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Well folks, it didn’t take long.  Our worst fears have come to pass and it’s not even six months since the coup.  Today, a crosspost from Canada Free Press’s Sher Zieve, courtesy of our esteemed Joan Swirsky.  Read it and weep.

Criminal complaint of Treason against Barack Hussein Obama

Can the US Constitution Survive Dictator Obama?


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Restore our Constitution

By Sher Zieve Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In light of the now almost daily bombardment of the US Constitution by the sitting US Commander in Chief, the question ‘is our Constitution still the law of the land?’ is increasingly being asked by We-the-People.  The problem of Barack Hussein Obama seeming not to be a natural-born citizen is still an extremely salient issue—an issue that has led Obama to hire a team of lawyers to keep all information on his actual country of birth and all of his college records hidden.  The latest estimate on the fees charged to do so is over $1Million.

This, coupled with Obama’s continued and strong apparent push to completely bankrupt the USA and turn it into his own personal totalitarian utopia has led to unprecedented actions by some US citizens.

Recently, retired Navy Commander Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III filed a criminal complaint of Treason against Barack Hussein Obama.  This has prompted other individuals around the country to do the same.  As our Republic now stands on the brink of complete collapse, I thought an interview of Commander Fitzpatrick was in order.

A brief portion of Commander Fitzpatrick’s BIO includes:  “Walter enlisted in the Navy in 1969 directly after graduating Villanova. After boot camp at Great Lakes Naval Training Center Walter attended the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Bainbridge, MD.  After one year he entered the U.S. Naval Academy. He graduated with the Class of 1975 with top military honors.

“Commander Fitzpatrick trained as a surface warfare officer and spent his entire career aboard ships or in school preparing to go back to a ship. Commander Fitzpatrick spent 12 of his first fourteen years at sea and made eight overseas deployments. Commander Fitzpatrick was variously assigned duties as Assistant Operations Officer, First Lieutenant, Gunnery Officer, Operations Officer, Engineering Officer, Training Officer and Executive Officer. He served in USS STERETT (CG – 31), USS MARVIN SHIELDS (FF – 1066), USS MOBILE (LKA – 115), USS MARS (AFS -1), and USS CARL VINSON (CVN -70). Commander Fitzpatrick served on the staff of COMMANDER – MIDDLE EAST FORCE (COMIDEASTFOR) as Communications Officer and Schedueling Officer. The COMMIDEASTFOR staff was embarked in USS LaSALLE (AGF – 3).”

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