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At long last, disgraced and disgraceful former Illinois governor  Rod Blagojevich has been handed  a stiff sentence for crude, corrupt and illegal behavior.    For once, a judge did not waver or shirk his responsibility to dispense justice according to the laws of the land; for once, a judge was unbribable.   For once,  SOMEONE remembered the despicable, grossly illegal behavior and rude, crude language of a political hack doing business as usual and sentenced him to 14 years in prison.  For a change, we are seeing justice being done.   Tony Rezko, former mentor/partner in crime to both Blagojevich and Obama, already received ten years for his hijinks.  These individuals, including SoetorObama, would have continued playing fast and loose with the law, with morality and decent, honorable conduct, had it not been for the fact that they got caught and convicted.  Maintaining a self righteous facade of innocence throughout, he dropped that tune only briefly, in an 11th hour attempt to assuage the court with a show of feigned contrition and concern for his children.  Stating that he could no longer afford to live in his house, he admitted that he had acted “ignorantly” of the law.  Yeah, right, Blago.   As though all that time running one of the most corrupt states in the Union and being a lawyer did not inform you of the difference between right and wrong.

Kudos to the judge who passed down the sentence, and bravo for the flickering flame of justice, rare and precious as it is these days.

Any law abiding American can only hope that Jon Corzine and his ilk will be next.  From making Goldman Sachs Soetoro’s largest contributor for the 2008 campaign to corrupting and bankrupting New Jersey to stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down at MF Global, this subhuman example of unstinting greed and stench needs to be connected to his deeds and serve the time he deserves.

Not to forget the facts here, the Freddoso piece at the Washington Examiner is a must read:

Although it did not go unreported, convicted Chicago political influencer Tony Rezko’s 10-year prison sentence was treated as an afterthought during the short Thanksgiving workweek. Also an afterthought: the amazing facility with which President Obama has completely escaped Rezko’s orbit in the liberal mainstream media’s standard narrative.From the coverage he gets now, you would hardly know that Rezko dined with the current president of the United States on occasion, and even hosted him at his vacation home.You might forget that Rezko was one of Obama’s most important donors. Surely, no one remembers that Obama used his influence as a public official to help Rezko obtain $14 million in local taxpayers’ money to build a residence for senior citizens. The building wasn’t even in his state Senate district.Rezko’s trial focused on how he had corrupted officials overseeing the pension system for many Illinois teachers. But he was really a developer. He made a fortune from government subsidies for low-income housing. He was always looking for help from politicians.

Rezko donated to both parties, but there were a few lawmakers for whom he was especially solicitous. One was Obama, whom he had first met in the early 1990s. But more on that in a minute.

Another was a state representative named Rod Blagojevich — later a congressman, governor of Illinois and soon-to-be federal prisoner. Over the years, Rezko gave him $118,000 and bundled more than $1.4 million on his behalf.

According to court documents, he hired Patti Blagojevich to a job that required neither her presence nor, apparently, any actual work. Rezko also regularly passed envelopes stuffed with cash to Blagojevich’s chief of staff.

Blagojevich rewarded Rezko by appointing his cronies to key positions (such as pension boards), allowing Rezko to maximize the influence he later used to extort millions from those doing business with the state.

There were small favors, too. At one point, Blagojevich even got the University of Illinois to reverse its decision to reject one of Rezko’s relatives for admission.

Blagojevich’s story demonstrates the kind of friend Rezko was. He was generous, and he expected a lot in return.

Rezko also cultivated Obama, right from the beginning of his political career. He provided the seed money for Obama’s first run for office. He bundled over a quarter-million dollars for Obama’s many campaigns, before he was finally indicted.

In 2008, the talk was all about a curious land purchase Rezko made through his wife, which smoothed the way for Obama to buy a beautiful home next door.

Rezko shared with Obama a keen interest in low-income housing policy. Whatever his motives, the state senator wrote those letters for Rezko. He also involved himself in several measures that stood to benefit Rezko and other big real estate players who were regular contributors to his campaigns — and in some cases personal friends, too.

There were tax credits, tax abatements, rent subsidies and subsidies for building rehabs. There was even a bill requiring Illinois municipalities to build more “affordable” housing, which became law. Obama voted for that one, then sponsored a bill to get it implemented more quickly.

This is not the sordid stuff of Blagojevich-like corruption, but that’s setting a pretty low bar. The Obama-Rezko love affair provided mutual benefits whose costs were ultimately borne by the taxpayers.

Crony capitalism is not always illegal. Rezko’s career serves as a reminder that the right kind of crook — one with more restraint and fewer gambling debts than he — can do pretty well for himself without passing envelopes full of used greenbacks, hiring governors’ wives to dummy jobs, or shaking down investment firms.

Maybe Rezko should have listened to the wise words of a famous Nobel laureate: “At a certain point, you’ve made enough money.”

David Freddoso is The Examiner’s online opinion editor. He can be reached at dfreddoso@washingtonexaminer.com.

And, while they’re at it, maybe they’ll get Jesse Jackson Jr. for his part in trying to buy that Senate seat

Try as they might to suppress it and erase all these nefarious connections to Soetoro, it cannot be overlooked.  Now all we have to do to expose it all  is find someone with courage, integrity and intelligence who refuses to be bought off, blackmailed or otherwise succumb to threats.  http://www.topix.com/forum/city/morehead-ky/TRGKVEEFPOP5GEN7E

Now, if only just SOME of the filthy tentacles attaching Soetoro to all of this would be revealed…t’would restore one’s faith in our nation of law and justice, now wouldn’t it…ah well, a girl can dream, eh?

P.S.  The above photo was taken in Kenya;))

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What NEXT??!

Greetings all,

It’s been, to say the least, an interesting Autumn here in Dame Truth Land, and thus there have been very few posts.  The Dame has been watching if not speaking, however, and the theft of Gerald Celente’s and other clients’ funds by the MF Global collapse as well as the ongoing flouting of our Constitution have not escaped me, even as Hillary Clinton’s concern over the Russians’ electoral integrity has boggled the mind…HELLOOOO, Hillary…WHAT PART OF AMERICAN VOTER FRAUD DID YOU CHOOSE NOT TO QUESTION??!  Is she KIDDING??!

But I digress.  Back to our Constitution…oh, wait…we don’t seem to have one anymore.

Ken Adachi writes: _

60 US Senators Commit High Treason in Voting for
McCain/Levin Amendment to Defense Spending Bill

(http://educate-yourself.org/cn/mccainlevintreasonbill30nov11.shtml )

The blackmailed, sold out, and Illuminati OWNED traitors in the US
Congress have been incrementally eviscerating the US Constitution in carefully
planned stages: First, the treasonous, unconstitutional Patriot Act was
passed in October 2001, without as much as a word of debate or deliberation.
Most members of congress said they didn’t even read the Patriot Act before
voting it into law. The second phase of Constitution evisceration came with
the passage of the Military Commissions Act in October 2006, removing the
Constitutional requirement for Habeas Corpus (evidence of a crime). And now,
the recently approved S-1867, the National Defense Authorization Act, is
the worst assault to date upon the Constitution, utterly destroying at least
three principles enshrined within the US Constitution.
Wake up America!
The Constitution is being shredded before our very eyes! Do something to
help spread the word to the sleeping American public of the very real danger
that we now face. The German people lost all possibility of representative
government when Hitler managed to ram through _the Enabling Act of 1933_
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enabling_Act_of_1933 ) , by the staged burning
of the Reichstag (German parliament building). The Enabling Act removed
state power from the German parliament and placed that power exclusively in
the hands of Adolf Hitler. We are witnessing a similar strategy here in
America to turn this country into a fascist police state with the utterly
contrived pretext of a ‘War on Terror’. We are allowing domestic traitors in
Congress to remove the very foundational principles of Due Process, the
Presumption of Innocence enshrined in the US Constitution , and the
non-interference by US military troops (the _Posse Comitatus Act_
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posse_Comitatus_Act ) ) against American citizens on US soil

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