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Monday Nights 8 PM EST

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Join the Dame!

to welcome

Dr. Orly Taitz
John Ziegler

A champion of American patriotism and the U.S. Constitution, Dr. Taitz’s tireless efforts to have her cases about Constitutional POTUS Eligibility heard are a power of example to every American as she has traveled literally thousands of miles to speak, meet with Justices Roberts and Scalia at book signings, and do hundreds of media appearances. Thus she has engaged the American public in one of the most critical times in its its history. Teo Bear will weigh in on his Birthers.org site as well, followed by John Ziegler, to discuss his upcoming screening of

“Media¬† Malpractice”

in NYC this coming Friday night
Monday night at 8:00 PM EST. Call ins with questions and comments welcome!

Hope to see you there!
The Dame;)

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