it is:

AL of the Esident of the UN ED STAT

That will mean little to anyone who does not have a Latin background in studies, but in checking the Notre Dame site translator in what caught my attention in AL is a Middle Eastern Indo European term as in Ba AL or ALlah for the moon god which Muslims transformed into calling God. The Al or El prefix or suffix is all through English in the first kings of the Britons in Ethelwulfe to Albert. It definitely means a god. So what does this god OF THE ESIDENT mean?

In Latin there is no word for Esident, but if one takes the root word of SIDUS as the “e” as in E Pluribus Unum, meaning, we have e sidus dent.
Sidus means, STAR, so the word ESIDENT means, the STAR we See.
Combining this the phrase in English so far reads, God of the Star we See.
This then combines with of the UN ED STAT.
In Latin, un means “not” or “none”, it does not e xist or is fragmenting.
The ED prefix means to “put out, declare, perform” in various Latin words from edo, edico, edoceo.
STAT is the meaning “res publica” or the public of a nation state.
Combining the entire phrase in this painting honoring Barack Hussein Obama, translates the Latin English phrase of:
AL of the Esident of the UN ED STAT to literally mean

The god of the star we see of the performing the fragmentation of the nation.

Then, go over to Drew Zahn’s April 25th WND piece. As you will see, this is NOT a figment of my imagination. The Psy Ops employed by BOzo’s handlers are extreme, extremely UNsubtle, and, to me, impart two messages:

  • Whoever *They* are, they are in a BIG hurry to annoint this idiot in our minds as a superhuman figure who does not even catch a super duper flu; and
  • They know they have to work overtime to convey that misguided notion because he is so pathetically lacking in any qualities of leadership, intelligence and accountability.

The big news is “Flu Pandemic” and what does he do? He goes golfing while his DHS dupe is busy explaining why she isn’t stopping Mexicans who may be infected at the borders and why she has taken to accusing our veterans of homicidal lunacy, and Louis Caldera, formerly an “independent director” of the flawed and failed Indymac, his White House Military Office director is telling planes to fly low and close to buildings in downdown Manhattan. Discounting the obvious fact that he should NEVER even conceived of such an insane idea let alone allowd it, the fact that no one in that still-traumatized area was appropriately warned defies logic, and obviously, even to the dimmest of countenances, the incident was both cruel and foolish. Unless, of course, it was by DESIGN. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a coincidence, and even these fools have better judgment than that, so one can only conclude that indeed, it WAS by design.
Both that whacked out picture and the Deification Project are literally sickening to behold. I have a strong stomach but the sight and sound of these things, combined with increasingly ill conceived events like the flyover, have literally made my hair stand on end. Just WHY and HOW we as a nation have managed to allow a coup installing this lame excuse for a sentient being into our White House I will never know, but now that it has occurred, the implications are clear.

The Psy Ops are in full swing, as is evidenced by yesterday’s intimidating and terrorizing “fly by”–what, they never heard of PHOTOSHOP???

In a memo obtained by CBS 2 HD the Federal Aviation Administration’s James Johnston said the agency was aware of “the possibility of public concern regarding DOD (Department of Defense) aircraft flying at low altitudes” in an around New York City. But they demanded total secrecy from the NYPD, the Secret Service, the FBI and even the mayor’s office and threatened federal sanctions if the secret got out.

The only thing one can be sure of is that NONE of this stuff is accidental, or the result of “poor judgment,” although doubtless there is plenty of that going around these days. But the rest of it REEKS of evil psy ops gone mad and in case anyone has not yet wakened from their kool aid stupor, now would be the time to do so. It may already be too late.

As they say, For What It’s Worth…something’s happening here…and it isn’t pretty.

3:47 PM UPDATE: Breitbart reports that

Painter Michael D’Antuono has cancelled the planned public unveiling of his latest work “The Truth” at NYC’s Union Square Park on President Obama’s 100th day in office due to overwhelming public outrage. The artist’s decision was based in part on thousands of emails and phone calls; online blogs and other public commentary received in the first 48 hours following its release.

YES Virginia, there IS a god…and a LOT of smart, patriotic Americans!!


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