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Abject apologies for having missed the New Year.  It was a busy end-of-year and even busier New Year–all good, basically, just too busy to keep up with.  Still on basic hiatus, I am moved to post a tidbit herein:


Actually, this piece, Ulsterman’s latest interview with our WH Insider, has less to do with athiesm than the ’08 [S]election and the nightmares that have plagued all of us who witnessed it from pre- to post- Denver.  I vowed never to forget what I saw, heard and learned, and never to stop speaking my truth about it, regardless of what consequences I might face at the hands of those who cannot or will not believe the truth of the matter, horrific though it is.  I–and all of those who were with me at that time–was changed forever as a result of that campaign and what we learned; everything we had ever been taught or believed was proven false.  And still, the puppet of the perpetrators remains, ensconced illegally in our White House, gearing up for yet another term.

There are truly no words adequate to describe this perfidy.  Life goes on for all of us but we continue to speak out, to remember and share the horrors we witnessed, in the hope that, someday, somehow, the truth will be revealed and become an accurate part of history.  Hah!  Fat chance of that, things being what they are these days.  But neither I nor the thousands of others who saw it all with me will forget.  Nor will they keep silent.  You all know who you are…and bless you for being there, for remembering and for refusing to remain silent.

No matter what happens in the years to come, WE KNOW WHAT WE SAW…WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED…AND WE KNOW WHO DID IT.

Bless you all for your intelligence, your courage, and your character.



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