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011703-handreflexolchartFly By’s, Flu Bugs  and What To Do?!  Whoooaaaaa! NOT good.  Well, other than stepping up those visits to the Reflexologist, look at the bright side:  now we know why they’re floating that flu thing all over the wires… Massachusetts legislators yesterday unanimously rammed a martial law bill into law with a 36-0 vote, allowing a public health commissioner to close or evacuate buildings, enter private property for investigations, and quarantine individuals — in a public health emergency, of course. The bill specifically mandates the following:

(1) to require the owner or occupier of premises to permit entry into and investigation of the premises;

(2) to close, direct, and compel the evacuation of, or to decontaminate or cause to be decontaminated any building or facility, and to allow the reopening of the building or facility when the danger has ended;

(3) to decontaminate or cause to be decontaminated, or to destroy any material;

(4) to restrict or prohibit assemblages of persons;

(5) to require a health care facility to provide services or the use of its facility, or to transfer the management and supervision of the health care facility to the department or to a local public health authority;

(6) to control ingress to and egress from any stricken or threatened public area, and the movement of persons and materials within the area;

(7) to adopt and enforce measures to provide for the safe disposal of infectious waste and human remains, provided that religious, cultural, family, and individual beliefs of the deceased person shall be followed to the extent possible when disposing of human remains, whenever that may be done without endangering the public health;

(8) to procure, take immediate possession from any source, store, or distribute any anti-toxins, serums, vaccines, immunizing agents, antibiotics, and other pharmaceutical agents or medical supplies located within the commonwealth as may be necessary to respond to the emergency;

(9) to require in-state health care providers to assist in the performance of vaccination, treatment, examination, or testing of any individual as a condition of licensure, authorization, or the ability to continue to function as a health care provider in the commonwealth

Any person who knowingly violates an order of the commissioner or his or her designee, or of a local public health authority or its designee, given to effectuate the purposes of this subsection shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than 6 months, or by a fine of note more than one thousand dollars, or both.

Well, by hook or by crook, the government continues to wedge itself into positions of increasing authority, making further inroads into our Constitution. [ Earlier this year, the State of New Jersey passed into law a bill mandating vaccinations for all children, desite the fact that it runs contrary to the tenets of our Constitution, which, along with our Declaration of Independence, states otherwise]. In fact, to be perfectly clear here: The Constitution does NOT CONFER rights upon us. Rather, it affirms the Declaration of Independence’s assertion that

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Again: there  ARE  ‘certain inalienable rights’ which we hold automatically, as human beings, and which cannot be taken, by the government or anyone else, because they cannot begiven.’ We ALREADY HAVE them. Or did, until this bunch  of clowns forced their way into our government.

However, the brouhaha about the latest round of flu appears to be at best a conundrum and at worst, a smokescreen for something far worse. It seems that another one of the patterns [so many patterns, so little time!] that has emerged in the last 100 Days is the Smoke and Mirrors ploy, in which a maddening, albeit lesser event such as AIG executives’ bonuses [or a flu outbreak] consistently floods the airwaves, only to cover up something else, far more nefarious, that is actually transpiring behind the scenes, for the most part safely unreported. Take, for example, the Bailouts, which 99% of the American people opposed, or the Goldman Sachs/AIG ruse. Media had the public all worked up over AIG bonus packages, which, while significant by most middle class standards, was a mere drop in the bucket compared to the bazillions being shoveled out their back door into their own executives’ pockets and foreign owned subsidiaries.  [For more on that, go here or to our Constitutional Radio archives for MIke Morgan’s Aprl 21 spot with us].

Yesterday I had occasion to be in a room with about 10 people, all of us held captive by CNN bleating constant flu coverage from a shelf too high up on the wall to turn off. Not ONE of us was paying even the slightest bit of attention. After about 45 minutes, someone said, “I don’t believe anything I hear on the news.” Another said, “I never watch it.” Everyone concurred. In walked three people who looked like Mexicans. No one moved away from them, held their breath or pulled out their hand sanitizer. Interestingly, however, a source recently told me that  Baxter [you remember Baxter–they reported that clusterfrack in March where they “accidentally” contaminated “samples” with live bird flu virus]  has been stockpiling huge amounts of flu vaccine, amassing  store rooms full of it. The source said claims he has never seen anything like in Baxter before.   Now, admittedly, this is purely anecdotal and, as this piece is not really about Baxter or the flu, I am leaving it at that: a FWIW that may or may not fit into the puzzle. Then again…walking and talking like a duck may very well indicate the presence of one.  However, as with most things, one must sift events not individually, but through the aggregate to get a feel for reality.  In other flu news, for instance,

As the World Health Organization raised infectious disease alert level Wednesday and health officials confirmed the first death linked to swine flu inside U.S. borders, scientists studying the virus are coming to the consensus that this hybrid strain of influenza — at least in its current form — isn’t shaping up to be as fatal as the strains that caused some previous pandemics. In fact, the current outbreak of the H1N1 virus, which emerged in San Diego and southern Mexico late last month, may not even do as much damage as the run-of-the-mill flu outbreaks that occur each winter without much fanfare. http://www.latimes.com/features/health/la-sci-swine-reality30-2009apr30,0,3606923.story

So…just what is one to believe?   It was clear from the huge turnouts at April Tea Parties this month that the American people are indeed “Mad As Hell and [aren’t] Going To Take It Anymore.”  As much as main stream media tried to ignore them, it became impossible to do it, and so, Plan B was rolled out with personal attacks on the attendees designed to neutralize and dismiss them as “veterans” [heaven forbid!], right wing crackpots and domestic terrorists [projection?], which culminated in MSNBC and CNN being reported to the FCC for using foul and inappropriate language regarding tea, CNN reporter Susan Roesgen suddenly disappearing for a “vacation” and the American people triumphing in their effort to take to the streets to make their voices heard.  So much for Plan B.  Is it possible that Plan C includes a ruse to scare them off the streets over the long, hot summer ahead with threat of the flu?  Certainly.  Any administration that would even CONSIDER terrorizing its own citizens with a  flyover above lower Manhattan is not only ghoulish, but capable, obviously, of trying anything to achieve their goal, which at present appears to be that of scaring, demoralizing and immobilizing Americans in order to keep them quiet, malleable and easy to subdue.   As the domestic terrorist in the White House continues to shock, awe and amaze with the worst combination of cavalier bad taste, poor judgment and bait and switch tactics the world has ever seen, we stand at the ready to decipher the WRH’s, the WORMS, and the battle of words, all the better to defend ourselves and our country against the onslaught from within and without.

Happy Trails, all. Oh, and wash your hands, willya?


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distressbetsy_ross-first-american-flagWell, people, there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth.  The reports are out and, as we knew already, it isn’t pretty.  As if to herald the sheer thrill of managing to stay IN the Oval Office this long, The One went wild this week, terrorizing innocent New Yorkers with a “flyover” guaranteed to render everyone in the Tri State area a permanent episode of post traumatic stress and flooding the public with Fear of Flu.  Well…don’t say I didn’t warn you but…  I told you so…oh wait, YOU’RE the ones that already knew it.

The New York Post, rarely intimidated by the GE Corporate Media Cabal, was forthcoming as usual, with their assessment of the last 100 days of hell, and trust me when I say that THAT is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  Our intrepid patriot at Hillbuzz did raise an interesting question this week about the connection between cocaine abuse and early onset Parkinsons Disease.  That would certainly explain, among other things, the need for a constant script rendered on a teleprompter,  to keep “One”  focused, prevent  confusion, losing train of thought, and allowing  medication to overcome him with giddiness, paranoia, or hallucinations — all symptoms of Parkinson’s.  Just sayin’…

And, as if that weren’t enough…

So much to do, so little time…and so, we continue to not only rage against the empire, but also to take measured, concrete and effective action!  Drkate and I welcomed Free Enterpriser’s Tom Borelli of GE annual meeting infiltrator fame [take your pick from Scroogle–Tom’s story broke in the Hollywood Reporter, Drudge, Glenn Beck and O’Reilly among others]  last night on Constitutional Radio for an exhilarating session of brainstorming live.  Among the things we came up with:

  • BOYCOTT:  Each and every GE product you can think of.
  • BOYCOTT: ALL Proctor & Gamble products; their CEO sits on GE BOD
  • GET ACTIVE WITH ACCDF, the fast growing coalition of American Constitution & Capitalism Defense Front at http://accdf.com
  • SUPPORT OTHER Coalitions, Initiatives, Rallies, Marches & Protests, including but not limited to the Tea Party Movement, Glenn Beck’s the912Project, and of course, ACCDF
  • READ AND CARRY a copy of the Constitution.  Yes I KNOW you’ll be forever branded as a deranged, patriotic domestic terrorist, but who cares. Do it anyway.  You”ll be in fine company.
  • EDUCATE, INFORM, LISTEN AND SPEAK! READ Logistics Monster, Atlas Shrugs, drkate, The Dame Truth, Pat Dollard, TELL others and TALK about it all the time and LISTEN to Blogtalk Radio, our blessed alternative to mainstream media’s crack house drivel, and KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT!
  • SHARE: experience, strength and hope, mailing lists, ideas, our American history and anything and everything else that demonstrates support for the Movement and one another. [well…not everything…]

And above all, treasure youself–we’re all we’ve got!  Stay tuned for our Rolling Thunder Rollout of Rally for the Republic–coming soon to a computer near you, sponsored by our Constitutional Radio, The Dame Truth, and all you Patriots, without whom we can do nothing,  for we have just begun to fight!

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Word has been circulating about how Obambi, on a visit to Mexico, was greeted by a man who [VERY–as in almost imediately thereafter] subsequently died from the new swine/avian/people/whatever flu. As Michael Yon said yesterday in his account of British IED tracking training in Borneo recently, “Something’s a bit dodgy here.” Now I’m no epidemiologist, public health official or biochemist, but doesn’t it seem just a BIT…dodgy…to, by some miracle, have Obozo greeted by someone purportedly so infected with this big bad flu that he DIED within a day or so after that meeting??

Let us shift gears for a moment and beam ourselves back to New York, where the official unveiling of the horrifically blasphemous, bilious travesty entitled, “The Truth” will take place at Union Square’s South Plaza tomorrow, April 29th. Michael D’Antuono, the creator of this cretin colossus of crappe, has been known to send emails asking, “What is your truth?”

I bow to the inquiring mind of the renowned Lame Cherry for a frightening analysis of this horror, wherein she sagely notes the placement of the words and letters covered by the image therein, and urge anyone with a scintilla of intelligence to click on the link to read it in full.

Look at the words the artwork is displaying. Literally it is:

AL of the Esident of the UN ED STAT

That will mean little to anyone who does not have a Latin background in studies, but in checking the Notre Dame site translator in what caught my attention in AL is a Middle Eastern Indo European term as in Ba AL or ALlah for the moon god which Muslims transformed into calling God. The Al or El prefix or suffix is all through English in the first kings of the Britons in Ethelwulfe to Albert. It definitely means a god. So what does this god OF THE ESIDENT mean?

In Latin there is no word for Esident, but if one takes the root word of SIDUS as the “e” as in E Pluribus Unum, meaning, we have e sidus dent.
Sidus means, STAR, so the word ESIDENT means, the STAR we See.
Combining this the phrase in English so far reads, God of the Star we See.
This then combines with of the UN ED STAT.
In Latin, un means “not” or “none”, it does not e xist or is fragmenting.
The ED prefix means to “put out, declare, perform” in various Latin words from edo, edico, edoceo.
STAT is the meaning “res publica” or the public of a nation state.
Combining the entire phrase in this painting honoring Barack Hussein Obama, translates the Latin English phrase of:
AL of the Esident of the UN ED STAT to literally mean

The god of the star we see of the performing the fragmentation of the nation.

Then, go over to Drew Zahn’s April 25th WND piece. As you will see, this is NOT a figment of my imagination. The Psy Ops employed by BOzo’s handlers are extreme, extremely UNsubtle, and, to me, impart two messages:

  • Whoever *They* are, they are in a BIG hurry to annoint this idiot in our minds as a superhuman figure who does not even catch a super duper flu; and
  • They know they have to work overtime to convey that misguided notion because he is so pathetically lacking in any qualities of leadership, intelligence and accountability.

The big news is “Flu Pandemic” and what does he do? He goes golfing while his DHS dupe is busy explaining why she isn’t stopping Mexicans who may be infected at the borders and why she has taken to accusing our veterans of homicidal lunacy, and Louis Caldera, formerly an “independent director” of the flawed and failed Indymac, his White House Military Office director is telling planes to fly low and close to buildings in downdown Manhattan. Discounting the obvious fact that he should NEVER even conceived of such an insane idea let alone allowd it, the fact that no one in that still-traumatized area was appropriately warned defies logic, and obviously, even to the dimmest of countenances, the incident was both cruel and foolish. Unless, of course, it was by DESIGN. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a coincidence, and even these fools have better judgment than that, so one can only conclude that indeed, it WAS by design.
Both that whacked out picture and the Deification Project are literally sickening to behold. I have a strong stomach but the sight and sound of these things, combined with increasingly ill conceived events like the flyover, have literally made my hair stand on end. Just WHY and HOW we as a nation have managed to allow a coup installing this lame excuse for a sentient being into our White House I will never know, but now that it has occurred, the implications are clear.

The Psy Ops are in full swing, as is evidenced by yesterday’s intimidating and terrorizing “fly by”–what, they never heard of PHOTOSHOP???

In a memo obtained by CBS 2 HD the Federal Aviation Administration’s James Johnston said the agency was aware of “the possibility of public concern regarding DOD (Department of Defense) aircraft flying at low altitudes” in an around New York City. But they demanded total secrecy from the NYPD, the Secret Service, the FBI and even the mayor’s office and threatened federal sanctions if the secret got out.

The only thing one can be sure of is that NONE of this stuff is accidental, or the result of “poor judgment,” although doubtless there is plenty of that going around these days. But the rest of it REEKS of evil psy ops gone mad and in case anyone has not yet wakened from their kool aid stupor, now would be the time to do so. It may already be too late.

As they say, For What It’s Worth…something’s happening here…and it isn’t pretty.

3:47 PM UPDATE: Breitbart reports that

Painter Michael D’Antuono has cancelled the planned public unveiling of his latest work “The Truth” at NYC’s Union Square Park on President Obama’s 100th day in office due to overwhelming public outrage. The artist’s decision was based in part on thousands of emails and phone calls; online blogs and other public commentary received in the first 48 hours following its release.

YES Virginia, there IS a god…and a LOT of smart, patriotic Americans!!


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“The Dame Truth”

Join The Dame to Welcome

Jeff Epstein

A champion of American patriotism, Jeff is an intelligence analyst with close ties to the prevailing wisdom of the times and founded http://peoplestruthforum.com, an information portal dedicated to learning, speaking and writing the truth. His insights are both thought provoking and illuminating, and shatter the illusions main stream media and politicans have striven to maintain. Monday night at 8:00 PM EST. Call ins with questions and comments welcome!

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“Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom.”

Three stars and a h/t for anyone who can identify the originator of that statement.
In the meantime,  Americans in general like their freedom– to pursue their lives and dreams unhampered,  mind their own business and expect others to do the same.  Today, Rasmussen brings interesting, though not unexpected news as Americans gear up for the growing protest movement sweeping their country:

Those are significant numbers, given that the COW [Chief Occupant of the Whitehouse] has only been in it less than 100 days.  Among other things, it proves that Americans are not as uninformed as main stream media would like us to be.  There are multiple and significant reasons for our dissatisfaction, and, thanks to our ability to communicate and educate ourselves outside the purview of the old models of television and print media, we continue to resist their propagandizing, fact suppression and bias.
In the short time since the COW moved in, the government’s respect for and adherence to the Constitution has continued to lessen while the bravest, strongest and  most patriotic third of the population have been accused by both DHS and MIAC of being right wing lunatics, domestic terrorists and violence prone rejects; nefarious bills have been passed under cover of darkness, unread, and unreported.  Our debt is so high that it is inconceivable to even the most mathmatically inclined, and most scratch their heads with uncertainty about how many zeroes it takes to make a nearly Two Trillion Dollar debt [answer: only one if he’s in the White House 😉 ].  The 13th Amendment [outlawing slavery] has been abrogated by the “Give” Act, our country has been humiliated by its narcissistic head of state bowing and scraping to a Saudi prince, insulting our oldest ally,  and the only sure thing about all of this is that it portends worse to come. But wait, there’s more:  According to Lynn Stuter, on News With Views,

In the short time since this Usurper seized power, he has
• signed into law legislation that will, in one year, put this nation $1.8 trillion further into debt, notwithstanding the total deficit spending of the Bush Administration, in eight years, was $400 billion!
•  signed into law the GIVE Act (HR 1388) which begins the process of establishing the “national security force, opening the way for civilian brown shirts to assert control over Americans
•  through bailouts – the illegal and unconstitutional taking (stealing) of money from the American people – moved to …
• nationalize banks, working to switch preferred shares to common;
• nationalize private enterprise, fired Wagoner, GM’s CEO;
• moved to bring the 2010 census under White House authority;
• begun the move to turn over the sovereignty of the United States to global governance via the Financial Stability Board (FSB), a body of central bankers (mostly European) from each of the G20 states and the European Union; the purpose of which is a global economic union with uniform regulations and bylaws for all participating nations “with [the] authority to intervene in U.S. corporations by dictating executive compensation and approving or disapproving business management decisions.”

The biggest grab for power in the history of this nation, all under the banner of economic stimulus and economic recovery, neither of which will occur as the nation sinks further and further into the crisis orchestrated to bring about the wanted solution, the emergence of the Marxist state.

Rasmussen reported today that 70% of Americans believe Big Business and Big Government are on the same team. They  are undoubtedly correct. The last quarter of the 20th century brought increasing consolidation of wealth, multinational corporations and the establishment of the Trilateral Commission by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Barry Goldwater  issued a clear and precise warning in his 1979 book, “With No Apologies:”

“The Trilateral Commission is international and is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power – political, monetary, intellectual and ecclesiastical.”*

Sadly, no one paid any attention to him back then.   What was the economic nature of the driving force within the Trilateral Commission? It was the giant multinational corporations – those with Trilateral representation – which consistently benefited from Trilateral policy and actions. Polished academics such as Brzezinski, Gardner, Allison, McCracken, Henry Owen etc., served only to give “philosophical” justification to the exploitation of the world.
Don’t underestimate their power or the distance they had already come by 1976. Their economic base was already established. Giants like Coca-Cola, IBM, CBS, Caterpillar Tractor, Bank of America, Chase Manhattan Bank, Deere & Company, Exxon, and others virtually dwarf whatever remains of American businesses. The market value of IBM’s stock alone, for instance, was greater than the value of all the stocks on the American Stock Exchange. Chase Manhattan Bank had some fifty thousand branches or correspondent banks throughout the world. What reached our eyes and ears was highly regulated by CBS, the New York Times, Time magazine, etc.
The most important thing of all is to remember that the political coup de grace preceded the economic coup de grace. The domination of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government provided all the necessary political leverage needed to skew U.S. and global economic policies to their own benefit.  By 1977, the Trilateral Commission had notably become expert at using crises (and creating them in some instances) to manage countries toward the New World Order; yet, they found menacing backlashes from those very crises.In the end, the biggest crisis of all was that of the American way of life. Americans never counted on such powerful and influential groups working against the Constitution and freedom, either inadvertently or purposefully, and even now, the principles that helped to build this great country are all but reduced to the sound of meaningless babblings.
“Lastly, it should be noted that the Federal Reserve has likewise been dominated by Trilaterals: Arthur Burns (1970-1978), Paul Volker (1979-1987), Alan Greenspan (1987-2006). While the Federal Reserve is a privately-owned corporation, the President “chooses” the Chairman to a perpetual appointment.”


Three polls taken by News With Views revealed that;

  • 92% of those who voted believed the Tea Parties generated a lot of attention
  • 58% believed that they had little or no effect on politicians; and
  • 81% believe that people “may” protest more and are now motivated to do more to save America.

Combined with the Rasmussen statistics above, it clear that Americans, for the most part, are on to the Alinsky-fueled game of this Usurper and his incompetent followers, and they do not like it. Things are looking bad right now, but the good news is that, despite all efforts of the White House resident and his minions, American’s aren’t buying the party line, and each day, a few more awaken from the Kool Aid stupor.  Miracles never cease, and American won’t either!

And, btw, if you answered John F. Kennedy as the writer of that first quotation, you win the 3 stars!


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150px-3-5emblem_darkhorseLATE EDITION! Although this is no longer breaking news–it hit the airwaves last week–it is still important to keep it in the forfront, lest even one American fail to realize its critical nature, or, worse yet, think that it is no longer a problem.  I received this today from Alan Gottlieb, Chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, which tells us that the matter is not moot, and that we must continue to address it until it is resolved in keeping with our  Nation of Laws and our Constitution, upon which they are based. Napolitano Declares Propaganda War On Americans !

Did you know that your government considers you to be a “rightwing extremist?” IT’S TRUE! – Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Sunday portrayed veterans as victims – not perpetrators – of right-wing extremism as she sought to combat the political controversy arising out of an April 14 Homeland Security memo warning that returning soldiers could be ripe for domestic terrorism participation. Napolitano has insulted all veterans who serve honorably and is creating fear of military veterans by insinuating that they would betray America by calling them terrorists. Fire Napolitano NOW – Her Irresponsible Data Figures Are Lies: TELL CONGRESS TO CONDEMN THIS GOVERNMENT ATTACK ON GUN OWNERS AND VETERANS: SEND YOUR FAXES NOW! Napolitano’s irresponsible actions disqualify her to be in charge of DHS. It’s perfectly clear, she must be fired and Obama must apologize to America’s veterans and all patriotic Americans that believe in the right to bear arms. She cannot be allowed to resign and slink away. She must be fired. Senators Coburn, Brownback, DeMint, Burr, Murkowski, Inhofe, and Vitter sent the following letter to DHS Secretary Napolitano yesterday concerning the DHS conservative hit job:

While we agree that we must fight extremists who are both foreign and domestic we are troubled by some of the statements your department included as fact in the report titled above, without listing any statistical data to back up such claims. First, your report states that “Returning veterans possess combat skills and experience that are attractive to rightwing extremists…” without listing any data to support such a vile claim against our nation’s veterans. Second, the report states that the millions of Americans who believe in the Second Amendment are a potential threat to our national security. Why? Do you have statistics to prove that law-abiding Americans who purchase a legal product are being recruited by so-called hate groups? Thirdly, the report states that those that believe in issues such as pro-life legislation, limited government, and legal versus illegal immigration are potential terrorist threats. We can assure you that these beliefs are held by citizens of all races, party affiliation, male and female, and should not be listed as a factor in determining potential terror threats. A better word usage would be to describe them as practicing their First Amendment rights. Also, you list those that bemoan the decline of U.S. stature and the loss of U.S. manufacturing capability to China and India as being potential rightwing extremists. We would suggest that the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs in the manufacturing industry to foreign countries are not potential terror threats, but rather honest Americans worried about feeding their families and earning a paycheck.

Suspending Civil Liberties – The Reichstag Fire Burns Again? On February 27, 1933 the message went out in Germany about the national congressional building “The Reichstag is on fire!” The government turned a blind eye to the terrorist attack because they knew what government officials have known throughout history – that during extreme national emergencies, people are most scared and thus much more willing to surrender their liberties in return for “security “. The day after the fire a decree was issued entitled, “For the Protection of the People and the State.” Justified as a “defensive measure against Communist acts of violence endangering the state,” the decree suspended the constitutional guarantees pertaining to civil liberties: NOW DHS DECLARES THAT SECOND AMENDMENT SUPPORTERS ARE “RIGHTWING EXTREMISTS”: TELL CONGRESS TO CONDEMN THE REPORT! According to news reports, the Department of Homeland Security is warning law enforcement officials about a rise in “rightwing extremist activity,” labeling citizens opposed to new firearms restrictions, returning veterans and conservatives as “rightwing extremists” and associating them with white supremacists and violent antigovernment groups. You read that right — it appears that the Obama Administration, and especially the DHS under Janet Napolitano, is trying to demonize political dissent. And it’s no big surprise who’s directly in their crosshairs: supporters of the Second Amendment, including veterans and gun owners. Who is funding this kind of nonsense? Well, YOU are. Why would your government spend your money attacking YOU, instead of spending your money PROTECTING you? This calls for grassroots action, on a HUGE scale!

TELL CONGRESS TO CONDEMN THIS GOVERNMENT ATTACK ON GUN OWNERS AND VETERANS: SEND YOUR FAXES NOW! The report also says that Congressional debates about immigration and gun control make extremist groups suspicious and give them a rallying cry.  The report stated:

“It is unclear if either bill will be passed into law; nonetheless, a correlation may exist between the potential passage of gun control legislation and increased hoarding of ammunition, weapons stockpiling, and paramilitary training activities among rightwing extremists,”

Why are they worried? Because since November, more than 7 million people have applied for criminal background checks in order to buy weapons. And as far as the Obama administration is concerned, buying guns equals “weapons stockpiling,” buying ammo equals “hoarding of ammunition,” and expressing concern about Congress passing gun control legislation qualifies YOU as part of an “extremist group.” Therefore, you and I are now being viewed as dangerous rightwing extremists that law enforcement officials need to be watching out for!

This is OUTRAGEOUS! TELL CONGRESS TO CONDEMN THIS GOVERNMENT ATTACK ON GUN OWNERS AND VETERANS: SEND YOUR FAXES NOW! This report was released “hot on the heels” of another (state) government agency report in February: the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) report titled, “MIAC Strategic Report: The Modern Militia Movement.” In this horrific “law enforcement sensitive” secret police report, Governor Jeremiah (Jay) Nixon; John Britt, Director of the Missouri Department of Public Safety; James Keathley, Colonel, Missouri State Highway Patrol; and Van Godsey, Director of MIAC categorize certain citizens as being potential violence-prone “militia members.” According to the MIAC report, if you OPPOSE ANY of the following, you could qualify for being profiled as a potential dangerous “militia member”:

  1. Gun Control
  2. The Income Tax
  3. The United Nations
  4. The Ammunition and Accountability Act
  5. The New World Order
  6. The violation of Posse Comitatus
  7. A possible Constitutional Convention
  8. Universal Service Program Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  9. Abortion
  10. The Federal Reserve
  11. Illegal Immigration
  12. The North American Union

Well, there you have it!  Anyone who even THINKS about any of these issues as a potenial or very real problem is considered a dangerous rightwing extremist, or DRE! As ridiculous as it seems, that report  was distributed to law enforcement officials across the state of Missouri, and it wasn’t until the state government was FLOODED with protests from patriotic Americans across the country, that they finally came out and denounced and retracted the MIAC document.

And now, it’s happened again — but this time, at the Federal level! Our own government is turning against us, and unless there is a HUGE outpouring of outrage from every part of this nation, it will just keep getting WORSE!

Interestingly enough, no left-leaning political ideologies were identified. No Islamic extremists. No environmental extremists. Only people holding “conservative” or “right-wing” philosophies were identified in BOTH the MIAC report AND the Homeland Security “assessment.” This shouldn’t be too surprising: both of these reports are similar to several other reports currently circulating around various State police agencies, courtesy of DHS-sponsored “Fusion Centers.” MIAC is one of those Centers, sponsored by the DHS! So now, even veterans are targets of our own government: The Homeland Security assessment specifically says that

“rightwing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to exploit their skills and knowledge derived from military training and combat.”

PLEASE, don’t think that this is a case of over wrought imagination running amok.  Security spokeswoman Sara Kuban specifically told the press, “This is nothing unusual,” and added that the Homeland Security Department did this “to prevent another Tim McVeigh from ever happening again.”

[NOTE: Jeff Epstein, of  America’s Truth Forum and guest on Monday’s  upcoming “The Dame Truth” sent this today, which fit perfectly with this post.  There are NO accidents… World Net Daily ‘s article dated April 23, 2009 states that David Schippers, who researched the Oklahoma City bombing in detail with Jayna Davis, asserts McVeigh and Terry Nichols were not the lone conspirators but part of a greater scheme involving Islamic terrorists and at least one provable link to Iraq.  This supports the belief that although THERE WERE JIHADISTS INVOLVED WITH MCVEIGH IT IS NEVER EVER MENTIONED in main stream media].

The DHS and MIAC authors of this pejorative edict are pushing an “Us against Them” philosophy.  A significant majority of the American People, those upon whose backs much of the responsibility for the financing of our government lies, are being marginalized, slandered, libeled and  labeled as fringe kooks, “rightwing extremists,” so that it will be easier to violate their liberties and take away our right to keep and bear arms in the future. The only thing that will put a STOP to this nonsense is a huge public outcry opposing it. If we do nothing, however, it will soon be too late to do anything. We either stop it NOW, or it will grow into an out-of-control monster that will monitor and control the personal opinions and speech of every man, woman, and child in this country.

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constitution-puma-small1Yesterday, a listener posed a question at the Facebook Event wall for our Constitutional Radio show: he asked what made us different from ‘all the other’ radio talk show hosts. I replied thusly. I’d like to thank you for raising that question! Firstly, I think it is a mistake to disparage talk show hosts, as we are now the only respite from the propaganda machine that has supplanted the news source that was once main stream media. We are the last bastion that stands between fact and complete lack of information, total disinformation, news suppression and out and out propaganda. Secondly, it is always a mistake to make generalizations because of the vast difference and array of talk show hosts, topics and objectives. Thirdly, what distinguishes drkate and me [a/k/a Dame Central] in our “Constitutional Radio”  initiative [and “The Dame Truth” and “Kicking Back“]  is that we strive to EDUCATE ourselves and our listeners so that we are AWARE of both the LAW and our OPTIONS in working to restore our Constitutional Republic. We take great care with respect to whom we invite as guests, always keeping in mind that our goal is to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE AND ACTIVATE concerted response to the issues our country faces today. We continue to be at the forefront of NETWORKING, MOBILIZING and ORGANIZING Americans to EXERCISE THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE, and right to bear arms, these being the First and Second Amendments to our Constitution, and the first two amendments of the 10 that comprise our Bill of Rights. Why do we do this? Because we see a great need for Americans to have places to gather and learn, to support one another and our Constitution, and exercise their role as citizens in the greatest Constitutional Republic in the history of the world. Again, many thanks for asking the question, and for giving us the opportunity to answer! For that’s what America is all about! Stay tuned for things to come, and ever more news about what we are all doing to preserve and protect our Constitution, our Country and our Freedoms.

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