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Today is the anniversary of the birth of George Washington, father of our country, known for his strong sense of righteousness, decorum and leadership.  While the story of chopping down his father’s cherry tree is apocryphal at best, his life remains a power of example to us all for his ability to rally his forces at the nadir of the War for Independence during that terrible winter at Valley Forge where troops were cold, hungry and lacking shoes; his unwillingness to accept being crowned as King when that War was won and America became the United States of America; and his unyielding efforts to win that War despite tremendous odds.  He wrote a book of etiquette, which pays wise and amusing tribute to the maintenance of decorous and civil behavior between humans and makes for delightful reading even today; one can only wish that more people memorize and observe his rules for polite behavior today!

Happy Birthday George!  And may your example live on, even as you roll in your grave at what has transpired here in the country you helped build in the last few years.


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