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Those of us who saw it coming are loathe to say, “We TOLD you so,” but indeed, those chickens ARE coming home to roost.  All the lies, posturing, double talking drivel, calculated deceit and hubris are finally catching up with SoetorObama and even those who once supported him are, if they have not already done so, considering *Unfriending* him.  The debacles of Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts [a cleansing nor’easter sweeping up the East Coast?] have punched holes in the great, big, bloated balloon float that the DNC tried to pawn off on millions of good, unsuspecting Americans who trusted their tv and print media to give them the facts they needed in order to vote responsibly; and, miracle of miracles, New York Times Op-ed writer Bob Herbert recently resurrected the phrase, “Credibility Gap” in connection with the ever failing flailing question mark that masquerades as BarryackSoetorObama.   And, best of all, The Daily Beast‘s Christopher Buckley’s hilariously salient parody, “The Audacity of Oops” says it all.

And so, pundits notwithstanding, I don’t expect to hear anything of truth or even of substance in tonight’s State of the Union speech.  I’ve been waiting for years now and have yet to observe even a shred of either in the speeches parroted by this clown.  You know–the one who needs two teleprompters to address a class of 6th graders…

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