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World Net Daily brings us yet another sickening item:

Joe Kovacs reports:

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Explosive outrage is being unleashed on a popular supermarket chain after it published a 2010 calendar marking the date of Dec. 7 with the Islamic New Year, while eliminating any mention of Pearl Harbor Day, commemorating the 1941 attack on the U.S. by Japan.

SIMPLE SOLUTION, FOLKS:  STAY THE HE|| AWAY FROM Publix Markets until they wake up and reinstate Pearl Harbor’s commemoration on December 7th.  JUST.DO.IT. There are other markets.  NO one needs to shop at a store that will not support and memorialize America and Americans and their sacrifices.

I could go into a long rant about the bigger picture here, and talk about TPTB redacting and rewriting history, insinuating their agenda into our schools to further indumbnify [my own word here] our children, who do not know the difference because they were not born when these things were studied and talked about, but I might sound like some *right wing, racist nutjob*, a/k/a an American who loves her country and its Constitution so I won’t.

Long story short:  DO NOT PATRONIZE PUBLIX AND TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW [and even those you don’t!] to do the same.

Many thanks for supporting America, and many thanks for putting your foot down when it comes to creeping [and creepy] Sharia.

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USS California, Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941In the words of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, "Today is a day that will live in infamy." And, some 68 years later, December 7th continues to stand as a bellwether for perfidy, treachery and infamy. Although the events of 911 have taken precedence in recent years, Pearl Harbor was the blueprint from which we patterned our response after 911. Thousands enlisted in our now volunteer military and a war ensued, just as it did in 1941. The difference is that THAT war--the Second World War--ended in victory after four years, while the current conflict continues, relatively unabated, after 8, with virtually no sign of ending soon.In addition, the Second World War saw men decorated for bravery in doing their job, while the current one has been known to victimize them. Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier in WW II, killed 240 of the enemy in a stunning single handed feat and returned home to respect and admiration from his countrymen; Michael Behenna, the Pendleton 8, Evan Vila, Tim Hatley, Michael Leahy, and others already sit in jail, having been wrongfully charged and illegally tried, and now Navy SEALS Matthew McCabe, Jonathan Keefe and Julio Huertas all face similar fates for bringing in an al queda master mind who claimed that he got a fat lip when they arrested him.Things change. That is one of the immutable facts of life. However, some of the changes run so counter to not only the safety of our nation, but to simple common sense as to border on the insane.Join The Dame to welcome JB Williams tonight as we discuss his work in advocating for those brave military men who have fallen victim to political correctness, political expediency and coverup from higher up.Monday Nights at 8 EST

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9-11-01 New York

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