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Bravo Saints for giving New Orleans a Superbowl win!  With an awesome intercept, one of the three longest in superbowl history, Tracey Porter did his part in bringing the Saints to victory over the Indianapolis Colts, 31-17.

The Fleur de Lis, the emblem most closely associated with the New Orleans Saints and worn on the team’s helmets, is a symbol from the Court of Louis XIV. It is a french word that stands for “flower of the lily”. The Fleur de Lis is also a symbol for New Orleans, which was adopted during the French occupation of Louisiana from 1682-1762. Traditionally, it has been used to represent French royalty, and in that sense, it is said to signify perfection, light and life. Due to its’ three petals, the fleur-de-lis has also been used to represent the Holy Trinity.

And–not for nothing–how saintly to use as their emblem a beautiful symbol so universal that it cannot be copyrighted!

Bless those Saints and On to Mardi Gras tomorrow and Vive New Orleans!

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