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The violence has begun, folks.  With 64% of the American people AGAINST the version of health care that Congress has insisted on passing, Americans are finally fighting back in ways that only begin to express the level of rage they feel against those who are derelict in their duty to represent them.

Videos of car blowing horns in protest against this bill in Arizona appeared recently, but that was nothing compared to the violence that has begun to surface as those who betrayed their constituents begin to feel the brunt of the rage by those betrayed.

Bricks have been thrown through Representatives’ office windows, notably that of Upstate New Yorki’s  Louise Slaughter, of “Slaughter House Rule” fame.

Gird your loins, folks.  Get that extra water and dried rice and beans ready.  It has begun.  We warned them.  Our lawful entreaties fell on deaf ears.  They have betrayed us for the last time.  The cry of “VOTE THEM ALL OUT” has taken voice, and the bricks have begun to fly.

Nope…I don’t think Duck & Cover’s gonna work on this one.  Oh, right…it doesn’t work against nuclear weapons either.

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