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It’s a rainy Fall Monday and everyone East of the Mississippi River is hunkered down beneath the clouds.  But fear not–there IS a rainbow at the end of it all, and the sun will once again shine–not only in the Eastern United States, but on all of America!

Patriots JB Williams, Sgt. Tim Harrington and Warren *Bones* Bonesteel will share their ideas about what’s coming and how we can make it better tonight on Live Chat at 10 PM EST, followed by Live Radio at 11 with The Dame.

So join in, Patriots!  It’s gonna be an interesting night!

Join Patriots from all over America tonight for an online chat with the co founders of Patriots Union, Sgt. Tim Harrington and JB Williams at Constitutional Emergency, chat at http://patriotsforamerica.ning.com/chat at 10 PPM EST, followed by “The Dame Truth” on Blogtalkradio at 11 PM EST, with tonight’s guest, Warren *Bones* Bonesteel, researcher and patriot extraordinaire.

And THEN at 11 EST:

The Dame Truth Tonight: Sitrep: Down to Bare Bones

Mondays 11:00 PM EST

(347) 202-0569

“The Dame Truth”
Warren “Bones” Bonesteel,
Writer, Researcher, former blogger, Thinker Extraordinaire and great American Patriot
The Situation at Hand

Are Americans fed up to the max?

Where do we go from here?
The Dame welcomes special guest Warren Bonesteel to talk about our current geopolitical, military and economic situation.  His keen wisdom and insight, coupled with brilliant research skills, has served to alert and enlighten many, and armed us with the knowledge and common sense requisite to weather the coming storm and come out on the bright side–and, make no mistake about it, there IS a bright side!  Find out what it is and how to find it tonight with The Dame as we speak with *Bones* Bonesteel on The Dame Truth about what’s really going on!

For pre-chat reading material, go to:

LTC Lakin Courts 3.pdf


Primary Patriots Union Initiatives 1.doc

Primary Patriots Union Initiatives

Fighting Labor Unions – Labor unions are one of the two greatest problems in terms of forcing the nation into collectivism, leftist ideologies and government (taxpayer) bankruptcy. Unions have destroyed American manufacturing and are fast destroying state and federal budgets. To address the leftist juggernaut in America, we must address the stranglehold unions have on manufacturing, state and federal government and education. In the Union Division, we must focus on…

  • End union-bid only government contracts
  • Pass Right-to-Work laws in all “forced unionization” states
  • Force private sector unions to represent ALL members in their political giving
  • Eliminate Public Sector Labor Unions altogether

(more detail)

Repairing a Broken Justice System – Our current corrupt justice system is the other of the two largest threats to freedom and liberty in America. Like the labor movement, trial lawyers are responsible for funding the leftist juggernaut in America. When discussing this issue, we must discuss both trial lawyers and lobbyists as two parts of one group. Over the last twenty years alone, trial lawyers have invested over $1.2 billion in political donations, more than $816 million of it with Democrats. Meanwhile, lobbyists invested over $182 million in politics, more than $98 million of it with Democrats. Combined these two groups have invested more than $1.3 billion in politics, over 70% or $914 million of it to Democrats and that’s why we have a corrupt justice system focused on left-leaning judicial activism.

  • Reinstate the U.S. Constitution as the Law of this Land
  • Replace precedent and procedure with the Rule of Law
  • Restore the People’s Grand Jury
  • Remove corrupt judges from the system
  • Defend our unalienable rights
  • Stop judicial activism

(more detail)

The Patriots Precinct Division – is all about retraining citizens in American civics. The place where the people can exercise direct political power is in the political precinct. Contrary to popular opinion, the political parties are not a top-down system, but a bottom-up system, beginning with your local precinct. Over the last year or so, thousands of people have learned about the precinct and are now in power in the precincts, with more needed. Although precinct power is local, it must be nationally coordinated in order to have a national impact. Unorganized, the precinct strategy is at best a twenty-five year strategy to alter national direction from the precinct level. But strategically designed and nationally organized, that time frame for change can be trimmed to a two to four year process. This division is designed to accomplish national change by organizing education and opportunity communication between precinct delegates across the country.

  • Fill all vacant precinct seats in both political parties
  • Educate delegates on all of the powers available from the precinct
  • Strategize locally, across each state and across the country
  • Problem solve through information sharing
  • Control the political process and parties from the bottom-up
  • Affect local, state and national change by working with others in common

(more detail)

The Veterans Council – We have over twenty-million military veterans in America, not counting the many veteran family members. Veterans have sworn an oath to uphold, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and the American people against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They have been trained to work as a unit, with honor, courage and distinction, or survive in the worst of circumstances all alone. Many of our nation’s greatest leaders are in this community and they have volunteered to risk life itself in defense of freedom and liberty. Any effort to reclaim citizen control of our runaway government would be silly to even contemplate without this group and we are indeed honored to stand with them in this endeavor.

  • Provide organization and leadership across the country
  • Take an honorable stand for freedom and liberty
  • Stand up for active duty soldiers and families
  • Protect the rights of the soldier (See LTC Lakin File)
  • Support soldiers returning from deployment
  • Fight for proper treatment of veterans

(more detail)

Fight for Truth in Journalism – In any representative republic, the will of the majority of citizens must be represented, without infringing upon the individual equal rights of any minority. All government power is derived from the consent of the governed, without which, government has NO legitimate power. Yet the decisions made by the citizenry can never be any better than the information used to make those decisions. As a result, a truthful, unbiased and complete NEWS system is a MUST. Editorialists and journalists are NOT supposed to be the same thing. We MUST begin to hold journalists accountable for behaving like editorialists, using political and ideological bias in the reporting of news and events, causing a steady diet of mass misinformation today. We MUST demand honest unbiased reporting from our news rooms and hold individuals and organizations accountable when they fail to meet that requirement.

  • Connect the dots between political propaganda machines and press room
  • Identify false reporting and hold people accountable
  • Expose lies and liars in the media
  • Flood the market with truth to combat the lies
  • Directly challenge news organizations with a habit of promoting false reports
  • Work with journalism ethics groups to improve and enforce ethics in reporting

(more detail)

The Patriots Pantry – Reducing the demand for government run social programs requires accepting local private sector responsibility for caring for those in real need. Due to government’s assault on our free-market economic system, many patriotic citizens are hurting right now. As things progress, and until we can turn the tide on DC policy making, things are likely to get worse before they get any better. We expect to experience increased unemployment, an increasing cost of living, additional debt crisis and maybe even a monetary and food supply crisis. This division exists to work on these issues on behalf of Patriot Union members.

  • Setting up patriot pantry operations in your local areas
  • Recycling clothing useful to others in need
  • Providing food and canned goods for those in need locally
  • Providing counseling for USPU families in need
  • Working with Independent farmers to secure a supply line to fresh produce
  • Supporting the rights of Independent farmers
  • Defending the individual right to garden and market produce in the private sector
  • Fighting governments efforts to control food supply via FDA and DHS

(more detail)

Patriots War Chest – Accomplishing all of these stated objectives and much more ahead will cost money. Rather than asking any one person to do it all, or being beholden to any small group by asking them to carry the lion’s share, we ask every member to do a little. We can fund our objectives for as little as $29.00 per year, less than .08 cents per day per member. For less than one carton of cigarettes, one decent meal out, or a few songs for your IPod, YOU can make a very real difference in the direction and future of this great nation. If you don’t do it, who will?

Those who can give more are appreciated. Not one single penny will be used to support political campaigns. We recommend that citizens give directly to the campaigns of their choosing rather than to any PAC for this purpose.

Our administrative expenses are limited to no more than 15% of gross revenue in any annual accounting cycle, which means that 85% of gross revenue must go directly to the end goals stated. Our accounting is reviewed and reported by a Certified Public Accounting firm and will be certified and reported to USPU members on an annual basis.

As a private organization, all such reports are for MEMBERS ONLY! Our financials, member databases and strategies are for the exclusive private and confidential use of USPU Members and will not be disclosed, shared or sold to any other organization.

Our goal is to reach a million Patriots Union members as quickly as possible, launched by the Veteran community.

(more detail)

PLEASE JOIN US in this historic endeavor launched on September 17, 2010, exactly 223 years after the signing of the U.S. Constitution.

Alone, none of us can make a difference. But together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish! The time for talk has passed… It’s all about the DOING now!

* Released today, Sept. 27, 2010

Copyright © 2010 The United States Patriots Union, LLC All rights reserved.

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Patriots Union: The Answer to Our Future

Tonight starts the Fall Season of “The Dame Truth”, at a new time, 11 PM EST on Blogtalkradio with guest Sgt. Tim Harrington, co founder of Patriots Union, which rolled out 3 days ago and is the product of two years of brainstorming, research and careful study.  The natural follow up to the Tea Party Movement, which took the country by storm in its successful bid to educate Americans and express the outrage of the majority toward corrupt and unresponsive government, Patriots Union takes the next step by forming an action and solution based initiative which invites all Americans to work together to represent themselves in a way that has never been seen before: an active coalition of Americans willing to work together to advocate for themselves and all Americans despite the obstacles of corrupt politicians and government.

Please join us at Dame Truth Radio at our new time tonight!  AND check out Patriots Union at www.patriotsunion.org and our new online news magazine, The Patriots News,  edited by the illustrious JB Williams at www.thepatriotsnews.com


Best in Patriotism,

The Dame

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Lots of things going on behind the scenes folks!

First, the most awesome new Youtube feature by our esteemed Diamond Tiger at


Just to get your juices running!

Then:  the Patriots Union Rollout!

On November 2, 2009 – I released I Pledge My Allegiance to the Charters of Freedom in which I announced my intentions to form an exploratory organization under the name Freedom Force USA.
That organization was originally designed to identify and make available specific strategic initiatives that the many Tea Party, 912, We the People and Town Hall patriots waking up and re-engaging in the political process – could use to reclaim control of government with their own hands.
Thousands of American patriots came forward and pledged personal bounty to the cause, many of whom have directly engaged in some of our early strategies since, with some degree of early success.
However, it quickly became clear that the original Freedom Force design was lacking in two significant areas.
Freedom Force leaders developed our plan on the assumption that the many patriotic organizations across the country could and would unify in tangible strategies. That assumption has since been proven false. Hundreds of organizations have become thousands of organizations, most of them working at odds with each other instead of together and that reality now threatens the ongoing viability of the overall patriot movement, and the November elections. The many organizations cannot and will not unify under any circumstance. Without fully unified tangible initiatives, increasing divisions within the patriot movement are making matters worse, not better.

Freedom Force was designed for “doers” more than “supporters.” Many patriots can, will and are directly engaging in real and tangible solutions. But many more will only support those efforts. Both are equally important. The people who support the soldier are as important as the soldier, for without them, the soldier is without tools and resources.
For the first time in my life, I am getting mail from people who had pledged to the effort but were frustrated that we have not allowed them to send us any money yet. In contrast to the many organizations raising tons of money with no strategy at all, we declined to accept the money pledged until we felt 100% confident that our strategies were right, tangible, measurable and doable.
We are now prepared to fully launch a real and tangible national operation that is designed to represent the 70+% of the nation that is wholly opposed to everything going on in government today.
The future of Freedom Force USA is The United States Patriots Union.
We understand that a lot of time has passed since the first patriots stepped up and pledged to Freedom Force. We understand that not everyone who believed in Freedom Force enough to pledge, will agree with the ultimate strategy that has developed into The United States Patriots Union, and that some who pledged are now in a different financial position.
Still, to have gone forward in collecting financial support before having the strategy fully together and properly vetted would have been a misguided step that we chose not to make. Now that you know why, I hope you feel better about the delays.
The United States Patriots Union was formed and stands on the following principles…

· Personal Freedom

· Individual Liberty

· State Sovereignty and Rights

· National Sovereignty and Security

· Free-Market Economics

· An unalienable Right to Life

· The US Constitution as written and ratified

· The Bill of Rights

· Our Declaration of Independence

· A right to work, earn and own

· Color Blind Justice and the Rule of Law

· A morally and ethically sound society and government

We have five primary goals at launch…

· Labor Unions

· A Broken Justice System

· The Patriots Precinct Division

· Fighting for Truth in Journalism

· A Patriots War Chest

These specific goals are targets of opportunity that directly impact the anti-American left and their power center, their leftist money machine.
We also run the most successful precinct operation in the country, having taken voting control of county after county across the country. That’s where the people’s political power is, but it MUST be done correctly to work.
A 10% strategy delivers at best a 10% result. Everywhere we have employed 100% of our strategy – we have taken control of that county. Now we have to duplicate those successes in every county across the country.
Without truth in journalism, the people will continue to make bad choices on the basis of false information. The United States Patriots Union is also launching our own one-stop news page, The Patriots News.
The justice system must be restored to an honest process available to and controlled by the people, based upon the US Constitution as the supreme law of the land.
We have very strong strategies, some of them already proven successful before full launch. There will be more once our initial objectives have been met.
To do all of this, we need millions of American Patriot members and a serious war chest to fund the effort. No one person can do what needs to be done. But together, we can and will do what must be done.
Combined, this is the reasoning behind The United States Patriots Union. We need your help! We need your support and we need those who are willing to step forward and lead, to step forward and lead.
Prepare to join The United States Patriots Union in the next few days! Basic membership is only $29.00 per year per member, so anyone can afford to be a part of the solution in America.
Those who have generously pledged much more, we ask that you choose your level of membership upon sign-up and send separate donations to the address provided.
Thank you for your commitment to a better America and your patience as we worked around the clock to develop The Patriots Union.
Visit Patriots Union atwww.PatriotsUnion.org
Visit The Patriots News atwww.ThePatriotsNews.com

JB Williams and the entire Patriots Union Leadership Council are proud to present The United States Patriots Union!

PO Box 15923 , Fernandina Beach, FL 32035

AND–Most CERTAINLY NOT LAST– The September 4th Freedom Ride for the Leavenworth 10 in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, which will be attended by numerous patriots, included The Dame herself!


Leavenworth, Kansas August 9, 2010 – Multiple deployments away from loved ones, extremely hostile surroundings, difficult wartime choices; these are unimaginable situations for most Americans, but these are the realities our troops face on the battlefield.  Their courage and strength are put to the test as they defend our country, providing the freedom and safety we enjoy as Americans. At the upcoming L10 Freedom Ride in Leavenworth, KS on September 4, 2010, Congressional Candidate LTC (R) Allen West will be speaking on behalf of these soldiers.  He will be joined by the families of the imprisoned soldiers together with participants from all over the country to support the ten dedicated and decorated soldiers and Marines, coined the “Leavenworth10”.

The Leavenworth 10 includes Michael Behenna, Evan Vela Carnahan, Corey, Clagett, Raymond Girouard, John E. Hatley, William B. Hunsaker, Larry Hutchins, Michael Leahy, Joseph Mayo, and Michael P. Williams.  They survived unspeakable hardships on the battlefield only to be punished due to untenable Rules of Engagement while trying to survive a combat zone. They are now serving sentences ranging from 10 to 40 years.

This is the inaugural L10 Freedom Ride.  The goal of the ride is to raise public awareness about how soldiers are being imprisoned for killing the enemy during combat operations.  The organizers’ hope to spotlight their cases to help these men gain their freedom and return home to their families.  “We hope there will not be the need for another. However, we have discussed doing this every year until they are all out,” says Steve Gabelsberg, an organizer for the ride and rally. All contributions to the L10 Freedom Ride will cover event costs with the remaining proceeds being distributed to the L10 families for living and travel expenses as they go to Leavenworth to see their loved one. For more details about the ride or to register for the event, please visit www.L10freedomride.com.  To contact Lt. Col. Allen West for an interview about the event, contact Valentina Weis at (561) 603-8188.

ALSO, the marches on Washington August 28th and Sept. 11th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The best is yet to come, folks…visit the sites…share the news…spread the links…and SHOW UP whenever possible!!

May God Bless you all, and God Bless America!

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