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Sovereignty and Property

8:00 AM – Violations of the “Sovereignty” clause
 (i.e., Sovereignty of the Republic, North American Union)

1:30 PM – Violations of the Constitution’s Property clauses
(i.e., seizure of private property for private benefit.)

Live webcast sessions begin 8:00 AM and 1:30 PM




I would urge EVERYONE to keep this live cast going all day and most importantly, CALL the MAINSTREAM-NOW-FRINGE-MEDIA numbers posted on the screen to report and demand coverage of this Continental Congress 2009.  It only takes a minute–but it’s vital!

It is an honor to be here to witness and report the landmark activities of this Continental Congress.  It has been an incredible journey–from my first realization that the American people were being lied to, scammed and defrauded, to the Campaign trail, to 912’s Washington March, and finally to Continental Congress 2009,  I have travelled back and forth across our country, meeting so many fine Americans from every walk of life, and my faith in our Countrymen has been reaffirmed.  In my work as an activist, I have been given this gift of Truth and Faith and been blessed with the honor of meeting so many wonderful people–Americans all, and truly, the greatest resource our nation has.  With people like this–and Sgt. Sanchez–and now, Lance Corporal Sanchez, deployed in Afghanistan in his stead–this nation cannot and will not fail.  Together, we are united and our resolve will not waiver, for We Are Americans!

Blessings to All.

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