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Just a quick note to say hello from a warm place in the Carribbean.  The Dame is attending to some family affairs and some R & R, and won’t be on the air until February 15th when she returns with Vicki Behenna for an update on Michael’s case and that of other Leavenworth captives.  Her heart, thoughts and prayers remain with everyone, especially those who risked their lives to serve their country, only to be wrongly imprisoned.   Corey Clagett has, through United American Patriots, obtained counsel and we will keep you updated on his case as well as the others.

I will say that there is no FOX News Network at this location so I check out BBC; CNN is still way too far out there in fantasy land for me to be able to watch!  AND…today I saw a poster about H1N1 with a picture of a syringe on it, the caption saying, “The Flu is NOT the problem; the VACCINE is!”

So, throughout the world and in the Carribbean, it is well known that the vaccine is not trusted.  We flew over the island that holds Haiti and Dominican Republic–at 36,000 feet it was far too high to be able to see anything, but just knowing that we flew over this place of such devastation reminded me to be grateful for what I have.

I shall rejoin you in mid February; until then, stay warm, safe, and committed to our great nation!  I know I do, even though I’m enjoying warm Tradewinds and hot sun, for I shall return to fight another day, and I shall fight every day until our constitution is recognized and adhered to by those who presume to govern!

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