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d-day-tToday marks the 65th Anniversary of D-Day, the full scale invasion of allied forces that precipitated the  liberation of France and hastened the end of World War II in Europe.  Although the ranks of surviving veterans of that incredible invasion thin daily, there are still many, now octogenarians, who gather in commemoration of this day.  Their memories of that day and of their comrades will never fade, even after half a century, and our observation and honoring of that day and those heroes  remain as tribute to their power of example.  Although the words, “Uncommon valor was a common virtue” were said of Iwo Jima by Admiral Chester Nimitz, they apply equally to D-Day, and in fact, to all of those brave Americans in combat zones in service of this Republic, both then and now.  These soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen can never be repaid the debt we owe them for their service and for the example they have shown us.  Bless them all, living and dead, and protect our troops now engaged in present day combat zones.

It is with conflict that I bring another topic to this page, as I am reluctant to allow the topic below to share space with the topic above, but I feel that it is more incumbent than ever to expose and highlight the sad contrast between those heroes of D-Day and what passes for 21st century executive power.  Seized in direct violation of our Constitution’s Eligibility Clause, aided and abetted by main stream media’s complicity in news suppression, the individual now residing in the same White House as Franklin Delano Roosevelt as he led America through the Second World War is most probably not only an illegal alien, but now an admitted Muslim.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…except his refusal to be forthcoming, transparent and abide by the laws of our land and our Constitution, his Taqiyya practice [Taqiyya, or not showing their faith openly by means of pretense, dissimulation, or concealment, is a special type of LYING which is taught and used by Shi’a Muslims, cf. Sunni Muslims and Taqiyya. “Taqiyya” (or taqiyyah) is related to the terms “taqwa'” and “taqi'” – all have the root meaning of “guarding” something, in this case, the Islamic faith] and, of course, complete refusal to share ANY of his life’s records would indicate that this is simply NOT the kind of individual who merits respect from a country that has produced a Declaration of Independence, a Constitution and D-Day heroes.d-day-2t

It is disturbing indeed, and difficult if not impossible to reconcile two such greatly disparate concepts: being willing to die for one’s country as opposed to being willing to lie for one’s  personal agenda.

It boggles the mind and sickens the heart.  And so I leave you today, D-Day’s 65th Anniversary, with some salient words from our wise Logistics Monster, entitled [from the film “Full Metal Jacket”]. “Heads and A$$e$ Wired Together”:

Can someone tell Barack Obama that Jeruselam is not ours to give to the Palestinians; that we are at war with islamic jihadist muslims; that the Federal Reserve and the Treasury do not get to make policy; that we SHOULD NOT be apologizing for being Americans; that the POTUS is just that, and not a “citizen of the world”; that Barack Obama does not get to decide which religions get along; that the entities that contribute the most to campaigns do not get to decide which laws get passed; that Latina, or ANY OTHER RACISTS should not be anywhere near positions of power; that We The People have common sense, unlike our non-representative representatives. We are TIRED of these INSANE JUXTIPOSITIONS that this government is involved in.

What else can be said, except Thank you,  D-Day heroes, Thank you, American Military  [and 2/8  now in Afghanistan], and thank you Logistics Monster, for always coming up with Just The Right Words.  We must remember that no ONE individual, no matter how strong the illusion of power, can sully our great nation and the sacrifices of our citizens, both military and civilian.  We are a nation that was created by We the People, in order to form a more perfect union* and let us not forget that, not now, not ever.



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