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mushroomcloud It seems the motto and mantra of the Fascists in our government is:

“Each day a new crisis”

Almost as one voice, bloggers, researchers, reporters and even those who simply read, listen and disseminate the news–the REAL news, not that silly stuff spewed out by Fringe Media–the refrain is, “Every day, All day, All the time; so much going on it’s impossible to keep up!”  And as we also know, that is not an accident. 

And so it becomes the task of those who search for Truth to decide, several times daily, what to write about.   AP’s long lost articles from 2004, matter-of-factly noting that, “Kenyan-born Obama posed for US Senate Race” turned up this week, much to the horror of the chief of the scrubbing teams, and although, true to form, it has not yet caused a blip on Fringe Media, who is far more interested in wanking about Rush Limbaugh’s interest in the NFL than Obama’s interest in the Afghanistan War, everyone else is taking note and perking up their ears, if they hadn’t already.

But, aside from that, the new bill giving 7.5 Billion in aid to Pock-ee-ston over the next few years for construction of hospitals and schools is simply over the top: ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about that place knows that

       a)  The Taliban won’t let most people USE these facilities; teachers are afraid to teach, children afraid to attend these schools for fear of being killed by the Taliban, which, by the way, our insane intrepid VP, “Slidin’ Biden has told us aren’t the problem;

       b)  These contracts are strictly money making deals, written to enrich American contractors, many of whom realize about a Million dollars a month; the Taliban tells them, “we’re going to blow up your project.”  The contractor says, “No, don’t do that until I’m finished with the project so I can get paid.” So the Taliban agree to hold off on the bombings IF the contractor will pay them anything from $250,000 up. So, everybody wins, right?  Except, of course, the American taxpayers and our troops.

Pock-ee-ston is now in the midst of being severely threated by Taliban forces. They have nuclear weapons.  Does it seem like a good idea to expend 7.5 BILLION dollars building infrastructure when the Taliban is close to taking over the Pock-ee-stonnie government and their nuclear capabilities???

Hey, just sayin’…



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3owlsI defer today to our own Doctorate, whose wise words to three of our top media people encourage us all to keep up the pressure and write all media about this, and all the other issues that plague our nation.  Many thanks, Doc!

To:     Ontherecord@foxnews.com, hannity@foxnews.com, ElRushbo@eibnet.com

BCC:  ecampaign@gop.com

Hello Greta, Sean and Rush!

You have been asking the above question repeatedly since David Letterman maligned Sarah Palin (again) and her daughter(s) this week.  The National Organization for Women IS INSOLVENT, according to a highly placed insider.  You are missing a trend that has been taking place beneath the surface of American politics since the Democrat primary ended last year; yet you are all aware of the circumstances that led up to it.  BECAUSE OF THEIR FAILURE TO SUPPORT ALL WOMEN, N.O.W. AND OTHERS LIKE IT ARE ALL BUT DEFUNCT! Scores of women have abandoned NOW, canceled subscriptions to Ms. Magazine, and stopped contributing to NARAL due to these groups’ collective failure to vigorously support Hillary Clinton during the primary – including not standing up to Barack Obama’s campaign team and supporters –  in spite of the race baiting and thuggery that went on against mostly female supporters in the trenches.  Some of these organizations jumped ship and gratuitously endorsed Barack Obama while Hillary Clinton was still in the race:  they will never recover from those actions. The unintended consequences go beyond the country’s decent into socialism and will impact the far left in ways foreseen and unforeseen. The old-guard women’s groups you mention daily are gone. Like you, many moderates and independents now believe the women’s groups have strayed from their stated mission of supporting women in the workplace, in their access to healthcare, in politics, and in society in general  –   and have veered toward the useless and redundant purpose of supporting all far-left liberals, regardless of gender, in every conceivable realm. Moderate women and men alike have also left the Democrat party in droves, never to return. Calling themselves PUMAS, independents, unaffiliated or even newly conservative, this group voted for John McCain after Hillary was given that final heave-ho by Nancy Pelosi during the fake roll call at the sham primary in Denver last August.  These voters have been just as disgusted, frustrated, and upset over the way Sarah Palin and her children were treated during the general election as they were at the manner in which Hillary was treated. THE QUESTIONS MEDIA FOLKS SHOULD BE ASKING TODAY REGARDING THE DEFENSE OF WOMEN LIKE SARAH PALIN ARE THESE:  WHERE HAVE THE MEMBERS OF, SUBSCRIBERS TO, SUPPORTERS FOR, AND CONTRIBUTORS TO THE MENTIONED ORGANIZATIONS GONE?  WHY DID THEY LEAVE?  WHAT ORGANIZATIONS ARE REPLACING THEM, IF ANY?  WILL THE OLD GROUPS SOON BE RELEGATED TO HISTORY AS FAILURES IN THEIR STATED MISSION OF SUPPORTING ALL WOMEN? Sean, contrary to an oft-repeated example cited in your coverage of the Letterman-Palin conflict, Hillary Clinton and others not on the Obama bandwagon were and are still constantly put through the ringer by the far-left.  The Obama Democrats have attacked all but the most radical-leaning women and men in a manner that would never have happened within the Democrat party prior to the Obama Phenomena.  The contributing factors to this include the tone of his campaign(s); the fact that he is a mixed-race black-appearing presumably naturalized Kenyan American of Arab descent and Islamic upbringing; and the makeup of his supporters consisting of a combination of socialist-leaning young thugs and low-information racists and, alternatively, “politically correct” and/or secular bigots.  (You showed clips of some of these types recently, for example, when you covered Eric Holder’s failure to prosecute Black Panthers with billy clubs at a voting booth in Pennsylvania who were there to intimidate John McCain’s supporters.) We all know that Sarah Palin has been and continues to be treated badly by the far left.  Yet there is evidence that moderate women and their supporters have also suffered at the hands of their former party allies.  Countless YouTube videos depict the sexism, mockery, and slandering of Hillary Clinton throughout the primary.  There are also numerous testimonies of the brutality inflicted upon her supporters.  This includes examples of women and the elderly being shoved, mocked and bullied at the Democrat-run caucuses.  One filmmaker, Gigi Gaston, has compiled interviews into an as yet-to-be rolled-out documentary entitled, We Will Not be Silenced; Hillary’s own campaign filed a lawsuit – now buried – against the Obama campaign alleging the mistreatment at caucuses as well as fraud.  There is also evidence that moderate female supporters of both Hillary and Sarah Palin were bullied and intimidated online:  the hacking of emails, the posting of private information and the sabotaging of blogs are just some examples of what women have dealt with who are not part of the far-left agenda.  They, too, pleaded for support from NOW and others to no avail; today, they just applaud its imminent demise. In conclusion, feminists in the traditional sense are no longer; the voices supporting women today are mostly conservative women seen on Fox News.  They have taken up the mantle for women –  and this will help Republicans in 2010 and 2012 if the media make folks aware of the trend. Thank you for all you do.


[Listener’s Name]

Chicago, IL (Proud Home of William Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, Louis Farrakhan, Father Pfleger, Rev. Wright and Rod Blagojevich)

And, as always, please join The Dame to Kick Back tonight at 11 EST!



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