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800px-Gadsden_flag.svgI feel a rant coming on…it started this morning with news from Hawaii, whose obdurately inane legislature has passed “Islam Day”, just a few short years after the most horrendous attack in our history, on American soil, perpetrated by Muslims,  occurred in New York.  That, in itself, would be an outrage, were it not for the fact that, despite protestations to the contrary,  Hawaii is one of THE MOST racist, intolerant states in the country, replete with rudeness and intimidation directed at anyone white, light eyed or light haired.  [Bear in mind, now, that THIS is the state in which Barry Soetoro is purported to have spent several of his formative years…]  See  May 6th”s Logistics Monster AYFKM for first hand account on that one.

And now for the Worst of the Day.  World Net Daily calls it “Shocking to the Conscience,” a term once used in SCOTUS decisions to indicate…well…things so abominable that  they…shock the conscience.  Today’s Conscience Banger is the new hate crime legislation passed by the House of Representatives wherein

“House of Representatives passed legislation last week to add sexual orientation and gender to the list of categories covered by federal “hate-crimes” laws. ‘Pedophilia is one of the scores of sexual orientations that are included, that are protected, that are granted special preferred status under this legislation to the exclusion of other classifications of people,’ says Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel”.

Except that…illegal acts are NOT protected under the law, the Constitution or anything else.  BECAUSE THEY ARE ILLEGAL.  As the old saw states, our right to free expression does NOT include the right to yell “FIRE!” in a crowded theater because it is detrimental to the freedom of OTHERS.  Ergo, anyone doing something against the law DOES NOT HAVE THE FREEDOM TO DO IT. AGAIN: THEY ARE NOT PROTECTED BECAUSE IT IS ILLEGAL AND VIOLATES THE EITHER THE SPIRIT OF OUR LAWS OR THE PERSONAL FREEDOM OF OTHERS.  Hence, killing people and stealing their money, their innocence or their peace of mind are NOT protected actions.

Truly, we have a Congress of morons.  Craven cretins who know neither the law nor the spirit of it, the intention behind it or anything else having to do with–dare I say it–Common Sense.  This Congress, few to none of whose children are going to war, refused to include the protection of Veterans in this legislation, but they are entirely willing to protect the rights of those who would violate the rights of others.  For what else is a pedophile if not one who is so cavalier and self absorbed that they would violate children?

I’m done. Stick a fork in me.  There is no hope of reasoning with a Congress so uninterested in everything but their own skins and their full, life pensions.  Clearly they have either forgotten their World History  or never learned it, or they would heed the lesson of the tumbrils and remember that cake thing with a healthy concern.


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