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Dawn of a New Decade

While the hits just keep on comin’ it is New Years Eve–that time of year’s close when we celebrate [or not!] and mark the passage of time, with another year behind us and a fresh, clean slate of the year to come just around the corner.

Few of us ever imagined how drastically things would change during this first decade of the 21st Century; the biggest issue on most peoples’  minds at the turn of the century was whether “Y2K” would grind our world to a halt due to a perceived potential of computers to grasp the concept of “20” replacing “19, which, of course, turned out to be of no consequence at all.  Friends of mine, who always had *The New Years Party* considered cancelling for that year–supposing none of the traffic lights worked after midnight and someone got into an accident on their way home??  In the end, they realized that we would all have the good sense to look both ways as we drove home, and a great time was had by all.

Then, in 2001, our world changed forever, and with each passing year, it seemed to get worse.  The unthinkable–an illegal alien, with absolutely no experience, intelligence, or, apparently, love for America, was installed under cover of election, and, once again, it seemed that nothing could be any worse…and then…terrorist attacks within the U.S. escalated, killing 400 Americans last year, while the craven miscreant in the White House refuses to mention the words “terrorist or terrorism” even as his pathetic attempts to make the Jihadists like him continue to wreak havoc with our safety.  Rather than belabor the point and reiterate it here, I refer you all to Lame Cherry’s sage post on the Christmas Day Underwear Bomber and Logistics Monster and Infowars Kurt Nimmo reports on the pathetic attempts at cover up exposed by attorney and Flight 253 passenger Kurt Haskell.

But, I digress.  There is also that marvelous Top Ten Worst Political Offenders of the Year, by Judicial Watch, which is self explanatory save my only comment:  ONLY TEN???

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released its 2009 list of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians.” The list, in alphabetical order, includes:

  1. Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT): This marks two years in a row for Senator Dodd, who made the 2008 “Ten Most Corrupt” list for his corrupt relationship with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and for accepting preferential treatment and loan terms from Countrywide Financial, a scandal which still dogs him. In 2009, the scandals kept coming for the Connecticut Democrat. In 2009, Judicial Watch filed a Senate ethics complaint against Dodd for undervaluing a property he owns in Ireland on his Senate Financial Disclosure forms. Judicial Watch’s complaint forced Dodd to amend the forms. However, press reports suggest the property to this day remains undervalued. Judicial Watch also alleges in the complaint that Dodd obtained a sweetheart deal for the property in exchange for his assistance in obtaining a presidential pardon (during the Clinton administration) and other favors for a long-time friend and business associate. The false financial disclosure forms were part of the cover-up. Dodd remains the head the Senate Banking Committee.
  2. Senator John Ensign (R-NV): A number of scandals popped up in 2009 involving public officials who conducted illicit affairs, and then attempted to cover them up with hush payments and favors, an obvious abuse of power.. The year’s worst offender might just be Nevada Republican Senator John Ensign. Ensign admitted in June to an extramarital affair with the wife of one of his staff members, who then allegedly obtained special favors from the Nevada Republican in exchange for his silence.
  3. Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA): Judicial Watch is investigating a $12 million TARP cash injection provided to the Boston-based OneUnited Bank at the urging of Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank. As reported in the January 22, 2009, edition of the Wall Street Journal, the Treasury Department indicated it would only provide funds to healthy banks to jump-start lending. Not only was OneUnited Bank in massive financial turmoil, but it was also “under attack from its regulators for allegations of poor lending practices and executive-pay abuses, including owning a Porsche for its executives’ use.” Rep. Frank admitted he spoke to a “federal regulator,” and Treasury granted the funds.  Moreover, Judicial Watch uncovered documents in 2009 that showed that members of Congress for years were aware that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were playing fast and loose with accounting issues, risk assessment issues and executive compensation issues, even as liberals led by Rep. Frank continued to block attempts to rein in the two Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs). For example, during a hearing on September 10, 2003, before the House Committee on Financial Services considering a Bush administration proposal to further regulate Fannie and Freddie, Rep. Frank stated: “I want to begin by saying that I am glad to consider the legislation, but I do not think we are facing any kind of a crisis. . . in my view, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not in a crisis. ” Frank received $42,350 in campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac between 1989 and 2008. Frank also engaged in a relationship with a Fannie Mae Executive while serving on the House Banking Committee, which has jurisdiction over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
  4. Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner: In 2009, Obama Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner admitted that he failed to pay $34,000 in Social Security and Medicare taxes from 2001-2004 on his lucrative salary at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), an organization with 185 member countries that oversees the global financial system. (Did we mention Geithner now runs the IRS?) It wasn’t until President Obama tapped Geithner to head the Treasury Department that he paid back most of the money, although the IRS kindly waived the hefty penalties. In March 2009, Geithner also came under fire for his handling of the AIG bonus scandal, where the company used $165 million of its bailout funds to pay out executive bonuses, resulting in a massive public backlash. Of course as head of the New York Federal Reserve, Geithner helped craft the AIG deal in September 2008. However, when the AIG scandal broke, Geithner claimed he knew nothing of the bonuses until March 10, 2009.
  5. Attorney General Eric Holder: Tim Geithner can be sure he won’t be hounded about his tax-dodging by his colleague Eric Holder, US Attorney General. Judicial Watch strongly opposed Holder because of his terrible ethics record, which includes: obstructing an FBI investigation of the theft of nuclear secrets from Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory; rejecting multiple requests for an independent counsel to investigate alleged fundraising abuses by then-Vice President Al Gore in the Clinton White House; undermining the criminal investigation of President Clinton by Kenneth Starr in the midst of the Lewinsky investigation; and planning the violent raid to seize then-six-year-old Elian Gonzalez at gunpoint in order to return him to Castro’s Cuba. Moreover, there is his soft record on terrorism. Holder bypassed Justice Department procedures to push through Bill Clinton’s scandalous presidential pardons and commutations, including for 16 members of FALN, a violent Puerto Rican terrorist group that orchestrated approximately 120 bombings in the United States, killing at least six people and permanently maiming dozens of others, including law enforcement officers. His record in the current administration is no better. As he did during the Clinton administration, Holder continues to ignore serious incidents of corruption that could impact his political bosses at the White House. For example, Holder has refused to investigate charges that the Obama political machine traded VIP access to the White House in exchange for campaign contributions – a scheme eerily similar to one hatched by Holder’s former boss, Bill Clinton in the 1990s. The Holder Justice Department also came under fire for dropping a voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party. On Election Day 2008, Black Panthers dressed in paramilitary garb threatened voters as they approached polling stations. Holder has also failed to initiate a comprehensive Justice investigation of the notorious organization ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), which is closely tied to President Obama. There were allegedly more than 400,000 fraudulent ACORN voter registrations in the 2008 campaign. Holder’s politicization of the Justice Department makes one long for the days of Alberto Gonzales.
  6. Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL)/ Senator Roland Burris (D-IL): One of the most serious scandals of 2009 involved a scheme by former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to sell President Obama’s then-vacant Senate seat to the highest bidder. Two men caught smack dab in the middle of the scandal: Senator Roland Burris, who ultimately got the job, and Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, emissaries for Jesse Jackson Jr., named “Senate Candidate A” in the Blagojevich indictment, reportedly offered $1.5 million to Blagojevich during a fundraiser if he named Jackson Jr. to Obama’s seat. Three days later federal authorities arrested Blagojevich. Burris, for his part, apparently lied about his contacts with Blagojevich, who was arrested in December 2008 for trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat.
  7. President Barack Obama: During his presidential campaign, President Obama promised to run an ethical and transparent administration. However, in his first year in office, the President has delivered corruption and secrecy, bringing Chicago-style political corruption to the White House. Consider just a few Obama administration “lowlights” from year one: Even before President Obama was sworn into office, he was interviewed by the FBI for a criminal investigation of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s scheme to sell the President’s former Senate seat to the highest bidder. (Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and slumlord Valerie Jarrett, both from Chicago, are also tangled up in the Blagojevich scandal.) Moreover, the Obama administration made the startling claim that the Privacy Act does not apply to the White House. The Obama White House believes it can violate the privacy rights of American citizens without any legal consequences or accountability. President Obama boldly proclaimed that “transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency,” but his administration is addicted to secrecy, stonewalling far too many of Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act requests and is refusing to make public White House visitor logs as federal law requires. The Obama administration turned the National Endowment of the Arts (as well as the agency that runs the AmeriCorps program) into propaganda machines, using tax dollars to persuade “artists” to promote the Obama agenda. According to documents uncovered by Judicial Watch, the idea emerged as a direct result of the Obama campaign and enjoyed White House approval and participation. President Obama has installed a record number of “czars” in positions of power. Too many of these individuals are leftist radicals who answer to no one but the president. And too many of the czars are not subject to Senate confirmation (which raises serious constitutional questions). Under the President’s bailout schemes, the federal government continues to appropriate or control — through fiat and threats — large sectors of the private economy, prompting conservative columnist George Will to write: “The administration’s central activity — the political allocation of wealth and opportunity — is not merely susceptible to corruption, it is corruption.” Government-run healthcare and car companies, White House coercion, uninvestigated ACORN corruption, debasing his office to help Chicago cronies, attacks on conservative media and the private sector, unprecedented and dangerous new rights for terrorists, perks for campaign donors – this is Obama’s “ethics” record — and we haven’t even gotten through the first year of his presidency.
  8. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA): At the heart of the corruption problem in Washington is a sense of entitlement. Politicians believe laws and rules (even the U.S. Constitution) apply to the rest of us but not to them. Case in point: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her excessive and boorish demands for military travel. Judicial Watch obtained documents from the Pentagon in 2008 that suggest Pelosi has been treating the Air Force like her own personal airline. These documents, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, include internal Pentagon email correspondence detailing attempts by Pentagon staff to accommodate Pelosi’s numerous requests for military escorts and military aircraft as well as the speaker’s 11th hour cancellations and changes. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also came under fire in April 2009, when she claimed she was never briefed about the CIA’s use of the waterboarding technique during terrorism investigations. The CIA produced a report documenting a briefing with Pelosi on September 4, 2002, that suggests otherwise. Judicial Watch also obtained documents, including a CIA Inspector General report, which further confirmed that Congress was fully briefed on the enhanced interrogation techniques.
  9. Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) and the rest of the PMA Seven: Rep. John Murtha made headlines in 2009 for all the wrong reasons. The Pennsylvania congressman is under federal investigation for his corrupt relationship with the now-defunct defense lobbyist PMA Group. PMA, founded by a former Murtha associate, has been the congressman’s largest campaign contributor. Since 2002, Murtha has raised $1.7 million from PMA and its clients. And what did PMA and its clients receive from Murtha in return for their generosity? Earmarks — tens of millions of dollars in earmarks. In fact, even with all of the attention surrounding his alleged influence peddling, Murtha kept at it. ” The Washington Post also reported in 2009 that Murtha’s nephew received $4 million in Defense Department no-bid contracts: “Newly obtained documents…show Robert Murtha mentioning his influential family connection as leverage in his business dealings and holding unusual power with the military.”
  • Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY): Rangel, the man in charge of writing tax policy for the entire country, has yet to adequately explain how he could possibly “forget” to pay taxes on $75,000 in rental income he earned from his off-shore rental property. He also faces allegations that he improperly used his influence to maintain ownership of highly coveted rent-controlled apartments in Harlem, and misused his congressional office to fundraise for his private Rangel Center by preserving a tax loophole for an oil drilling company in exchange for funding. On top of all that, Rangel recently amended his financial disclosure reports, which doubled his reported wealth. (He somehow “forgot” about $1 million in assets.) And what did he do when the House Ethics Committee started looking into all of this? He apparently resorted to making “campaign contributions” to dig his way out of trouble.
  • Along with the Top Ten most despicable politicians, it is necessary to review, too, the Top Ten most “spiked” or underreported/covered up stories of the year. According to World Net Daily, Overwhelming evidence Fort Hood mass murderer was an Islamic terrorist who considered himself part of a greater plan to bring the U.S. under Saudi-style Islamic law tops the list, followed by:

    The Tea Party movement, including the 9/12 Washington, D.C., rally; corporate media reported from 5,000 to 70,000, while Capitol Police’s final estimate was 2.1 MILLION;

    The “Climategate” leaked e-mails and the devastating, smoking-gun proof they offer of corrupt and grossly politicized junk science;

    Obama’s constitutional eligibility [or rather, lack thereof] to be president;

    The true impact on Americans of Obama’s health care agenda;

    The true impact on the U.S. and world economies of cap-and-trade, should it become law;

    The true cause of the subprime meltdown that led to the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression;

    Obama’s czars and other radical appointees;

    The Obama administration pushed for the legally ousted Honduran president to be put back in office and also called for a halt to Jewish residential construction in the Holy Land after the president insisted during the Iran protests that he could not interfere in another country’s politics;

    The exposure of ACORN’s criminality by a freelance undercover probe and the many criminal charges against the community organizing group tied to President Obama and the Democratic Party.

    I urge all to read these links in full, for it is now the job of the American people to seek, learn and spread the truth, all the more to save ourselves and restore our fast-fading freedoms, taken from us by collusion between Press and Government.

    All the better to enter into this year and the beginning of our second decade of the 21st Century, armed with resolve and all the facts that Corporate/State Media leaves out.

    Wishing you a blessed New Year!

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    I admit it: guilty as charged.  I am incensed to learn that yet ANOTHER terrorist, known to the *authorities* BEFORE he got on that plane to Detroit from Amsterdam, was given a pass and allowed to board a plane on Christmas Day.  Only his supreme incompetence and the supreme watchfulness and responsiveness of the passengers prevented 300 people from being killed on the holiest day of the Christian year.  A People that stands down for Muslim holidays even in combat zones, we are, once again, on the receiving end of Jihad With Impunity,this time on OUR day of observance.

    A repost today from the N.Y. Post’s Ralph Peters, who says it all and very well.  This is the umpteenth time our government has been warned in advance about impending terrorist attacks and their perpetrators and yet, AGAIN, we find yet ANOTHER violent, dumbheaded, incompetent but not less dangerous jihadist running around unimpeded on our planes.  His OWN FATHER warned our diplomats about him long ago and yet–SoetorObama plays, mindlessly as ever, in Hawaii, and SOMEONE gave this nutty boy a pass to get on an American plane bound for Detroit on Christmas Day.

    And, is there ANYONE left in the ENTIRE WORLD who is stupid enough to believe that this incident, like all the rest, was not preventable with the advance tipoffs that were given??

    I think not.  And neither does Ralph Peters.  A great big thanks and H/T to you, Ralph, and your paper, the N.Y. Post.

    Blindness to Islam ties helps terrorists. [Again].  Our government gets no thanks for preventing a tragedy. Only the bomber’s ineptitude preserved the lives of nearly 300 innocents.

    How did we help Umar Abdulmutallab, a wealthy Muslim university graduate who decided that Allah wanted him to slaughter Christians on their most joyous holiday?

    By continuing to lie to ourselves. Although willing — at last — to briefly use the word “terror,” yesterday President Obama still refused to make a connection between the action, the date and Islam.

    AP: [photo omitted; this blog will not give free publicity to terrorists].
    Abdulmuttalab chose Christmas for a reason.

    Was it just a ticketing accident that led to a bombing attempt on Christmas? Was it all about blackout dates and frequent-flyer miles?

    It wasn’t. You know it. And I know it. But our government refuses to know it. Despite vast databases crammed with evidence, our leaders — of both parties — still refuse to connect Islamist terrorism with Islam.

    Our insistence that “Islam’s a religion of peace” would have been cold comfort to the family members of those passengers had the bomb detonated as planned.

    Abdulmutallab’s own father warned our diplomats that his son had been infected by Islamist extremism. Our diplomats did nothing. Why? Because (despite a series of embassy bombings) the State Department dreads linking terrorism to Islam.

    Contrast our political correctness with Abdulmutallab’s choice of Christmas for his intended massacre. Our troops stand down on Muslim holidays. A captive terrorist merely has to claim that a soldier dog-eared a Koran, and it’s courts-martial all around.

    We proclaim that the terrorists “don’t represent Islam.” OK, whom do they represent? The Franciscans? We don’t get to decide what’s Islam and what isn’t. Muslims do. And far too many of them approve of violent jihad.

    It gets worse. Instead of focusing on the religious zeal and inspiration of our enemies and how such motivations change the game, our “terrorism experts” agonize over whether such beasts as Abdulmutallab or Maj. Hasan, the Fort Hood assassin for Allah, are really members of al Qaeda or not.

    As a Sunday Post editorial pointed out, al Qaeda’s far more than a formal organization; it’s an idea, a cause. If a terrorist says he’s al Qaeda, he is, even if he doesn’t have a union card from Jihadi Local 632.

    We’re dealing with a global Muslim movement, not a Masons’ lodge.

    And that “global” aspect is especially worrying. Despite limited Special Operations strikes beyond our recognized combat zones, we still don’t accept the nature of the threat from jet-set jihadis. Our leaders and our military are obsessed with holding ground in Afghanistan — even though al Qaeda’s growth areas are in Yemen and Africa.

    We voluntarily tie ourselves down, while our enemies focus on mobility. Worse, we’ve convinced ourselves that development aid (the left’s all-purpose medicine) is the key to defeating al Qaeda.

    That’s utter nonsense. Abdulmutallab’s a rich kid. He didn’t come from a deprived background, bearing the grievances of the slum. He’s a graduate of a top English university. And Osama bin Laden‘s from a super-rich family. How does building a footbridge in Afghanistan deter them?

    Most of our home-grown Islamist terrorists hail from middle-class families — such monsters as Maj. Hasan or the Virginia virgin-chasers under arrest in Pakistan (where jail conditions are a lot worse than at Guantanamo — can’t we just leave ’em there?).

    This isn’t a revolt of the wretched of the earth. These terrorists are the Muslim-fanatic versions of Bill Ayers and the Weathermen, pampered kids unhappy with the world. Al Qaeda’s big guns are re- belling against privilege. There’s a lot of Freud in this fundamentalism.

    Spoiled brats remade their god in their own vengeful image. And we have to kill them. This one really is a zero-sum game.

    We’re not just fighting men but a plague of faith. Until Washington accepts that, we’ll continue to reap a low return on our investments of blood and treasure.

    On Christmas Day, a Muslim fanatic attempted to butcher hundreds of Christians (dead Jews would’ve been a bonus). Our response? Have airport security analyze the contents of grandma’s mini-bottle of shampoo — we don’t want to “discriminate.”

    With our lies, self-deception and self-flagellation, we’re terror’s little helpers.

    Ralph Peters’ latest book is “The War After Armageddon.”

    Have a comment on this PostOpinion column? Send it in to LETTERS@NYPOST.COM!
    As with the 911 bunch, the Army’s Hasan of the Ft. Hood terrorist attack and so many others, this was NO surprise to many.  The real question is, WHO was told to stand down, and by WHOM.  We had better start finding the answers to these and other vital security questions very soon if we want our Republic to survive.
    And, finally, an open letter to Mr. SoetorObama from Max D on Communists4Obama

    Response To Obama: “Islam Has Always Been A Part Of America’s Story”

    Dear Mr. Obama:
    Were those Muslims that were in  America  when the Pilgrims first landed?
    Funny, I thought they were Native Americans.
    Were those Muslims that celebrated the first Thanksgiving day? Sorry again, those were Pilgrims and Native Americans.
    Can you show me one Muslim signature on the  United States  Constitution? Declaration of  Independence ? Bill of Rights? Didn’t think so.  Did Muslims fight for this country’s freedom from  England ? No.
    Did Muslims fight during the Civil War to free the slaves in  America ? No, they did not. In fact, Muslims to this day are still the largest traffickers in human slavery. Your own ‘half brother’ a devout Muslim still advocates slavery himself, even though muslims of Arabic descent refer to black muslims as “pug nosed slaves.” Says a lot of what the Muslim world really thinks of your family’s “rich Islamic heritage” doesn’t it Mr.Obama?
    Where were Muslims during the Civil Rights era of this country? Not present. There are no pictures or media accounts of Muslims walking side by side with Martin Luther King Jr.. or helping to advance the cause of Civil Rights.
    Where were Muslims during this country’s Woman’s Suffrage era? Again, not present. In fact, devout Muslims demand that women are subservient to men in the Islamic culture. So much so that often they are beaten for not wearing the ‘hajib’ or for talking to a man that is not a direct family member or their husband. Yep, the Muslims are all for women’s rights aren’t they?
    Where were Muslims during World War II? They were aligned with Adolf Hitler. The Muslim grand mufti himself met with Adolf Hitler, reviewed the troops and accepted support from the Nazi’s in killing Jews.
    Finally Mr. Obama, where were Muslims on Sept. 11th, 2001? If they weren’t flying planes into the World   Trade Center , the Pentagon or a field in  Penn- sylvania  killing nearly 3,000 people on our own soil, they were rejoicing in the middle east.
    No one can dispute the pictures shown from all parts of the Muslim world celebrating on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and other news networks that day. Strangely, the very “moderate” Muslims who’s asses you bent over backwards to kiss in Cairo , Egypt on June 4th were stone cold silent post 9-11. To many Americans, their silence has meant approval for the acts of that day.
    And THAT, Mr. Obama, is the “rich heritage” Muslims have here in  America .

    And now we can add Fort Hood , November 5, 2009 and Christmas 2009 Amsterdam-Detroit flight.

    More Information At:
    And, although this is long, I cannot close this post without the highly relevant input from December 28, 2009 JihadWatch:

    Two Al-Qaeda top dogs behind Flight 253 jihad plot were released from Gitmo

    Gitmo recidivism comes back to bite us directly. “Two al Qaeda Leaders Behind Northwest Flight 253 Terror Plot Were Released by U.S.: Former Guantanamo Prisoners Believed Behind Northwest Airlines Bomb Plot; Sent to Saudi Arabia in 2007,” by Brian Ross, Anna Schecter and Joseph Rhee for ABC News, December 28 (thanks to Awake):
    Two of the four leaders allegedly behind the al Qaeda plot to blow up a Northwest Airlines passenger jet over Detroit were released by the U.S. from the Guantanamo prison in November, 2007, according to American officials and Department of Defense documents. Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the Northwest bombing in a Monday statement that vowed more attacks on Americans. American officials agreed to send the two terrorists from Guantanamo to Saudi Arabia where they entered into an “art therapy rehabilitation program” and were set free, according to U.S. and Saudi officials.
    An “art therapy rehabilitation program.” Yes, you read that right.
    Guantanamo prisoner #333, Muhamad Attik al-Harbi, and prisoner #372, Said Ali Shari, were sent to Saudi Arabia on Nov. 9, 2007, according to the Defense Department log of detainees who were released from American custody. Al-Harbi has since changed his name to Muhamad al-Awfi. Both Saudi nationals have since emerged in leadership roles in Yemen, according to U.S. officials and the men’s own statements on al Qaeda propaganda tapes.Both of the former Guantanamo detainees are described as military commanders and appear on a January, 2009 video along with the man described as the top leader of al Qaeda in Yemen, Abu Basir Naser al-Wahishi, formerly Osama bin Laden’s personal secretary.

    In its Monday statement claiming responsibility for the Northwest bombing, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula called bombing suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab a “hero” and a “martyr” and lauded him for beating U.S. intelligence.

    The two-page written claim included a photo of Abdulmutallab and boasted of Al Qaeda’s success in designing “advanced explosive packages” that can pass through airport screening undetected.

    The statement also asks for attacks upon Americans in the Arabian peninsula, and promises further attacks on the American people.

    The suspected bomber, 23-year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, told FBI agents he was trained for his Christmas Day mission in Yemen by top leaders of al Qaeda who provided him with the explosive materials.

    “The so-called rehabilitation programs are a joke,” a U.S. diplomat said in describing the Saudi efforts with released Guantanamo detainees.

    Saudi officials concede its program has had its “failures” but insist that, overall, the effort has helped return potential terrorists to a meaningful life….

    …i.e., jihad…

    HOW  long?  HOW LONG, people? HOW long must we allow the current regime to give Jihadists a pass on planes, on our own soil, to operate with impunity as they kill Americans with apparent full knowledge and complicity of the despots and their media propaganda ministry??  How many more times must this go on before we are all mere dust beneath Jihadists’ feet?

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    On this eve of Christmas, it is with heavy heart, albeit without surprise that I learn of the latest outrages–Chairman Mao on a Christmas tree ornament adorns the White House Christmas tree, along with another of SoetorObama pictured on Mt. Rushmore, and the Senate has passed the death care bill,  60-39, thanks to the oldest professions in the world, bribery, threats and prostitution.  Indeed, the Muslim Mafia is not only alive and well, but dancing in the streets with their latest triumph. Sadly, we no longer have the Republic our Framers intended.  It is now up to us to decide what we will do about it.  I have scant hope that the American people will have the opportunity for free elections in November.  Oh, yes, they’ll open the *polls*, staffed with bludgeon wielding panthers, ACORN shills and corrupt party hacks, making sure no discouraging words or votes are counted.  I hope I am wrong about this, and most other things I see coming down, but unfortunately, I was not wrong about the mutant creature now squatting in the White House, so I hold little hope for our ability to vote these tyrants out.

    Sometimes all one can do is celebrate the birth of Christ and remember the message he brought.  And other times…

    Wishing a blessed, safe and healthy Christmas to all.  Keep the faith.  That’s what He would want us to do.

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    As Christmas approaches, we would all do well to remember the sacrifices of our troops.  As we celebrate the beauty of the spirit that guides this special time of year, let us not become lost in the shuffle of shopping, but take the time to give thanks for all that is good in the human spirit.  Too often, especially in these times, we cannot help but focus on the myriad wrongs being perpetrated–from MS-13 running amok and unchecked in our suburbs to the White House running roughshod over our Constitution to Congress, rubber stamping their own violations thereon, we are assaulted daily with outrage on top of outrage.

    And so it is that, too, Christmas arrives each year to remind us of the good, the brave and the loving among us, and to show us that we, too, can adopt the spirit of Christmas, even if it’s temporary.  For we need to keep that image in our hearts and minds: that positive power of example we can retain throughout the year and model after.

    For example, each year since 1992, Merrrill Worcester, of Harrington, Maine, provides these wreaths, which number about 5,000, and pays the shipping costs for them to be delivered to Arlington, Virginia, where volunteers, many of them school children from Maine, lay them on the stones of our honored dead.

    Our deepest thanks to those who served, and to the State of Maine, its school children and to Merrill Worcester, and wishing you a blessed Christmas.

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    Mondays 8:00 PM EST

    (347) 202-0569

    “The Dame Truth”
    Anton Settler
    Brian Iglesias
    the Korea documentary
    “Frozen Chosin”

    In the winter of 1950, at the height of America’s “forgotten war,” fifteen thousand US Soldiers and Marines found themselves surrounded by an overwhelming force of communist Chinese soldiers in the frozen mountains of North Korea. After sixty years of silence, the men who survived finally tell their story.

    Dedicated to all those who fought.

    1st Marine Division, Chosin

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    It is the anniversary of *THE* Original Boston Tea Party, from whence the current Movement sprung, some 216 years later!

    It is also the date of the last day of the first military action of the Revolutionary war. Armed New Hampshiremen removed barrels of gunpowder and cannon and musket from an armed British Garrison and lowered the British flag. Although the Patriots (for the American cause) were fired on, there were no fatalities recorded. On December 13th 1774 Paul Revere rode some forty odd miles in snowy conditions from Boston the Portsmouth, New Hampshire to warn the the Committee of Correspondence contact Samuel Cutts of the British intention to embargo gunpowder to the colonies.

    And, our Third Continental Congress, convened in St. Charles, Illinois this year from November 11 – 21st, too, took its lead from those previous, in 1774 and 1776.  And we all know the result of the Second Congress.

    And so, Patriots, whose numbers grow daily, even as we break for Christmas, Chanukah, Yuletide and all other Season’s celebrations, remember well the courage of our forefathers and mothers; remember, WE ARE AMERICANS! May God bless and keep us all, and our Republic.

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    The Dame Truth & Joan Swirsky

    Mondays 8 PM EST

    Mondays 8:00 PM EST

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    “The Dame Truth”
    Joan Swirsky
    Renowned Author, Columnist & Patriot
    Clinical Nurse, Psychotherapist, Science Writer
    Join us as we chat about the state of our nation tonight at 8 EST

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