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On this eve of Christmas, it is with heavy heart, albeit without surprise that I learn of the latest outrages–Chairman Mao on a Christmas tree ornament adorns the White House Christmas tree, along with another of SoetorObama pictured on Mt. Rushmore, and the Senate has passed the death care bill,  60-39, thanks to the oldest professions in the world, bribery, threats and prostitution.  Indeed, the Muslim Mafia is not only alive and well, but dancing in the streets with their latest triumph. Sadly, we no longer have the Republic our Framers intended.  It is now up to us to decide what we will do about it.  I have scant hope that the American people will have the opportunity for free elections in November.  Oh, yes, they’ll open the *polls*, staffed with bludgeon wielding panthers, ACORN shills and corrupt party hacks, making sure no discouraging words or votes are counted.  I hope I am wrong about this, and most other things I see coming down, but unfortunately, I was not wrong about the mutant creature now squatting in the White House, so I hold little hope for our ability to vote these tyrants out.

Sometimes all one can do is celebrate the birth of Christ and remember the message he brought.  And other times…

Wishing a blessed, safe and healthy Christmas to all.  Keep the faith.  That’s what He would want us to do.

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