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God help us all.  Some of the happiest times of my life were spent on our Gulf Coast, from Longboat Key to Seaside, Destin to Gulfport, Pass Christian and Louisiana.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not weep with rage and heartbreak, even as the destruction, now irrevocable, continues unbridled.

Even the WaPo seems to be catching on: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/06/22/AR2010062205391.html?sub=AR

And as if that weren’t enough…the dolt in the White House continues his treasonous hold on our Republic, flouting everything and anything in his way.

Take a look at today’s Post & Email…

With things the way they are, this Poseur ridicules people for clinging to their faith.  What next?!

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There isn’t much one can say anymore…either that, or there is SO very much to say that one could write [and read] 24/7 and never get caught up.  But today, it is necessary to take notice of three very important developments.

Case #1:  Gen. Stanley McChrystal  has been called to the White House Carpet to have his ears boxed, figuratively speaking, for having had the temerity, integrity and honor to speak his truth.  It has been well known that Gen. Petraeus emerged from a January  2009 meeting with the DOLTUS, obviously angry.  Now General McChrystal has spoken to Rolling Stone, among others, and the DOLTUS, insane, inane narcissist the he is, is wild with rage.  He will probably fire him, just as he did his predecessor, for refusing to lie, cover up and kowtow to this feckless, unclothed, self proclaimed emperor of evil.

Case #2:  Please–if you read nothing else today, hop on over to Logistics Monster and read up on things:

“the CRIME, INC. circle between George Soros, John Podesta (Center for American Progress), John’s brother, Tony who is the BP lobbyist in D.C., Obama, Petrobras (Brazilian Oil Company), and the $2 Billion dollar loan to them last year to assist them in deepwater drilling. Obama has turned off the spigot in the gulf, yet Petrobras is set to drill even deeper than Deepwater Horizon.”

Case #3:

Anniversary of the U.S. Constitution
222 years ago this day
Ratified June 21, 1788
The United States wasn’t established overnight. We had a long journey to country hood.
In fact, the U.S. Constitution wasn’t even written until 1787,
years after the American Revolution ended.

In furtherance of the fight for the survival and safety of  our Constitutional Republic, thanks to the brilliance, energy, patriotism and committment of so many, the research is moving along, folks!  Here’s a list of excellent resource sites with which to stay current on all developments!

Evidentiary Vaults – Attornies and Sites
– alphabetical order
LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III
Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin
Major General Paul Vallely
Dr. James D. Manning
ATLAH Ministries, Inc.,
ATLAH, NY 10027

Law Offices of Stephen Pidgeon
Law Office of Leo Donofrio
Why Obama is ineligible – regardless of his birthplace
Law Offices of Gary Kreep
Ramona, CA 92065
Tel: (760) 788-6624
Fax: (760) 788-6414
United States Justice Foundation
Courts can remove ineligible chief executive
African webpages proclaim Obama
Law Offices of  Andy Martin
Chicago, IL 60611-4723
(312) 440-4124 TEL. (866) 706-2639
CELL: (917) 664-9329
Hawai’i Dossier
Guthrie, Davis, Hendrson & Staton, P.L.L.C.
Charlotte, North Carolina  28203
(704) 372-5600 fax (704) 372-4604

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Okay, folks.  Anyone who can make any sense out of this gets a free can of dog food for your trouble, because, apparently, that is what our Constitution, National Security and Sovereignty are worth to those in power these days.

The United States has, or at least, HAD, until now, a Constitution, system of government, Immigration laws and physical boundaries, all of which ALL  elected government officials and military have taken oaths to protect and uphold.

The State of Arizona has enacted a law resonating Federal immigration law.  Our Secretary of State, who has taken that oath to protect our national security, has announced from the State of Ecuador that the U.S. Government will be suing the State of Arizona for enacting a law supporting its own Federal law.

How crazy is this???  Waaayyy too crazy to give it a pass.  We all knew Barry Soetoro was a narcissistic, moronic incompetent, but Hillary Clinton at least actually graduated from college and law school and as such, should know the laws that she has sworn to uphold.

This is worse than playing croquet with the queen of hearts.  Alice had it easy compared with what we are dealing with here.  BP has been lying telling the biggest whoppers in history about the biggest oil gusher in history, the government has bullied it into making a slush fund when it should have been working to clean it up, Rep. Barton is apologizing to BP for it and OUR SECRETARY OF STATE ANNOUNCES FROM ECUADOR THAT HER GOVERNMENT IS SUING ARIZONA FOR TRYING TO UPHOLD ITS OWN LAWS. And yes, I DID say it twice because it is so insane as to necessitate repetition in order to get it through the common sense barrier.

So it’s dog food time.  For all of us.

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Sometimes the right thing happens.

After four years of incarceration, Sgt. Larry Hutchins, USMC, exonerated last month on appeal but transferred from Ft. Leavenworth and held in Camp Pendleton, is finally free tonight, pending the Navy’s decision on whether to initiate further persecution prosecution.

For the first time in four years, Sgt. Hutchins is in USMC uniform, eating dinner in a restaurant as a free man.  He will soon see his family as a free man.  While we do not know what the future holds, for Sgt. Hutchins or anyone else, we can celebrate the freedom of a Marine  for the moment.

How appropriate it is to have had this happen on Flag Day.  May God Bless you, Sgt. Hutchins, and all those, especially Sgt. Tim Harrington, who have worked so hard these last four years for his release.

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