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elephantWell now…until ACORN can actually produce the boatload of fraudulent absentee ballots they are purported to have racked up, it appears that New Jersey and Virginia have voiced their digust with the Democratic party loudly and clearly today, routing both Democratic governors and replacing them with Republicans Christi and MacDonnell.  This is a portent of things to come as the perfidy of the current regime continues to intensify and Americans continue to wake to the reality that they’ve been had, and had BIG.  It is not only a blow to the current Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and his minions, but a clear take on America’s pulse as people from every state and walk of life weigh in with their dissatisfaction, disgust and distrust of every politician currently in office. 

You know it’s severe when CNN, eternal lapdog of the DNC,  reports the fact that Evan Bayh’s wife, Susan, sits on the board of directors of WellPoint, the largest for-profit health insurance company in the nation – a seat she received shortly after her husband was elected to the Senate- and has collected millions from the company over the past few years. She also holds stock options that would be dramatically impacted  in value by passage or failure of a public insurance program.

You know we’re in trouble when–we could fill thousands of pages filling in the blanks here–any ONE of the thousands of transgressions that have occurred over the last year get a pass from the press and the outrages continue with, as Todd McGreevy says, impunity.

But at 12:29 AM, November 4, 2009, we are nearing the dawn of what just might be a new day in our political history:  Two key gubernatorial races have been won by Republicans and Michelle Bachman is leading a convocation to call on Congress tomorrow, Thursday, November 5th at, most appropriately, High Noon on the West Capitol steps.

Never say never, and never say die, folks.  We have just begun to fight. elephantsunrise

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