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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Kicking Back With The Dame
Live At Last!
“View From The Ground”
Sgt. Dean J. Sanchez, USMC
4 Tour Combat Veteran, Iraq & Afghanistan
The Dame’s Foremost Military Analyst & Consultant
Join us for a birdseye view of what’s really going on in Afghanistan &
What Afghanistan needs from the U.S.
Iraq: The Palestine, Fallujah and Beyond
Significant differences between combat deployment Then & Now

Sgt. Dean J. Sanchez, decorated four time combat veteran joins The Dame tonight for a special show dedicated to the fallen Marines of 2nd Battalion 8th Marines CO. G. serving to bring change in Hellmand province, Afghanistan 2009 May-Present.

Sgt. Sanchez has been on the ground in both Iraq and Afghanistan serving in four combat tours from 2003 till present. SGT. Sanchez received the Purple Heart Medal and the Navy Marine Corps Acheivment Medal for Valor, in Al Kharma, Iraq in 2004, he has seen the myriade changes in the military, the ROE’s, and the tactics through-out the entirety of the War. SGT. Dean J. Sanchez joins us tonight to talk about his personal experiences and thank the listners, for the support that they have shown through their prayers, letters, and care packages.

As media reports have become increasingly unreliable, the American public deserves to have access to first hand knowledge ofn the facts facing our troops on the ground.

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Hard at work here in New York with 4 time combat vet Sgt. Dean J. Sanchez, USMC, we’ve enjoyed several days of balmy, Fall weather as backdrop to our work, preparing for tomorrow’s exclusive Kicking Back and material to come. It hardly seems possible that over a year has passed since we met in Denver during my tenure there with PUMA.  In that year, he returned to South Asia and I learned much and changed my mind about a great many things I once believed immutable and sacred:
     Our election laws;
     Our Constitution;
     Our media Amendment rights;
     Integrity & Accountability of our congress & Government
Sgt. Sanchez returned from South Helmand and his 4th tour of combat duty  in September and kindly agreed to spend some time with me to assist in getting a firsthand report on some of the things that most concern so many Americans:
     The Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan and the differences between them;  Rules of Engagement and their impact on the safety of our troops, Media coverage, What changes have occurred in the Military since 2003
Over the course of our ongoing conversations, Sgt. Sanchez continues to inspire me, sharpen my skills as a writer and as a person and remind me once again–as if I needed reminding–how many incredibly strong, bright and committed people there are in this world at a time when it can be all too easy to lose faith in ones’ fellow human beings. He brings to the table not only his years of combat duty but a keen mind, an extraordinary personal journey and a degree in Criminal Justice.
His views, in my opinion, reflect the best of what America has to offer: intellect honed with on the ground experience, fired by strong background knowledge of our Constitution and our history and tempered by the kind of resourcefulness, committment and individuality that has made our country the great model for independence and personal accomplishment that it has become.
In countless interviews with foreign press, I have time and again asked them just why the rest of the world continues to watch our every move with respect to our politics, our Constitutional issues and foreign policy. The answer is always the same, and always succinct: it is because it is our Constitution upon which every free nation’s Constitution is based; and they watch with baited breath to see how we will handle our challenges, for if America’s Republic falls, they see no way for theirs to survive.

 While there are myriad reasons for a Republic to fall–and, indeed, historically, no republic has survived for more than 250 years–there are myriad reasons for ours to continue despite the serious challenges we now face. From the Fed to constant challenges to our Constitution, the threat of serious demoralization both to our military and our People, America and Americans have something that few, if any, other republics have ever had: some call it Attitude; others tenacity, but all would agree that those who would seek to destroy us are ignorant of the singularly major factor that will determine our longevity as a Republic: WE…ARE…AMERICANS, and there are a LOT more of US than there are of THEM. And if we all remember that and work together, we shall prevail, now and always.

l_adc0a53326f24229bf4fcec755448bb6 2/8 CO. G. Infantry Assaultmen                    Camp Leatherneck                   May 2009



Until tonight ~ 

Semper Fi.

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