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This is one of  THE singularly most important issues we face in 2012. It does not matter who the candidates are if, as in 2008, our voice is stifled by election fraud. The avalanche of voter fraud, voter intimidation and out and out cheating was, despite heroic efforts by witnesses, writers, film makers, researchers, and election officials was never reported by main stream media. It was indeed the darkest day our nation has seen since the 911 attacks.

So…What can WE Do?

I invite you to educate yourselves about what really happened throughout the campaign process from primaries and caucuses up to and throughout election day 2008. Tireless workers like Sharon Meroni, Bev Harris, Kathy Wynne, [see also, www.HackingDemocracy.com, http://www.noquarterusa.net/blog/24761/a-further-look-into-voting-machines/ and http://hillbuzz.org/2010/07/12/excellent-article-at-pumapac-by-darragh-murphy-you-need-to-read-on-obamas-voter-fraud/Bettina Viviano, Gigi Gaston, Patrick and Cecelia Hickey, Michele Thomas,] John West and thousands of campaign and election workers witnessed and documented these offenses in the hope of exposing them to corporate media, all to no significant avail.

But these Patriots refused to be silent then and now,  and they continue to work to help the American voting public find ways to curtail voter fraud and intimidation. No longer will we allow dead goldfish, foreign exchange students, illegal aliens and residents from out of state to register and vote; no longer will we allow people with clubs to man election centers, intimidating voters.  Americans like the four Department of Justice career attorneys, Spencer Fisher, Christian Adams,  whose account of the case has just been released in his book “Intimidation“,Robert Popper and Christopher Coates are speaking out against the violations to the 1965 voting rights law and our electoral system as a whole.  See also http://rottenacorn.com/activityMap.html

Do the research–there’s a plethora of it online.  For starters, click on the links above.

Bev Harris from Black Box Voting
Sharon Meroni from Defend the Vote

Will your Vote Count in 2012?


Black Box Voting and Defend the Vote

Last week’s show aired on Thursday, October 6th and is the second in an 8 part series, which can be heard each week or in archive at your convenience.

“Will Your Vote Count in 2012” is co-hosted by Bev Harris from Black Box Voting and  Sharon Meroni from Defend The Vote. (blogging as Chalice of Patriots Heart Network).  Sharon and Bev will bring you the latest news about elections across the USA.

This week, Sharon and Bev will introduce Voter Auditor Pollwatchers. The VAP, is a program piloting at Defend the Vote,.  For the Illinois Primary elections in March, 2012, and the General Election in November 2012, Defend the Vote will train voters across the state on poll security protocols and ask voters, armed with pollwatching credentials, to score their polling place after voting.

Also in this week’s show, Bev and Sharon will discuss problems with Early Voting in Illinois and across the USA.

During the last 10 minutes we will take questions from callers.

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