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“Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom.”

Three stars and a h/t for anyone who can identify the originator of that statement.
In the meantime,  Americans in general like their freedom– to pursue their lives and dreams unhampered,  mind their own business and expect others to do the same.  Today, Rasmussen brings interesting, though not unexpected news as Americans gear up for the growing protest movement sweeping their country:

Those are significant numbers, given that the COW [Chief Occupant of the Whitehouse] has only been in it less than 100 days.  Among other things, it proves that Americans are not as uninformed as main stream media would like us to be.  There are multiple and significant reasons for our dissatisfaction, and, thanks to our ability to communicate and educate ourselves outside the purview of the old models of television and print media, we continue to resist their propagandizing, fact suppression and bias.
In the short time since the COW moved in, the government’s respect for and adherence to the Constitution has continued to lessen while the bravest, strongest and  most patriotic third of the population have been accused by both DHS and MIAC of being right wing lunatics, domestic terrorists and violence prone rejects; nefarious bills have been passed under cover of darkness, unread, and unreported.  Our debt is so high that it is inconceivable to even the most mathmatically inclined, and most scratch their heads with uncertainty about how many zeroes it takes to make a nearly Two Trillion Dollar debt [answer: only one if he’s in the White House 😉 ].  The 13th Amendment [outlawing slavery] has been abrogated by the “Give” Act, our country has been humiliated by its narcissistic head of state bowing and scraping to a Saudi prince, insulting our oldest ally,  and the only sure thing about all of this is that it portends worse to come. But wait, there’s more:  According to Lynn Stuter, on News With Views,

In the short time since this Usurper seized power, he has
• signed into law legislation that will, in one year, put this nation $1.8 trillion further into debt, notwithstanding the total deficit spending of the Bush Administration, in eight years, was $400 billion!
•  signed into law the GIVE Act (HR 1388) which begins the process of establishing the “national security force, opening the way for civilian brown shirts to assert control over Americans
•  through bailouts – the illegal and unconstitutional taking (stealing) of money from the American people – moved to …
• nationalize banks, working to switch preferred shares to common;
• nationalize private enterprise, fired Wagoner, GM’s CEO;
• moved to bring the 2010 census under White House authority;
• begun the move to turn over the sovereignty of the United States to global governance via the Financial Stability Board (FSB), a body of central bankers (mostly European) from each of the G20 states and the European Union; the purpose of which is a global economic union with uniform regulations and bylaws for all participating nations “with [the] authority to intervene in U.S. corporations by dictating executive compensation and approving or disapproving business management decisions.”

The biggest grab for power in the history of this nation, all under the banner of economic stimulus and economic recovery, neither of which will occur as the nation sinks further and further into the crisis orchestrated to bring about the wanted solution, the emergence of the Marxist state.

Rasmussen reported today that 70% of Americans believe Big Business and Big Government are on the same team. They  are undoubtedly correct. The last quarter of the 20th century brought increasing consolidation of wealth, multinational corporations and the establishment of the Trilateral Commission by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Barry Goldwater  issued a clear and precise warning in his 1979 book, “With No Apologies:”

“The Trilateral Commission is international and is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power – political, monetary, intellectual and ecclesiastical.”*

Sadly, no one paid any attention to him back then.   What was the economic nature of the driving force within the Trilateral Commission? It was the giant multinational corporations – those with Trilateral representation – which consistently benefited from Trilateral policy and actions. Polished academics such as Brzezinski, Gardner, Allison, McCracken, Henry Owen etc., served only to give “philosophical” justification to the exploitation of the world.
Don’t underestimate their power or the distance they had already come by 1976. Their economic base was already established. Giants like Coca-Cola, IBM, CBS, Caterpillar Tractor, Bank of America, Chase Manhattan Bank, Deere & Company, Exxon, and others virtually dwarf whatever remains of American businesses. The market value of IBM’s stock alone, for instance, was greater than the value of all the stocks on the American Stock Exchange. Chase Manhattan Bank had some fifty thousand branches or correspondent banks throughout the world. What reached our eyes and ears was highly regulated by CBS, the New York Times, Time magazine, etc.
The most important thing of all is to remember that the political coup de grace preceded the economic coup de grace. The domination of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government provided all the necessary political leverage needed to skew U.S. and global economic policies to their own benefit.  By 1977, the Trilateral Commission had notably become expert at using crises (and creating them in some instances) to manage countries toward the New World Order; yet, they found menacing backlashes from those very crises.In the end, the biggest crisis of all was that of the American way of life. Americans never counted on such powerful and influential groups working against the Constitution and freedom, either inadvertently or purposefully, and even now, the principles that helped to build this great country are all but reduced to the sound of meaningless babblings.
“Lastly, it should be noted that the Federal Reserve has likewise been dominated by Trilaterals: Arthur Burns (1970-1978), Paul Volker (1979-1987), Alan Greenspan (1987-2006). While the Federal Reserve is a privately-owned corporation, the President “chooses” the Chairman to a perpetual appointment.”


Three polls taken by News With Views revealed that;

  • 92% of those who voted believed the Tea Parties generated a lot of attention
  • 58% believed that they had little or no effect on politicians; and
  • 81% believe that people “may” protest more and are now motivated to do more to save America.

Combined with the Rasmussen statistics above, it clear that Americans, for the most part, are on to the Alinsky-fueled game of this Usurper and his incompetent followers, and they do not like it. Things are looking bad right now, but the good news is that, despite all efforts of the White House resident and his minions, American’s aren’t buying the party line, and each day, a few more awaken from the Kool Aid stupor.  Miracles never cease, and American won’t either!

And, btw, if you answered John F. Kennedy as the writer of that first quotation, you win the 3 stars!


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